Lee Ryan’s Mom: At Least I Know You’re Not Gay

Did Lee Ryan’s mother mind seeing her beloved son being reported as a lad-about-town who couldn’t keep his trousers on? “She thought it was funny,” the former Blue singer told The Observer. “Why shouldn’t she? She used to say to me, ‘At least I know you’re not gay!’ Not that it’d ever have mattered if I was gay, she was just mucking about. My mum’s got a great open mind, very spiritual, very loving. As all mums are. Well, some.” Read more.

Patti LaBelle’s Magic Touch On Lee Ryan’s Voice

Former Blue star Lee Ryan tells the Daily Star when he jetted to Los Angeles to have throat nodules removed, he ran into Patti LaBelle, who apparently used an unusual technique to save the singer’s voice.

“She’s a legend so I was just happy to met her, but she’s a really spiritual person,” Ryan said. “So when I told her about my throat thing she said she could help. She held her hands just a few millimeters away from my neck for about five minutes. I couldn’t believe it, but two days later the nodules have gone and they haven’t come back since.”

Now that his voice is back in shape, Ryan plans on keeping it that way. “The only thing that does my voice in now is if I have a cigarette,” he said. “So there’s an obvious answer to that, I should stop smoking.”

Lee Ryan’s Throat Condition Put Blue Tour Hopes In Doubt

The Sun reports that Blue’s upcoming tour is in trouble due to Lee Ryan’s throat condition. “Lee had tests on Friday,” a source revealed. “He wants to do the tour but can’t risk ruining his voice forever. There’s a strong chance the tour will be called off this week.” The band are set to hit the road on March 11th in Nottingham.

Rachel On Good And Bad Descriptions

February 13, 2005 – Dan Cairns of The Times caught up with former S Club star Rachel Stevens as she preps the release of her new single ‘Negotiate with Love’. Asked how she’d hate to see herself described in five years’ time – after, she predicts, many more career “ups and downs” – and what she’d be happy to read, Stevens responded, “I would feel really uncomfortable to be described as Rachel Stevens, nice, sweet, occasionally released a good pop track. I would like to be described as an artist in my own right and I make great albums and I’m a great performer and people like coming to see me and like to play my music.”

The story at timesonline.co.uk has since been removed.

Rachel Named Worst UK Singer, Blue Worst Group

February 8, 2005 – Blue picked up the dubious honor of worst British Group in the annual Naomi awards – with former S Club star Rachel Stevens “winning” worst female. They are voted anonymously by record company executives, producers, managers and music journalists.

Ask Rachel Stevens & Get Featured On Her New Single

February 4, 2005 – As Rachel brand new single ‘Negotiate with Love’ is just around the corner, her official website is offering visitors the chance to ask her anything you like and be featured on the single as part of the bargain. Just email your questions for the former S Club star and the best ones will be put to her next week. You’ll then be able to check out her answers on the ‘Negotiate with Love’ CD release. Your name will be featured on the CD and you’ll get to take home a bunch of Rachel goodies too. Mail your question, name, age and address to rachaelstevens@warwickworldwide.com. Competition closes at 6PM GMT, Monday (February 7).

Rachel Stevens And Boyfriend Escape Tsunami Disaster

January 13, 2005 – The Mirror reports that Rachel was on holiday with her boyfriend in the Maldives on Boxing Day (December 26), when the tsunami hit. The former S Club star and Gavin Dein, son of Arsenal vice-chairman David Dein, escaped injury but their luxury hotel was flattened. Gavin, 27, said: “The devastation was worse elsewhere.”

Will Young And Rachel Stevens Win Sexiest Body Poll

January 5, 2005 – A Heat magazine poll has found readers believe ‘Pop Idol’ champ Will is the male celeb with the sexiest body, while former S Club star Rachel topped the list for the women. Young topped soccer star David Beckham, while Stevens bested Kylie Minogue.

Britain’s Eurovision Battle Shaping Up

The Daily Star reports that Andy Scott-Lee, Gina G, Javine, and Jordan are amongst those competing to be Britain’s Eurovision Contest hopeful. A source said, “Javine’s ‘Touch My Fire’ is a belter of song…”, meanwhile, “Jordan is bound to pull out all the stops for an eye-popping performance of ‘Not Just Anybody’ and Gina G already has a history of success.” As for Andy, he’s getting songwriting help from Blue star Lee Ryan. The source added, “Lee is really proud of the ballad he’s written for Andy. He believes it could win the Eurovision as well as topping the charts at home.”

Lee Ryan’s Drug Hell

In an interview with The Sun, Blue star Lee Ryan admits that he once took so much cocaine that he thought he was going to die – and he was only fifteen. “I realize I am a role model for young people and I want them to know there is nothing good about taking drugs,” Lee said. “I’ve seen what cocaine can do to people and it is bad. My message to young fans is ‘Don’t take drugs, it can ruin your life’.”

Avoid Shaking Hands With Lee Ryan

January 16, 2005 – Blue star Simon Webbe has revealed an unsanitary habit of his bandmate Lee Ryan. “Lee’s got a habit of blowing his nose on his hands,” Webbe told The Daily Star. “It’s horrible. Especially when you’re eating.”

Warrant Issued For Blue’s Lee Ryan

The Sun reports that Blue star Lee Ryan Lee has so far failed to pay up the £200 criminal damage compensation that a court ordered him to pay to picture agency BIG after a court convicted him of damaging two photographers’ cameras last May and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

“Lee’s representatives paid the costs by credit card on the day of the court case and that marked the end of the case as far as Lee was concerned,” a spokesperson for Ryan said. “He was amazed and upset to hear that the matter appears to still be unresolved and will be looking into how the mix-up could have occurred immediately.”

New Year’s Resolution For Blue’s Lee Ryan

Blue star Lee Ryan is promising to tone down his bad behavior in 2005. “I’m just going to take it easy and that means staying focused on work,” ContactMusic.com quotes the boy band member promising. “My mum will be keeping tabs on me and we’ll look after each other. But that’s it now for me. I like the ladies but that’s nothing bad. It’s human nature. I like having fun that’s all. I work hard and I certainly play hard. And that’s hardly a crime is it.”

Blue’s Lee Ryan And Busted’s Matt Jay Are Engaged

Blue star Lee Ryan and Busted star Matt Jay both are engaged after proposing to their girlfriends over the holidays. 21-year-old Matt proposed to MTV host Emma Griffiths, 28, just before Christmas. A friend said, “Matt was desperate to keep his relationship with Emma out of the spotlight, but he just can’t help telling his pals how happy he is—he’s even spilled the beans about their engagement.” And Lee popped the question to on-off girlfriend Stefanie Martinez. “Lee was introducing Stefanie to everyone he met. He was getting loads of female attention as usual, but unusually for him he only had eyes for Stefanie,” a source said. “It was really sweet— but then she is a total stunner.”

Blue’s Lee Ryan Discusses ‘Changes’

Blue star Lee Ryan spoke with Radio 1 about the film he is making entitled ‘Changes’. The singer said, “I might do a little cameo. I might just walk past and you will think ‘Is that him?’. We’re going to have real actors in it, but there’s going to be kids that have got a lot of issues. It will be like therapy for them. I did a workshop when I was a kid. I was an angry little thing when I was younger. It helped me get some focus, the same as sport or anything. It’s going to be good, and it’s good to give something back.”

Tarot Cards Pointed To Lee Ryan’s Boy Band Success

November 14, 2004 – The Sun reports Blue star Lee Ryan isn’t surprised by his success. “I was brought up with mediums and tarot cards,” he explained. “My mum was always told I was going to be in a boy band and be famous as a singer. I spent years wondering what my future bandmates were going to look like.”

Jentina Would Rather Date Lee Ryan

September 29, 2004 – Though Jentina is currently dating hellraising Prodigy frontman Keith Flint, she confessed to The Mirror she’d prefer a boy band star. “I’d rather be dating Lee Ryan from Blue – he’s well fit,” she admitted.

Lee Ryan To Perform At John Kerry Fundraiser

September 5, 2004 – Blue star Lee Ryan is to perform at a fund-raiser for presidential candidate John Kerry alongside Robert De Niro, Hilary Swank, and Matt Damon after celebrity Democrat Susan Sarandon heard him on the Daily Mirror’s War Child Charity album. “I’m very honored to be singing alongside such legends,” he said.

Liz McClarnon Won’t Sing About Ex-Lee Ryan On Solo Debut

Ex-Atomic Kitten Liz McClarnon has been telling people that she has written some personal songs about former lovers for her debut solo album, but Blue star Lee Ryan won’t be one of them. “I’m worried people will think the songs are all about people they know from the press,” McClarnon told The Daily Star. “None of them are about Lee. There’s one song I’m writing at the minute about a guy I met when I was away a while ago. You know when you see someone across a room and you just go ‘wow’. I’m finishing that song off now, but that bloke will never hear it.”

Busted’s Matt Jay Hooks Up With Ex-Girlfriend Of Blue’s Lee

The Sunday Mirror reports that Busted star Matt Jay’s romance with on/off girlfriend Holly Davies probably is again off after he was spotted canoodling with Blue singer Lee Ryan’s ex, Emma Davies. A source at Loaded’s bash at Pangaea Nightclub late on Tuesday revealed, “Matt went in for the kill the moment he laid eyes on Emma. She was flirting with another blond hunk when he rolled in the door. But she was more than happy to switch to Matt when he made it perfectly obvious he fancied her. They could not get enough of each other.”