‘Amazing Night’ For Leon Jackson At Pride Of Britain Awards

Leon Jackson checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace on Thursday (October 2). ‘The X Factor’ season four winner writes:

Wow I had such a great time at Tuesday’s Pride of Britain awards! What an absolutely amazing night. I felt honored to be part of such a prestigious event. I was even more thrilled to be asked to present an award to a fellow Scottish lad alongside Louis Walsh and Danni Minougue. The award was presented to a great hero, 9 year old Nathan Thompson. Nathan saved his mother from an attacker who broke into their home and tried to kill her. For a young child to protect his mother like that is truly amazing and inspirational and it really highlights the real heroes, young or old, that we have in Britain. He was also very funny on stage and at one point he pointed into the audience at something and we found out that he wanted to get his sister to come up on stage and meet me which was really nice…what an amazing kid!

It was a real heartfelt night and I managed to meet a few of TV legends also such as Bruce Forsyth, Russell Brand and Ronnie Corbett who were all funny as hell and really nice. And also Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey was there and offered his words of encouragement to me which was just unbelievable!!!

The full post has since been removed.

Leon Jackson Pre Pride Of Britain Awards Update

Leon Jackson checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace on Wednesday (October 1). ‘The X Factor’ season four winner writes:

It’s the Mirror’s Pride of Britain awards tonight and I’m really looking forward to it. I know it’s going to be a lovely night, it’s always a heartfelt show and it was a great honor for me to attend and I’m lucky enough to be actually involved in this great show – but that’s still a surprise for now! And yes I’m sure I’m gonna cry hearing all these emotional stories! I hear Danni is coming along and it will be great to see her again and also meet all the brave people, inspirational people of Britain and be part of such a prestigious night.

The entire message, where he weighed in on the new season of ‘X Factor’ and answered a few other fan questions, has since been removed.

Leon Jackson Shoots ‘Don’t Call This Love’ Video

Leon Jackson checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@leonjackson) on Friday (September 26). ‘The X Factor’ season four winner tells readers:

On Monday I started my regional radio tour for promotion of my new single. It’s great going round the country to all the radio stations and meeting new people. I have already been to Manchester Liverpool, Sheffield Yorkshire and Newcastle. I have also performed a few live acoustic songs which was brilliant as I am learning how to play the guitar, so it was great to be able to perform my tracks acoustically.

On Tuesday I came back down to London to shoot the video for ‘Don’t Call this Love’. It was shot in east London and it was a great setting and theme for the video – it had a very 60’s/retro feel to it which really suites the song. I really enjoyed shooting the video as it was a lot different to my first single as it involved more settings, extras and role play which told a story. It was great fun! It was a long day shooting but I did enjoy every minute of it and there were lots of extras on set who were all really nice and I got to know them pretty well, so it was definitely worth it and I cant wait to see the result!

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Leon Jackson Finishes Work On Debut Album ‘Right Now’

Leon Jackson checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace on Friday (August 29). ‘The X Factor’ season four winner writes:

Finally, everything for my album is completed and I can reveal details of the single and album which I know yous have all been excited about and so have I!

My first single from the album is a song called ‘Don’t Call This Love’ and will be available to download at midnight on 11th October and in shops on the 13th October. It’s my favorite song on the album and is an original with a really individual sound. The song is one I think people will really be able to relate to, it’s about someone who’s been hurt, they don’t want to be deceived anymore and they’re saying to their partner “don’t you dare call this love”, it’s a really charismatic song and really strong.

The name I’ve chosen for the album is ‘Right Now’, which is a feature track on the album – because musically it really defines where I am at the moment. The music is really a mixture in styles of modern jazz with singer-songwriter elements, and a lot of it is really soulful.

The entire post has since been removed.

Leon Jackson ‘When You Believe’ Video

Leon Jackson 'When You Believe'

‘The X Factor’ season four winner Leon Jackson is out with the video to his debut single ‘When You Believe’, a remake of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston’s 1998 single from the theme to the film ‘The Prince of Egypt’. Watch it at DailyMotion.