Lesley Roy Thanks Fans For Buying ‘Unbeautiful’

Lesley Roy 'Unbeautiful' album cover

Lesley Roy updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@lesleyroy) on Monday (October 6). The Dublin, Ireland singer songwriter tells fans:

Hi guys, just wanted to write a little note to you guys to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for buying my album. It was released last week and I was so shocked to read your amazing messages of support. I can’t believe that people ran out and bought ‘Unbeautiful’, it means so much to me.

I love that you guys are really listening to all the songs and finding new ones that I love as your favorites. My goal was making a full body of work and not just ‘one hit’ so it really means a lot that people are loving all the songs. Please spread the word with your family and friends about ‘Unbeautiful’ and hit me up here with your messages and reviews on ‘Unbeautiful’.

Thanks for everything.

much love,
les* xxx

Lesley Roy Describes The Tracks On Her Debut CD ‘Unbeautiful’

Lesley Roy does a track by track preview of her album 'Unbeautiful'In a video clip at her YouTube channel, Lesley Roy talked about the stories behind each and every song for her debut album ‘Unbeautiful’, which was released today on Religion Music.

“I think the album basically explores every kind of relationship you can have,” she said. “When you’re with someone, or your friends, or the relationship you have with your parents, and also if you lose a friend. So it’s just the circle of life and everyone you meet on a day to day basis, if you’re in love with them, if you want to be, or you fall out of love. It’s just a full circle of life and love and relationships.”

She added, “I think when people hear the album, hear the lyrics, and I guess the emotion behind the vocals, I just hope I can touch people and they can relate to what I’ve gone through or what I’ve seen people go through. I guess it’s just for people to feel connected to me and know that someone else may be experiencing the things they’re going through.”

Watch the feature below.

Lesley Roy Performs ‘I’m Gone, I’m Going’ On ‘The Early Show’

Lesley Roy visited ‘The Early Show’ on Saturday (September 27) to perform on the show’s ‘Second Cup Cafe’. The Dublin, Ireland singer talked about having “a very classic rock sound with definitely the new modern pop sound.” Roy then performed ‘I’m Gone, I’m Going’. Watch the brief interview and performance below the cut. (more…)

Lesley Roy Excited To Be Touring With Kate Voegele

Lesley Roy checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lesleyroy) on Wednesday (September 10). The Dublin, Ireland pop singer writes:

Hi guys, so I’m packing my bags right now and leaving to go on the road in the morning!!! So excited. I’m going to be playing support for Kate Voegele for a couple of weeks and I’m super excited to go out and meet her and her fans. Struggling right now to decide which Chucks to bring as I have way to many and can never decide!!!

Hope all you guys are well and don’t forget the album is coming on the 30th!!! I’ll be keeping a video diary while on tour so keep your eyes put for that too.

Much love,

Lesley Roy On Her Sound, Her Big Break & On Stage Persona

Lesley Roy talks about her musical sound, landing a record deal with Jive, becoming a different person on stage, and being from a small town and heading to New York CityA video clip ‘Introducing… Lesley Roy’ has been posted at the Irish singer songwriter’s Vevo channel, where she talked about recording her debut album in New York, her frustration with working at a factory before she got signed, going into a different zone on stage, having “such a good friendship” with Max Martin, and why she selected ‘Unbeautiful’ as the album title.

Talking about her music, Lesley said, “My sound, I think I would describe it as an old classic rock sound with a hint of modern day production, drums sound, great guitar riffs that would take you back to an ’80s rock sound with a raspy female vocal.”

Reflecting on her humble roots, Lesley said, “Coming from such a small town and knowing everyone around here and moving away to New York and trying to write this album, towards the end it definitely has moved in to what I want to write about. It’s just like you’re packing your bags, you’re getting there, and you’ve gotta try and you’re sorry you’re hurting the other person or your family for leaving them, but you just have to make it work right now, otherwise you’re never going to do it.”

Before getting her break, Leslie confessed, “So before I got signed, I was working in a factory. It was extremely frustrating. Every day I wanted it to be Friday. Working in the factory when I’ve got all these ideas that I want to get out. I had a lot of drive when I was really young. My friends never had that constant voice I would have when I was 9 or 10. I don’t think we’re gonna have anything this week. Honestly, I willed something big to happen, and it did.”

As for her on-stage persona, Roy said, “When I’m performing I definitely go into a different zone. I’m a shy person, but when I go on stage, I run around with my band. I’ve got my electric guitar and I just like rocking out. I don’t want to stand still, I want to keep moving.”

Watch the clip below.