New Crop Of Female Singers Set To Shake Up Music Scene

The New York Daily News profiled the latest batch of female pop stars including Leslie Mills, Fefe Dobson, Katy Rose, Maria, Christina Milian, Joss Stone, Tiffany Villarreal, and Tina Ann. Dobson says she turned to the late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain for inspiration when prepping her self titled debut. “When I was recording,” recalls Dobson, “I’d look at Kurt Cobain’s poster on the wall and it felt like he was telling me, ‘You can do it!'”

Leslie Mills Record Turmoil A Blessing In Disguise

Hip Online caught up with Leslie Mills and asked the singer if the folding of A&M Records into Universal and losing the record deal she had with them, only to sign on with Atlantic and releasing ‘Different For Girls’ last month, is now a blessing in disguise. “Completely. What a thing to go through,” she said. “There were so many bands and artists affected at the time. It was a blessing because it was a moment where you question what you want to do. It was hard and scary. I realized that I wanted to do it and keep going. I realized I wanted to go on my own and try something new.” Check out the entire interview here.