Lights On The ‘Drive My Soul’ Video Set

CTV’s ‘eTalk’ caught up with Lights on the set of the Canadian singer’s new music video for ‘Drive My Soul’. “Today is the first music video I’ve ever done,” she said. “So it’s really exciting. And it’s like somebody stepping into my crazy sci-fi imagination.” They also spoke with Lights’ father Eric Poxleitner, who plays an astronaut in the video.

The segment, aired Thursday (August 28), at has since been removed.

Lights Video Blog About Her EP

Lights checked in with fans in a new video blog, where the Toronto indie pop singer tried to talk about her EP but was interrupted by an unwanted guest. She joked, “I’m telling you, the effects and fight scenes in this video blog are like.. the Matrix only wayyy more intense. Totally insane!” Watch it via YouTube below.