Kina Grannis Covers ‘Pretend’ By Lights

The latest YouTube video from Kina Grannis features the singer songwriter performing a cover of ‘Pretend’ by Canadian synthpop artist Lights. Afterward, she talked about being on the Lilith Fair lineup for Friday’s show in St. Louis. “I’m so stoked. Of course Sarah McLachlan will be there, she started this whole thing,” Grannis said. Watch the performance and comments below.

‘Lights, Acoustic’ EP Out July 20th

Canadian synthpop singer LIGHTS has dark hairLights talked about her upcoming EP ‘Lights, Acoustic’ in a new YouTube video. The EP will be available digitally in Canada, the US, and UK on July 20th.

“I’m really excited about the acoustic EP,” the Canadian synthpop singer explained. “The idea started from doing Ustream chats and my YouTube videos and people giving me really encouraging responses on that. In turn I got really comfortable doing acoustic stuff. I’ve been working a lot more on it, burning the tips of my fingers off. My finger here from bar chords looks like a grilled potato, but it’s all worth it because I’m doing the acoustic EP. I actually recorded it at home when I had a week off in March. I remember Tweeting about it and telling you guys I’m working on something for you guys, but I couldn’t tell you what it was, but I can now, it’s an acoustic EP. It actually resulted in me naming my home studio. I call it Sub Sleep Studios because I sleep above it and my studio is under it, so it’s under my sleep. Yeah, really cheesy. I really like it. That’s where the EP was recorded. It was all just engineered, produced and played by me. I’m really excited to put something out there that’s really just me. Just by my hands.”

Watch the message via YouTube below.

‘Lights. Acoustic’ EP Out July 20th, Tour To Follow


Lights is set to release her EP ‘Lights. Acoustic’ on July 20th in digital format in the U.S., Canada and UK, while the physical version will be available in Canada also on July 20th. Tracks on the album are ‘River’, ‘February Air’, ‘Fall Back Down’, ‘Saviour’ and ‘Romance Is…’. In support of the release, the Canadian synthpop artist will embark on a special solo acoustic tour. Those buying tickets to the shows will receive a physical copy of the EP with their ticket the day of the show. The dates are as follows:

July 29 – Philadelphia – World Cafe
July 30 – New York – Joe’s Pub
July 31 – Boston – Middle East Upstairs
Aug 1 – Vienna, VA – Jammin’ Java
Aug 5 – San Francisco – Cafe du Nord
Aug 6 – Los Angeles – Hotel Cafe

Tickets for the tour will go on sale June 19th.

Lights ‘Second Go’ Video

Lights is out with the music video to her new single ‘Second Go’, off the Canadian synthpop singer’s debut studio album ‘The Listening’, out now on Underground Operations/Doghouse Records. Lights told her Twitter followers about a positive reaction the treatment had received, writing:

The man who runs the convenient store by my house told me he liked my new video, aw! And then I bought all of his Jones Soda.

Watch it via YouTube below.

Lights Discusses Owl City Tour & Her 23rd Birthday

Lights checked in from the Owl City tour with a video at her YouTube channel. “We’re about two weeks in to this leg of the tour, and it’s been amazing,” the Canadian synthpop singer says in the clip. “We’re all kind of at the stage we’re sort of dirty and we need to do laundry really bad.” Lights added that the tour so far has “honestly been amazing” and talked about how she celebrated her 23rd birthday on April 11th. Watch the update below.

Lights ‘Saviour’ Video (Adam Young Remix)

Lights is out with the video for the Adam Young Remix of ‘Saviour’, a song off the Canadian synthpop artist’s debut album ‘The Listening’, out now. Watch it via Twitvid below.

Lights UK Tour Diary

Canadian singer Lights in the dressing roomLights checked in backstage to shares stories about her UK shows, her semi-revolving set list, pre-show rituals, Hatebreed tweets, what’s on her tour rider and what it’s like to be a part of the Owl City tour.

“Live, there are only three of us on stage,” Lights explained. “I play keyboards, keytar and mini controller and have the ability to move around a little bit. It was never meant to be a schtick when I first started playing the keytar, but it kind of happened. It’s for practical reasons. I’m able to be more mobile on stage. Adam, my other keyboard player, plays keyboards as well, and I have a live drummer. Just need the energy live. It really adds to electronic music and it’s a little bit heavier live as a result.”

Canadian singer Lights closeupOn her set list, the singer said, “I have the ones that I really can get the best reaction and I play those all the time. But I always have a slot where I can swap in and out of. I won’t get a chance to play all of them, so it’s like ‘Face Up’, ‘Quiet’, ‘Pretend’, a bunch of these songs that I rotate depending on how the crowd feels or whatever.”

On show prep, she said, “As time goes on, I don’t need a pre-show ritual. I just squat around and wait for the show to come about. I’m actually currently on Twitter and kind of excited because I got a tweet from Jamey Jasta who is actually the singer for Hatebreed and I’m a huge Hatebreed fan.”

Canadian artist Lights on the Owl City tourOn a real time crowd reaction to her just completed live set, Lights explained, “I always gauge it, by the way I’m talking really fast because I’m energized and that happens. Second song, if people are energetic second song then you know it’s gonna be a really great show. If they’re not then you really need to work it and it comes the fourth or fifth song but today they started getting energetic second song and it was really awesome.”

Video at MySpace has since been removed.

Lights Talks Keytars, Keyboards, Influences & Synth

Lights sat down for an interview with Keyboard Magazine editor Stephen Fortner before her show at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco a few months ago.

The Canadian singer discussed how she got involved with making synth sounds, the equipment she uses, her infamous keytar and why she names it Russell, other keyboards she’d like to get, what she’s got in her home studio, music she grew up listening to, her tattoos and her ‘World of Warcraft’ obsession.

Watch it below the cut. (more…)

Lights ‘Second Go’ Acoustic Performance

Lights’ 34th video blog features the Canadian synthpop singer performing a song off her debut album ‘The Listening’. “I’m back with a blog for the first time in more than 7 months.. wow,” Lights writes. “Anyways… I have never done an acoustic rendition of ‘Second Go’, and it helped me chill out tonight in my hotel room. Love!” Watch it via YouTube below.

Lights Checks In Before Charlston Concert

Canadian singer Lights checks in while on tour with Owl CityLights sent a message to fans during a stop on the Owl City tour in Charlston, South Carolina on February 1st.

“We are almost two weeks into the Owl City tour. It’s been awesome,” Lights said in the brief video. “It’s my first time here, it’s a really cool town and I’m feeling really good about the show tonight… If you guys end up near one of the shows, you should totally come.”

Watch it via her YouTube below.