Images From Lillix Tour

Louise Burns of Lillix checked in with fans on the band’s blog at MySpace on Friday (September 15). “Hey everyone, we are now back from the Yellowcard tour – MAJOR SHOUT OUT to Yellowcard, Reeve Oliver and Emery- we’ll miss you guys,” she writes. “Everyone check out their music on MySpace. Thank you to everyone who came to the shows, twas one of the best tours we’ve ever done, and for all you cross-Canada fans, we will be posting more tour dates for a November tour that will actually take us ACROSS THE COUNTRY- Toronto, its been too long.”

Lillix Expect ‘Inside The Hollow’ US Release ‘Early Next Year’

Louise Burns of Lillix checked in with fans on the band’s blog at MySpace on Sunday (August 27) with an update on plans for the release of the band’s new album ‘Inside The Hollow’ in America.

“We’ve been getting many messages asking about our US release date recently, so I thought I’d take this chance to give you all an update,” she writes. “So far NO US RELEASE DATE has been scheduled, but we can tell you it will be sometime early next year. Fingers crossed, if all goes well! Our label Maverick is no longer in existence, and we are now only on Warner. This has caused a bit of a setback as far as the US goes, but don’t worry, we still plan on releasing Inside the Hollow and touring ‘south of the border’ :)”

Lillix To Join Yellowcard On Tour

Lillix, famous for the Acuvue contact-lens ad, are set to join Yellowcard on their tour next month. “That’s how everybody knows them,” frontman Ryan Key tells AOL Music in reference to the commercial. “Their new record was done by the guy who did the Killers’ album. People are like, ‘Ooh, they’re teeny- girly pop,’ but the new stuff is way better than the stuff they’ve done in the past.”

The full story at Popeater has since been removed.

High Rotation For Lillix, U.S. Release Coming

Alicia Warrington of Lillix checked in with fans on the band’s blog at MySpace on Saturday (July 22). “Awesome news…our new video ‘Sweet Temptation’ has been added in high rotation to MUCH MUSIC (Canada) and MTV (Canada),” she writes. “This is amazing! We are so happy.” The drummer added, “You guys are fabulous! Don’t worry U.S. fans – we didn’t forget about you – You just have a later release date. Thanks for your support.”

The post has since been removed by Lillix.

Lillix ‘Sweet Temptation’ Video

Lillix 'Sweet Temptation' single cover

Lillix are out with the music video to their new single ‘Sweet Temptation’, from the Canadian pop rock band’s forthcoming sophomore album ‘Inside the Hollow’. Watch it below.

Lillix Set Canada & Japan Album Release Dates

Lillix bassist Louise Burns checked in with fans on the band’s blog at MySpace on Tuesday (June 27) with news that the band’s long awaited sophomore album has finally gotten a release date in two countries.

“All you Canadians expect ‘Inside the Hollow’ to hit a record store near you on August 29th,” Burns writes. “We will let you know when the single will be out, but I can tell you in the next 2 weeks. Japan, our home away from home, look for our album out on August 8th! As for our US friends, we are still waiting to hear about a release date in your country. We will keep you posted on this. Wow, 3 years of waiting, and FINALLY it is happening! Thank you all for being so patient and supportive, this has been an uphill battle (no pun intended) and we are so happy to finally get this record out to you.”

Lillix Still Unaware Of New Album Release Date


Lillix frontwoman Louis Burns checked in with fans on the band’s blog at MySpace on Tuesday (June 13).

“Hey everyone. We realize there have been several album release dates being tossed around out there, some July, some August, etc.,” she writes. “Please note these are just rumors and nothing has been confirmed. The very second we know our album release date WE WILL TELL YOU! The only way you can know for sure is if we post it on here or our website. Thanks again for being so patient, this is as frustrating for us as it is to you as well, and hopefully everything will make more sense next week. Until then, thank you all for being patient! MUCH LOVE -Louise”

The band are also having an art contest where the winner’s work will be featured in the band’s merchandise.

Lillix Ask Fans To Be Patient

Lillix posted the following message to fans on their blog at on Thursday (April 27):

Well, first of all we would like to thank you all for being so patient. We are working very hard right now doing all the usual pre-release preparations. Album artwork, finishing the video, rehearsing and playing a few warm up shows. There is no OFFICIAL release date as of yet, but we will post it as SOON as we know. Do not rely on other sources. We will tell you. It will be worth the wait, trust us! And thank you so much for sticking by us through all this, it is frustrating for us too!

Lillix’s Drummer No Longer With The Band

Lillix’s bass player Louise Burns announced on Sunday (October 10) at the official band messageboard that the band’s drummer Kim Urhahn is no longer with the group. She gave no details of the departure, but fans have noticed that her username had been removed from user list. The message from Weez at has since been removed.

MuchMusic Video Awards Nominees Announced

Nominees for the MuchMusic Video Awards have been announced. Amongst the nominees are Nelly Furtado (Best Video/Best Pop Video: ‘Powerless’, MuchMoreMusic Award), Fefe Dobson (Best Pop Video: ‘Take Me Away’), Lillix (Best Pop Video: ‘Tomorrow’), and Best International Video nominees include Britney Spears (‘Toxic’), Christina Aguilera (‘The Voice Within’), and Hilary Duff (‘Come Clean’). The awards, take place Sunday, June 20, at 9PM ET.