Expect A ‘Good, Solid Rock Show’ From Lillix

What can fans expect from live Lillix? “They can expect to see a band,” keyboardist Lacey-Lee Evin tells MTV News. “A good, solid rock show,” drummer Kim Urhahn added. “Once you watch the show, you’ll see how much we care about our music,” summed up Burns. “It shows through our passion. We’re not doing this to make money or become famous or anything.” Read more.

Punk Princess Bands Sprout Up

Amy Carmichael of the Canadian Press spoke with the members of LiveonRelease and Lillix as both hope to tap into the rocker girl movement popularized by Avril Lavigne. Lillix’s Louise Burns admits Avril “really opened the door.” Drummer Kim Urhahn also praised Lavigne for making the real-girl image popular. “I appreciate the fact that she wears clothes cover her body. She’s changed the way girls dress,” said Urhahn.

Lillix’s Evin Lists Rock Influences

Lillix singer-keyboardist Lacey Lee Evin tells Launch.com her influences range anywhere from Thin Lizzy to Radiohead. “Growing up, I listened to lots of classic rock because of my dad, it was always just playing in the house,” Ervin said. “Lots of Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, Van Halen, lots of the heavy stuff. For recent bands, I listen to lots of Weezer, and Radiohead, Queen and Supertramp–I guess they’re not recent but… They’re my particular favorites.”

Lillix Debunk Avril And Simple Plan Comparisons

Teen Scene magazine caught up with the girls from Lillix ahead of their ‘Falling Uphill’ debut on May 13th. Asked what sets them apart from their Canadian counterparts Avril Lavigne and Simple Plan, Lacey-Lee joked, “Compared to Simple Plan, we are a completely different band. We’re 4 girls.” As for Avril, she says, “In reference to Avril, we all write, we all sing, we all play our own instruments. We’ve been playing for 6 years now. Musically we harmonize. It’s just very different.”