Lily Allen Snubbed By Mercury List

The Daily Star reports that when Lily Allen was snubbed at the Mercury Music Prize nominations, her record label soothed her pain with money. “Behind the scenes it was widely expected Lily would be on the Mercury list as she’s an innovative performer with genuine lyrics,” a source explained. “Her label thought the Mercurys would love her. When the nominees came through, Lily was naturally dismayed but didn’t let it get her down. But her team thought she deserved a perk and have put £20,000 in her bank account.”

Lily Allen: Nobody Should Be As Skinny As Posh

Lily Allen spoke out against former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham’s skinny frame in an interview with New! magazine. “I don’t hate Victoria Beckham, I just think she gives a bad image to young children,” the ‘Smile’ singer said. “No one should be that skinny. I think it’s really bad. I don’t care how much she says that’s her natural weight. That’s just bullsh**. She gets photographed every day and she doesn’t eat anything! Kids live in a celebrity-obsessed society. She has a responsibility not to look like that.”

Lily Allen’s Dad Outraged At Lonodn Club

Lily Allen tells The Mirror her father Keith was “outraged” when she got booted from a club in London’s Soho in April. “He thought it was totally hypocritical of them,” she said. “I’m a pop star, how else am I supposed to act?”

Teen Lily Allen Wasn’t Cute Enough For First Label

A former employee of London Records tells The Daily Star that Lily Allen was dropped by the label six years ago at the age of fifteen because she didn’t have the right look, a move the label no doubt regrets now that she currently rules the UK singles chart with ‘Smile’. “Back then, she had a funny face and it all looked too challenging,” according to the insider. “We wanted pretty girls who were instantly marketable. So we got rid of her because she wasn’t one of those.”

Lily Allen Knocks Shakira From UK Singles Chart Pole Position

Lily Allen 'Smile' single cover

Lily Allen has topped the UK singles chart with her song ‘Smile’. The 21-year-old nudged Shakira’s ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ into the second spot after it spent just one week at the top of the singles chart. Other notables included Nelly Furtado, who dropped two to #4 with ‘Maneater’, Paolo Nutini, who debuted at #5 with ‘Last Request’, Sandi Thom, who slipped two to #6 with ‘I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker’, Pussycat Dolls, who fell four to #7, and George Michael, who debuted at #13 with ‘An Easier Affair’.

Lily Allen Talks With The Sun

The Sun’s Something For The Week caught up with Lily Allen for a Q&A and asked the singer how important MySpace has been to her success. “A lot. I love it,” she said. “I like ‘talking’ to people on there. I know people are logging on now to get gossip, like my splitting with my boyfriend Seb. I write just for the people who have been reading since the beginning. I’m not going to stop as new people are suddenly latching on as I’m more well known now.”

Lily Allen Q&A caught up with Lily Allen in a Q&A and asked the singer how she’s adjusted to becoming famous so quickly. “To be honest with you I haven’t got time to take all of it in,” she said. “I get up really early in the morning, get in a car and do about a million things in one day. I haven’t even heard my song on the radio or seen myself on TV. I don’t really read the papers so I’m still just me.”

Lily Allen Rejects Nepotism Charge

Though Lily Allen’s father Keith Allen is also a prominent media player and her uncle is film director Kevin Allen (‘Twin Town’, ‘Cody Banks 2’), the singer downplays her celebrity bloodline. “True, I’ve got good contacts because my parents happen to work in the media – not that that’s a better world to be in than any other,” Lily tells The Belfast Telegraph. “People get arsey about nepotism. But at the same time, if your dad’s a butcher it’s quite likely when you’re 15 years old, you’ll be working in the butchers at the weekend. It’s like, where else am I supposed to go? But my dad hasn’t had anything to do with my music career at all. Up until a month ago, my dad hadn’t even met my manager. This is something that I very much went and did on my own. It’s something that I’m proud of and it p**ses me off a bit when people assume that I did it all through my contacts. It’s true that people might have listened to me a little bit more because of who my dad was, but it doesn’t mean that I used him for it.”