Lindi Ortega Twitter Jokes

Lindi Ortega 2013

Lindi Ortega checked in with her Twitter followers (@lindiortega) on Saturday (August 31) to provide some comic relief while on tour in support of her new album ‘Tin Star’, coming out October 8th. The Canadian singer songwriter joked:

I tried to start a support group for loners… But no one showed up

Then I tried to start an awards show for losers but I lost all the awards..

I’m here every night… For all your really bad twitter stand up comedy needs

Actually I have a great joke… What do you call a fascist potato? …. A dick tater! Har har har

Lindi Ortega Visits NPR’s “Weekend Edition”

Lindi Ortega 'Little Red Boots'

Lindi Ortega did an interview with Scott Simon on NPR’s “Weekend Edition”, which aired Saturday (June 4), promoting her debut full-length album ‘Little Red Boots’, which will be released Tuesday on Last Gang Records.

“I just, I have a thing for footwear and I went to Texas one day and I bought a pair of boots and I kind of – it started sort of my love for cowboy boots and then it turned into a love for red cowboy boots,” Ortega said about how boots have become her shtick. “And I bought these red cowboy boots when I went to Nashville on a songwriting trip. People commented on them all the time and every time I was playing, so I thought they deserved to have a song written about them.”

Listen to the interview and check out a transcript at

Lindi Ortega ‘Little Lie’ Video

Lindi Ortega 'Little Lie' music video

Lindi Ortega is out with the music video to her new single ‘Little Lie’, off the Canadian singer-songwriter’s upcoming album ‘Little Red Boots’, out June 7th on Last Gang Records. Watch the Margaret Malandruccolo directed video via Vimeo below.

‘Little Red Boots’ Becomes The Crux Of Lindi Ortega’s Latest Record

Lindi Ortega checked in with fans on her blogspot on Wednesday (April 7), discussing the story behind her song ‘Little Red Boots’, inspired by a birthday gift from her manager, and how the song has helped shape the follow-up to her EP ‘The Drifter’. The Canadian singer songwriter tells readers:

Needless to say, that song about my little red boots became the crux of my latest record. I’ve always been a rather imaginative character. I started to envision my life as though it were a spaghetti western and then wrote songs accordingly. You can certainly make out my influences with these new tunes that will be on the upcoming record. Elements of Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, and Tom Petty shine through. Most of the songs were recorded over three days all live off the floor, just like how the old cats use to do it.

I will be laying down harmonies in the coming weeks and then gearing up to release the album in the fall. Somehow, the fall seems like centuries away. But, of course, thats an illusion because time is always creeping up on me and before I know it everything is history.

The entire post at has since been removed.

Lindi Ortega Can’t Wait To Begin Recording Album Next Month

Lindi Ortega checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace on Thursday (February 18), discussing plans to begin recording a new album next month, which will be her first full-length album since signing with Cherrytree Records / Interscope Records. The Canadian singer songwriter tells readers:

I am in a land of creativity and the juices are a flowing! I am going into the studio next month to record the finest songs I’ve ever written! Songs that would never have come about had I not been kicked in the teeth a few times! Songs that came from years of learning and listening and finally having this magical CLICK in my mind and a vision come to fruition!

I cannot wait…. like a 4 year old on Christmas eve, to show you what I’m working on! I am so very excited to work with the amazingly talented people that we have recruited to play on this album… and bring to life these new tunes!!!

I know its been a long wait… TRUST ME I KNOW, I’ve been waiting too! But thing are finally moving, wheels are in motion… and I promise you.. the wait will soon be over!

The entire message has since been removed.

Lindi Ortega Inspired By Frida Kahlo To Be A Painter

Lindi Ortega

Lindi Ortega checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lindimusic) on Wednesday (January 13), talking about her foray into painting. The Canadian singer songwriter tells readers:

I wanted to tell you, my amigos, that Frida Kahlo (the Mexican artist) has inspired me to be a painter. As I type this, her portrait is staring at me and telling me I have a lot to learn..

BUT.. I am eager to learn and I find it a very soulful experience.

My muse for painting.. is Dia De Los Muertos (day of the dead) and painting skeletons.

It’s creepy and wonderful. I’ve always had a fascination with bones. Hence why my MySpace profile photo is of ME with a Thorax and some Hummingbirds! I have a deep affection for our feathered friends also.

Lindi Ortega Wraps Up Cross Canada Tour With Keane & Lights

Lindi Ortega updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@lindimusic) on Sunday (September 27), talking about her recently completed tour of Canada with Lights and Keane, being inspired to become a vegetarian after watching the documentary ‘Food Inc’, and having her album pushed back from a September release to 2010. The Canadian singer songwriter tells readers:

So what’s new in the world of Lindi-loo!? Well I just came back from a cross Canada tour with Keane and Lights. I have decided that The Rockies are some of the most stunning, picturesque scenery I have ever driven through. I got a real feel for how gargantuan a country Canada is, the longest stretch for me being 16.5 hours in a car from Thunder Bay to Toronto. Driving across the country made me feel very proud to be Canadian. I was blown away by how nice the people were in every province! I sincerely wanted to tattoo a Canadian flag on my arse after this tour.. but instead.. I bought a Canadian flag sticker and put it on my guitar case!

Keane were a great band to watch every night. They are all so immensely talented and put on a real energetic engaging performance every single night… and that Tom fellow can certainly sing! They were such nice fellows, as were their entire crew. More people from planet nice! :)

Highlights From Lindi Ortega’s Iowa Concerts

Lindi Ortega posted highlights from her shows in Clear Lake and Davenport while on tour in Iowa with Kevin Costner. “Iowa, I have fallen in love with you! You are the most beautiful lovely people I have ever encountered and I was so honored to play your wonderful state,” Ortega wrote on her MySpace (@lindimusic). “Thank you for making my time here so special. I will not forget it and I will make great efforts to come back again!”

The concert performance footage at her YouTube channel have since been removed.

Lindi Ortega’s Long Road Trip To Kansas City

Lindi Ortega documented her long trek from Toronto to Kansas City for the first night of her tour with Kevin Costner. The Canadian singer songwriter also discussed the long days on the road between gigs on her blog at MySpace (@lindimusic), writing:

I love the road. I love passing little tiny towns that sit in between long stretches of highway. I love looking at the houses, my favorite houses are the ones that look so run down that that they should be demolished, yet.. someone lives there and proudly waves their American flag on their porch and must get heaps of joy from the trampoline in the yard. There’s often a rusty pick up truck in the driveway with weeds growing wildly out of the hood. These are the houses with character, and I ponder the stories they could tell.

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

Lindi Ortega Heading Out On Tour With Kevin Costner

Lindi Ortega

Lindi Ortega checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lindimusic) on Wednesday (July 22) as she prepares to hit the road with Kevin Costner beginning on Saturday in Kansas City. The Toronto based singer songwriter tells readers:

Tomorrow this quack will head out on the open road to begin the first of five dates with Kevin Costner. I will be starting off in Kansas City, a place I have always wanted to visit. In fact, I have never been to any of the places I will be passing through on this run so it should truly be an adventure!!

So I did a little bit of youtubing today, and I saw some videos of Kevin Costner playing The Opry! I was happy to see that he fondly references his movie career and won’t be going all Billy Bob Thorton on my ass if I should happen to say something about how much I loved him in ‘Dances with Wolves’. I must admit though.. I got a really good chuckle out of the Billy Bob Thorton interview.