Lindi Ortega Keswick Theatre Concert Highlights

Lindi Ortega checked in from her tour with Raul Malo at Keswick Theatre in Glenside, Pennsylvania. The Canadian indie pop artist first was seen at her hotel room before heading to the venue, where she got on the guitar a bit backstage. After a clip from her show, Lindi talked about the show and the food. The footage ends with part of Raul’s show. She writes on her MySpace blog, “I have to say, Raul is a real stand up guy! Totally nice, down to earth, and so very talented! He and his crew were real nice to us and very welcoming. I am very much looking forward to doing some more dates with all of them!”

The highlight video at YouTube has since been removed.

Lindi Ortega Supermarket Show Highlights

Lindi Ortega posted her first YouTube webisode, where the Canadian pop singer documented what her day is like when she plays a show in her home town of Toronto. Lindi starts out in her bedroom talking about the dress she was going to wear, then is seen in the back of a cab heading to the Supermarket. Once there, she introduced her crew before checking out another artist on the bill, Pat Robitaille, and doing a soundcheck. After doing a workout, the clip ends with highlights from the show.

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

Springsteen’s VH1 Storytellers DVD Is Songwriting 101 For Lindi Ortega

Lindi Ortega checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lindimusic) on Saturday (November 1). The Canadian singer songwriter tells readers:

So I have been spending my days writing songs. I look to Bruce Springsteen as a mentor of sorts. I religiously watch his VH1 storytellers DVD and view it as a tutorial for songwriting 101. He is such a wonderful lyricist.

I’ve also been seeking inspiration from new music I’ve picked up (yes I still buy CDs).

Lately the Laura Marling CD is getting multiple spins. I did my best to fill in Laura Marling’s parts when I toured with Noah and The Whale. It compelled me to get her CD since I heard the reason she didn’t tour with Noah and The Whale this time around was because her own career was taking off. Congrats to her! She deserves it. Not only is she a supremely gifted singer and songwriter but she is absolutely beautiful.

The full post at MySpace has since been removed.

Lindi Ortega Checks In After Touring The West Coast

Lindi Ortega updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@lindimusic) on Monday (October 27). The Toronto pop singer tells readers:

Touring was pretty amazing. Being out on the open road, stopping in different cities along the way, making new friends, seeing new things…and of course, playing music for people!

My last few dates of the tour were Oregon, San Fran, and Los Angeles.

They were all great places to visit. I had been to LA before, but every time I’m there I discover something new, and this particular time I discovered Venice Beach. There were men on roller skates doing their best Jimi Hendrix impression, there was a palm readers that looked like a cross between a wizard and a mad scientist, a most beautiful sunset, and lots of little vendors up and down the strip selling all sorts of magical trinkets!