Arnold Schwarzenegger Offers Lindsay Lohan House Arrest Encouragement?

‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ joked about Lindsay Lohan beginning her house arrest last week. The chat show host said in his opening monologue:

Lindsay began her house arrest today and was given an electronic ankle bracelet. Good luck getting that back.

That’s right, today Lindsay Lohan began her house arrest. When he heard about it, Arnold Schwarzenegger was like, “Don’t worry, Lindsay. Sometimes everything you need is right in your own house.”

Lindsay Lohan My Bloody Photo Shoot Behind The Scenes

May 11, 2011 – 13 full moons ago, Lindsay Lohan and Tyler Shields had one bloody photo shoot, and was there to document the infamous evening. Watch the remastered edit of that night, featuring never-before-seen footage of LiLo, via YouTub below.

Lindsay Lohan Talks Jail, Gotti, Family & Fans

April 28, 2011 – Lindsay Lohan was on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on Tuesday (April 26), where the actress and singer talked about meeting John Gotti, making a lot of mistakes, how her lawyer is married to a guy in Leno’s band, being sentenced to 120 days in jail, her parents, support she’s gotten from fans, what she’ll be doing at 30, her love life and the paparazzi.

“I’ve made a lot of poor decisions in the past and I’m dealing with the consequences of those decisions… I’m not a kid anymore, I’m 24,” she said. Asked where she hoped to be in six years after turning 30, LiLo said, “Hopefully sitting here after I’ve won an Oscar, that would be ideal. Work, work work.”

The 3-part interview video at has since been removed.

Lindsay Lohan On ‘The Tonight Show’ Tonight

Lindsay Lohan is set to begin a 120 day jail sentence soon, but found time to visit ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ for an interview that will air tonight on NBC. LiLo said her punishment for theft of a necklace came as “shocking” and that she felt “kind of numb.” The former Disney star confessed to Leno she’s not a kid anymore. “I’m 24,” she said. “I’ve made a lot of mistakes, and I recognize that. But I’m in the clear now and I feel that as long as I stay focused, I will achieve what I want to achieve.”

A video preview at has since been removed.

Lindsay Lohan’s 120 Day Jail Sentence Gets Animated

April 26, 2011 – Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 120 days in jail for violating her parole and the news caught the attention of Next Media Animation, who offered an animated take on the 24-year-old’s latest setback. Lilo, who claims she is clean and sober, said she felt “blindsided” by the sentence which includes 480 hours of community service. Watch it via YouTube below.

Lindsay Lohan Turns Down Father’s Bail Money Request

March 23, 2011 – Michael Lohan was arrested on Monday initially on felony domestic violence charges before they were dropped and replaced with a single misdemeanor charge of “inflicting injury on a Cohabitant,” which was his girlfriend Kate Major. Bail was initially set at $30,000, and Michael turned to his daughter Lindsay Lohan for a loan to post bail. LiLo turned her equally controversial father down, but Michael was later released without bail.

“Lindsay wants nothing to do with her father,” a family insider told “He has betrayed her one too many times. He only ever calls her when he wants something and she has finally learned to say no.”

Watch a report from ITN on the arrest via YouTube below.

Paps Give Lindsay Lohan An Anxiety Attack

Lindsay Lohan in Japan

Lindsay Lohan lashed out at the paparazzi after arriving in New York City on Sunday night (March 13). The 24-year-old writes:

I love ny – but the paparazzi @ jfk just gave me an anxiety attack….. i was half asleep! they’re such animals :( well- @ least im with my family in the end…. xo

Check out a picture of LiLo and her mom Dina at LAX earlier in the day at TMZ.

Senator Scott Brown’s Advice For Lindsay Lohan

Senator Scott Brown (R-Mass.) offered Lindsay Lohan some advice during an appearance on “America’s Morning News” on the Talk Radio Network. Brown advised LiLo to seek “guidance from some people that care about her” and that he’d like to tell the 24-year-old “you can do better and be better.”

Brown is a father of two daughters that are around Lindsay’s age and has been troubled by reading headlines about the actress and singer that have seen her charged with two DUIs and most recently an alleged theft of a $2,500 necklace. “All of the things you read about her, you feel badly,” Brown said. “I would hope that she would start to get some real guidance from some people that care about her and [are] not looking for headlines or purse strings attached.”

Listen to the comments below.

Miley Cyrus ‘Saturday Night Live’ Videos

Miley Cyrus hosted ‘Saturday Night Live’ last night, where the 18-year-old took on several roles, including getting dressed up as Lindsay Lohan, Fergie, Vanessa Hudgens and Justin Bieber. The show opened with Miley appearing as LiLo in a Charlie Sheen TV show ‘Duh! Winning!’. During her opening monologue, Miley sang a song making light of some of her controversial moments. Miley then appeared on the ‘Our Time With Taboo and’ as Fergie, upsetting her bandmates who were finally getting a chance at the limelight. A ‘Disney Channel Acting School’ advertisement was next, joined by Raven Symone to offer tips on how to act on the network. Miley then spoofed Baby V for the trailer to the new film ‘Beastly’. What was probably the most anticipated moment of her hosting night was when she appeared on ‘The Miley Cyrus Show’, where Miley is regularly played by Vanessa Bayer. Miley dressed up in purple coming out as the Bieb and brought up the middle finger, prompting Bayer to mention the salvia smoking incident. Miley’s next skit had her promoting Rock-A-Billy Lady Party cream, where buyers will also get a free Moisturizing Facial Cream CD. The final skit had Miley singing on a cruise ship about how gross the patrons of the lounge were. Watch them all below.


‘Showbiz Tonight’ Discuss Dina Lohan’s Media Blame Game

Dina Lohan went on ‘Good Morning America’ claiming the media is to blame for Lindsay Lohan’s horrible image. ‘Showbiz Tonight’ reported on the suggestion, getting commentary from comedienne Beth Littleford and Egypt Sherrod of WBLS.

“You know, here’s what I did understand at first, well, she’s saying the media was exacerbating the situations, sort of like, every time Lindsay gets a leg up and tried to pull herself together, she picks up a magazine and spirals out of control or is she saying the media is the problem and there to blame for everything that happened in Lindsay’s life,” Egypt said. “I give Dina a little bit of credit. I can’t believe that she’s going to go on live television and say you, guys, put the booze in her hand.”

Watch the interview below.

Lindsay Lohan’s Theft Charges Get Animated

Lindsay Lohan appeared in court again accused of stealing a necklace, happening just weeks after being released from court ordered rehab. NMA World Edition took an animated look at the 24-year-old’s latest legal woes, and how despite the charges, she may land a role in the new ‘Superman’ film. Watch it via YouTube below.

Lindsay Lohan Mural Vandalized In Venice Beach

A mural welcoming Lindsay Lohan to Venice Beach was defaced last week, with the vandal painting a swastika on her forehead along with the text “y not”. Red tears were also painted under LiLo’s eye. Watch footage of the mural via YouTube below.

Scott Storch Offers His Support For Lindsay Lohan

Taking off from My Studio in Los Angeles the other night, producer Scott Storch told that Lindsay Lohan is his homie and that “it’s doubtful” he’d be on Paris Hilton’s reality show. Watch it via YouTube below.

Lindsay Lohan Is Samantha Ronson’s New Apparently Unwelcome Neighbor

Lindsay Lohan’s new neighbor in Venice, California is her ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson. After LiLo exited rehab, she picked up a home right next door to SamRo. “Trust me, it wasn’t planned,” the DJ told paparazzi before telling another, “Dude, I’m way too pissed off right now.” A video report from TMZ has since been removed.

Lindsay Lohan Upset After Making “Most Provocative” List?

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly “beyond upset” to be named one of the “most provocative” celebrities by ‘Showbiz Tonight’. The HLN show discussed the situation, with A.J. Hammer wondering if LiLo even knew what the word provocative means before listing all the incidents that qualified her.

E! News’ Ken Baker and entertainment journalist Kelly Carter then joined in to offer their thoughts. “Maybe, she’s angry because she didn’t win, A.J. She wanted to be number one,” Baker said about the honor that went to Lady Gaga. “You, guys, just had her in the top five. Honestly, look, I mean, the bottom line is it was a provocative year for her. And I think that if she’s still in this denial stage or she can`t even acknowledge that, then 2011 is going to be a very active year for all of us.”

Watch the segment, aired Monday (December 13) via below the cut. (more…)

‘Inferno’ Director Trying To Get Lindsay Lohan A “Work Pass”

Lindsay Lohan is due to stay in rehab until January 3rd at the Betty Ford Clinic, but director Matthew Wilder wants to help the recovering starlet get a “work pass” so that she can fly to Los Angeles and get involved with the ‘Inferno’ project. “Lindsay is happy and I have been sending her some scripts starring several actors that we would like to cast alongside her in our movie,” Wilder said, according to The Sun. “She just received them so we are still waiting for her feedback but we really want her to be part of the whole experience even although she is not physically here in Los Angeles.”

LiLo did get a chance to step out of the clinic on Thursday (Novmeber 11) to shop at a mall in Palm Desert with some friends.

Lindsay Lohan Visits With Her Father In Rehab

Lindsay Lohan had an emotional meeting in rehab with her father Michael, asking the 50-year old to visit her at California’s Betty Ford clinic after shutting him out of her life in recent years. “It was an emotional reunion – there were hugs, kisses and even a few tears when Michael and Lindsay first saw each other,” a source told The Sun.

Lindsay’s dad was unusually discreet with the press after the meeting. “I have pledged not to comment about anything relating to my daughter,” he said. “However, I will say I am an incredibly proud father tonight.”

Emma Stone Impersonates Lindsay Lohan On ‘SNL’

Last night’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ featured show host Emma Stone appearing on ‘The View’ skit as someone she bares a strong resemblance to, Lindsay Lohan, who appeared “with special permission from the Betty Ford Clinic”. The faux LiLo told the female panel, “I’m way to busy to go to jail. I have a career.” Watch the comedy clip via below.

Lindsay Lohan Reading ‘The Power Of Rest’ In Rehab

‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ joked about the book Lindsay Lohan has been reading during her latest stint in rehab called ‘The Power of Rest’. Kimmel said he’d seen this book before and figured out it was in the Skymall catalog and was a book with a hidden compartment to store a flask.

The comedy clip at YouTube has since been removed.

Lindsay Lohan Shops First Post Jail SCRAM Anklet Photo

After getting released from jail over the weekend, hears Lindsay Lohan was trying to sell the first photo of herself wearing a court ordered SCRAM anklet. “Lindsay Lohan was calling around the pap agencies all weekend trying to get $10,000 up front to pose up in the SCRAM bracelet,” an insider revealed. “All of the major players passed, and she ended up doing the setup with a small agency.” The 24-year-old eventually worked out a deal with AKM Images.

Lindsay was being charitable though on Sunday, visiting the Dream Center homeless shelter in Los Angeles with her mother Dina, sister Ali and business manager Lou Taylor. She told her Twitter followers (@lindsaylohan) that those same photographers she courted earlier made the visit a lot less enjoyable, hinting that outgoing California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger should intervene:

What a great place The Dream Center is here in LA… had a nice time there today, it’s so important to give back. I feel blessed.

All accept the paparazzi hitting one of the ministry guys. They need to be stopped. I think this is a job for The Terminator…

Lindsay Lohan Pictured With Syringe And Kissing Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton blonde

X17 obtained photographs of Lindsay Lohan holding a syringe near her arm and making out with Paris Hilton in images believed to have been snapped in 2007. “These images of her with the syringe are terrifying,” a source told News of the World. A friend of the 24-year-old told the British tabloid, “Lindsay needs help desperately. She has needed help for years.” Check out the shocking snaps at

Lindsay Lohan Out Of Jail After Posting Bail

TMZ reports Lindsay Lohan posted $300,000 bail and has left the Lynwood Correctional Facility. The 24-year-old was ordered behind bars by Judge Elden Fox without bail, but the move was reversed by Judge Patricia Schnegg, who presided over Chris Brown’s assault case. LiLo will have to again wear the SCRAM bracelet and must submit to search by law enforcement at any time.

Demi Lovato Talks About Her Involvement In Padres Contra El Cancer

Pacific Rim Video talked to Demi Lovato about her involvement in Padres Contra El Cancer at the El Sueno de Esperanza 25th Anniversary event held at the Hollywood Palladium on Thursday (September 23). “I’ve had cousins with cancer, a Latino cousin with cancer, and it really effected our family, so I feel like if I can give back to what helped our family, then I’m doing as much as I can,” Lovato said on the red carpet. Watch the comments via YouTube below.