‘Mean Girl’ Lindsay Lohan Comments On Hilary Duff Feud

In this month’s YM magazine, Lindsay Lohan talked about cliques in her high school, and how it was similar to her feud with Hilary Duff. “I was never in school long enough to belong to a clique, but Hollywood’s like high school,” she said. “Everyone knows what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with. And if they don’t, they just make it up. On the feud with Hilary over Aaron Carter, she says, “It was blown way out of proportion. I don’t have anything against her- I don’t even know her. People are jealous or intimidated, so they spread a lie about you. I’m learning that there are always going to be cliques in life.”

Lindsay Lohan Tired of Drama With Hilary Duff

When ‘Good Morning America’ host Diane Sawyer asked Lindsay Lohan whether her fight with the Hilary Duff was “a high school thing,” Lohan answered, “Yeah. It is the reason why I wanted to finish high school early because it is what you have to deal with in high school. When you are working and stuff, the last thing you want to read is someone doesn’t like you. Let it go, you know what I mean? I just wanted to clear it up.”

Lindsay Lohan Denies Tension With Hilary Duff

As has been reported, rumors abound that Lindsay Lohan is feuding with fellow teen queen, Hilary Duff, and the cause could be Aaron Carter. Lohan denies it. “I have no problem with her,” she told ‘Extra’. “And people just want to drag it on. I wish her well.”

Lindsay Lohan’s Peace Offering To Hilary Duff

Just days after Christina Aguilera offered an olive branch to pop rival Britney Spears on ‘Total Request Live’, Lindsay Lohan continued the trend when co-hosting TRL on Monday. Asked if being a real triple threat with her acting, singing and dancing if she was trying to mirror herself after someone else, Lohan ducked responding Duff saying, “I’m a big fan of Marilyn Monroe. Acting wise, Julia Roberts. I love Madonna.” And later, when asked to confess one thing about herself she wanted to get out in the open, Lohan responded, “I love you Hilary Duff.” The TRL host responded, “Wow! That’s great.” Lohan admitted, “You put me on the spot. I didn’t know what else to say.”

Hilary Duff Vs. Lindsay Lohan

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E! Online gossip reporter Marilyn Beck reports on the feud between Hilary Duff and actress/ singer Lindsay Lohan. They also note some interesting similarities between the two girls, like their connection to Disney, they sing and act, and they have also both dated Aaron Carter. The story goes so far as to call them the new Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera of young Hollywood, obvious referring to the angry feud between the two girls. They even say that an angry Duff tried to throw Lohan out of the party for her ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’ premiere when she showed up.

Hilary Duff: Lindsay Lohan Who?

The Boston Herald reports Hilary Duff is setting the record straight on reports of a beef with fellow “tween queen” Lindsay Lohan. “I couldn’t even tell you what she looked like at the [‘Cheaper By The Dozen’] premiere,” Duff insisted. “I think I’ve met her maybe twice. It’s, like, every single time I see her, she starts talking bad about me.”

Hilary Duff’s Mom Suspected Lindsay Lohan Egging

The New York Post reports Hilary Duff’s mother Susan thought Lindsay Lohan had egged her daughter’s car, prompting their angry behavior towards the rival tween queen actress at the premiere of ‘Cheaper By The Dozen’. Several weeks before the premiere, Duff’s black Range Rover had been egged outside her Hollywood home and “people told Susan that Lindsay did it,” an insider explained. “Susan is very protective of Hilary and didn’t want Lindsay anywhere near her.” But Leslie Sloane Zelnik, a rep for Lohan insisted, “Lindsay wasn’t even in town when that happened. She has been in Canada shooting her starring role in Lorne Michaels’ ‘Mean Girls’.”

Hilary Duff And Lindsay Lohan Rivalry Escalates

The rivalry between teen queens Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan has jumped to a new level with Duff arriving at the ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’ premiere in Los Angeles Sunday night with love rival Aaron Carter. And afterwards, Duff and her mother Susan were infuriated when Lohan was at the after-party for the movie at Lucky Strike Lanes in Hollywood. “Hilary got her mother and started freaking out,” our source said. Duff’s mom got her daughter’s huge bodyguard, Troy to try muscling Lohan out of the party. “It was pretty amazing,” another spy said. “Here is this huge man trying to manhandle a 100-pound girl.”

Lindsay Lohan To Be In WB’s ‘Dramarama’

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According to a recent story from The Hollywood Reporter, it was announced that Lindsay Lohan is negotiating to be in the WB’s ‘Dramarama,’ a new movie in which she plays a rich girl gone poor who finds herself through her new school’s drama program.

The full story at hollywoodreporter.com has since been archived.

Tension Between Lindsay Lohan And Hilary Duff

The New York Daily News reports that after their recent battles over Aaron Carter, Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan were frosty at the Teen People party at Hue. Lohan might have been sending a message when she barged into the spotlight during Duff’s interview with ‘Entertainment Tonight.’

Aaron Carter Caught In Celeb Love Triangle

USA Today profiled the Teen Choice Awards and spoke with attendee Hilary Duff, who announced that she’s newly single, having split with boyfriend Aaron Carter. “It was about a month and a half ago,” Duff said. “I’m just 15, so we break up and get back together all the time.” Apparently she and ‘Freaky Friday’ star Lindsay Lohan learned they were both sharing Carter as a boyfriend over the past two years. “There was some mess that went on, but Aaron and I are cool; Lindsay and I are cool – everything’s all good.” Read more.