Lindsay Pagano Gets A New Start

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Recording artist, Lindsay Pagano, recently left WB Records and signed to Let’s Hear It Records. She is currently going between her new/old home in Philadelphia and Los Angeles to complete her new album. It looks like Lindsay may be getting a rare second chance at becoming a star. Along with her new recording team, new home, new website, and new album, she has also adopted a new look. Lindsay has reportedly gone Goth, and intends to incorporate her new look and attitude into her music for a completely new sound. Will it work for her this time? We’ll soon see if leaving her old record label and squeaky-clean image behind, will work for Lindsay. Check out her website at

Lindsay Pagano’s Appearance On ‘American Dreams’ Kept Secret?

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Pop recording artist, Lindsay Pagano, was scheduled to appear alongside Hilary and Haley Duff on NBC’s ‘American Dreams’ last night (November 23). Few people new about Pagano’s part in this, though advertisements and episode summaries can be found only featuring the Duffs however. Why not mention Pagano? Sure, she isn’t as well known as the Duff sisters are, but she was still booked for the show. It seems that it was kept a secret and many Pagano fans have been left disappointed that they missed their favorite singer’s first television appearance in a long time since leaving the spotlight to record 2 years ago. Many are confused and annoyed at the fact that Pagano has been placed on the back burner. Is there a reason behind this? Is it a scheme? Is there anything to it at all? Many would like to know.

So Far So Good For Lindsay Pagano

Lindsay Pagano will be on this weekend’s Soul Train and the show’s site has a backstage interview with the singer. When asked how she felt about her career taking off, Lindsay said, “I guess this early I really can’t say just because I don’t think of myself as like a big star or anything. But, it’s everything I thought it was gonna be so far. I mean, everything’s been really positive. I haven’t had any wars with anybody yet, so let’s try to keep it that way. But it’s been really fun.” The interview has since been removed.

A Post Grammy Report From Lindsay Pagano

Lindsay Pagano posted a diary update on Wednesday telling fans just after the Grammy awards, “I just watched the Grammys! It was an AMAZING show. I was supposed to go to the after party, but I was invited to record a song called ‘United We Sing’ with a number of artists tomorrow, so I didn’t wanna be tired! But everyone was fabulous, congrats to Alicia Keys! I’ve got lots going on right now. Today I learned a routine to ‘Amazing High’ with my dancers at my house. I’m performing on Soul Train on Sunday! I just recorded a song called ‘What Are We Waiting For’ for the Scooby Doo soundtrack.”