‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ Race For Life Charity Single

Over 20 celebrities and hundreds of women from across the UK have lent their voices to re-record Cyndi Lauper’s 1980s classic ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ to launch the Race for Life 2010 event series. To find out more, visit the Race for Life website at raceforlife.org. Those contributing to the single include former Atomic Kitten Liz McClarnon, former Hear’Say member Kym Marsh, former Liberty X member Kelli Young, former Mis-Teeq member Su-Elise Nash, former Steps member Lisa Scott Lee and the Cheeky Girls. Watch it via YouTube below.

Lisa Scott Lee: I’m Pregnant!

Former Steps star Lisa Scott-Lee checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lisascottleecom) on Tuesday (October 2). She writes:

Baby news!!!

Yes! you have read right, we have Baby news!!

To my lovely fans,

we wanted to share our wonderful news with you all. Johnny [Shentall] and I are having a baby and we’re over the moon!! It marks 10 amazing years in this business and is the perfect icing on the cake! You’ve been there through every chapter so thank you always.

Lisa x x x

Lisa Scott Lee’s ‘Never Or Now’ Album Released For UK Download

Lisa Scott-Lee’s new album ‘Never Or Now’ is out for official UK download today. The former Steps star said, “The album is like a journey, I start off as a ‘Dance Diva’ with the sexy little dance track ‘Lately’! This is followed by a portion of pop/dance before turning ‘Rock Chick’ with some wicked pop/rock tracks like the title track ‘Never or Now’.” Check out a clip of ‘Never or Now’ at myspace.com/lisascottleecom.

Ice Skating Helps Lisa Scott Lee’s Sex Life

Former Steps singer Lisa Scott Lee tells News of the World training for ‘Dancing On Ice’, launched on ITV1 Saturday night, has made her red-hot between the sheets. “I’m in great shape and it’s made a huge difference in the bedroom,” explained Lisa, who is married to ex-Hear’Say star Johnny Shentall. “But skating is dangerous. The blades are so sharp. And my poor partner Matt Evers almost lost his wedding tackle when I put my foot in the wrong place! You have to be so careful doing lifts and turns but as I was coming out of a move I slid my blade past Matt’s groin. I only missed his bits by a few centimeters and caught him on the leg. He says it’s left a huge scar!”

Lisa Scott-Lee Finishes Debut Album

Neil Sean of Sky News reports former Steps star Lisa Scott-Lee has finished her debut album, with plans to release it in the UK this autumn. Lisa had previously vowed to quit singing if her last release, ‘Electric’, which peaked at #13, failed to make the top 10.

Lisa Scott Lee Refuses To Quit Pop Career

Former Steps star Lisa Scott Lee spoke with The Mirror about reneging on her ‘Totally Scott Lee’ reality show promise to quit music after her last solo single ‘Electric’ failed to make it into the top 10. “Singing is my livelihood, my career. I never wanted to give up on it,” the 30-year-old reasoned. “It wasn’t my decision. It was MTV’s to have the top 10 or quit angle. It was meant to be a little thing for the TV show and it snowballed. I regret that.” Now, the singer is looking to kick-start her career in Australia.

Lisa Scott Lee Christmas Message And Audio Gift

Former Steps star Lisa Scott Lee sent the following holiday message to fans on her official website: “Wishing each & every one of you a great Xmas & a very happy New Year! Thank you for all your support you lovely lot! Enjoy ‘Boy On The Dance Floor’! Lisa xxx” The song she’s referring to has since been removed from her website.

Anne Robinson Reduces Lisa Scott Lee To Tears

Former Steps star Lisa Scott Lee is disputing reports that she fled from an appearance on ‘The Weakest Link’ in tears after getting stinging comments from host Anne Robinson. “I did get a bit teary, but as you will see I also finished the show and Anne and I did make up at the end, so all was well,” she tells Ann Montini of Sky News.

Lisa Scott Lee Backs Off Promise To Quit Pop

Lisa Scott Lee tells The Sun she regrets her promise to quit pop if her latest single ‘Electric’ failed to crack the top 10, especially after it opened at #13 for the week. “Of course I regret saying it,” the former Steps star said. “A year ago I was feeling low about the industry. My last single, Get It On, only got to #23. Then I signed up for MTV reality show ‘Totally Scott-Lee’. To give it some narrative I said I’d quit if I failed to go Top 10. But it’s awful now it’s happened. I’m going to launch it in Australia, Japan and Germany – but I’ll be back.”

Lisa Scott Lee Looks Behind UK To Revive Pop Career

Lisa Scott Lee’s manager Nathan posted a message on the former Steps star’s official website on Sunday promising that the singer won’t be quitting pop. “As Lisa’s manager, I am determined to get Lisa back to where she belongs,” he writes. “We start with Japan, Australia, South Africa and eventually we will look at the UK again! But after a long break (from the UK). I’m 200% behide Lisa and will do everything I can to get Lisa back to where she belongs. We will be making a album to release outside the UK but be sure fans will be able to get this by the net or via the web site (we need to look into this).”