Little Jackie ‘The Stoop’ Video

Little Jackie Imani Coppola

Little Jackie are out with the music video to their new single ‘The Stoop’, the second release and title track from the American pop duo’s debut album, out now on S-Curve Records. Watch it at YouTube.

Behind The Scenes At Little Jackie’s Music Video

Imani Coppola of Little Jackie behind the scenes on the music video shoot for 'The World Should Revolve Around Me'Behind the scenes footage of Little Jackie on the set of the hip hop and pop duo’s ‘The World Should Revolve Around Me’ music video has been posted online.

Setting the scene for the video, Imani Coppola said, “You’re dealing with a lot of variables like being outdoors, traffic, loud trucks honking, angry, wanting to get through. Honking at the hot chicks.”

“At a certain point I’m gonna wake up and realize I love what I do for a living,” Coppola admitted. “I can’t believe this is my job.” Afterwards, she compared getting the video done to getting a tattoo.

Watch the clip via YouTube below.