LMNT Were Nearly Killed By Drunk Driver

LMNT are joining forces with the nonprofit organization Do Something to help teens get informed and take a stand against drunk driving during the July 4th holiday weekend when alcohol-related traffic fatalities soar. “After a drunk driver nearly killed us while we were filming the video for ‘Juliet,’ we realized that drinking and driving can affect anybody at any time,” said Bryan Chan of LMNT. “We are really excited to join forces with Do Something to help teens get informed and take a stand against drunk driving.”

Bryan Chan Provides LMNT Update

Bryan Chan of LMNT checked in with fans last Monday saying the group is hanging in Los Angeles working with their new choreographer ahead of their tour with Britney Spears. He thanked fans for voting for them on Nick.com, and plugged the band’s new album ‘All Sides’. The audio has since been removed.

LMNT Reveal Gross Gags Pulled On Each Other

Ikaika Kahoano, Bryan Chan, Mike Miller and Jonas Persch of LMNT chatted with Teen People on Monday and admitted to pulling some pretty disgusting pranks on each other. Mike explains, “Bryan and I had a prank war a while back and Bryan took all of my clothes – dirty and clean – packed them in suitcases, put them in the middle of my king size, heavy bed, moved it to the middle of my room and locked me out. To retaliate, I took Bryan’s toothbrush and dipped it in the toilet. I didn’t tell him until I called him, and he was using it.” Bryan responded, “Mike doesn’t know this – but he has this pitcher that he makes iced tea in, and I took our toilet scrubber and swirled it around in his iced tea.”

No Bad Blood Between O-Town & LMNT

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Any indications of rivalry between the Making the Band survivors (O-Town) and alumnis (LMNT) has been put to rest. Says Mike Miller of LMNT in an exclusive interview with girlything.com: “We just kind of branched off from the same tree and made our own group and are doing our own thing. There is no animosity at all! I just want the fans to know it is okay to like both groups.” The guys also share news about more concerts together and hilarious responses in personally filled-out surveys. LMNT’s debut album “All Sides” will be released on June 4th.

LMNT Video Interview & Upcoming Chats

Ahead of the release of their debut album ‘All Sides’, the guys from LMNT chatted with their label Atlantic Records in a video interview. In addition, the guys will be on online chats with Lycos on Wednesday, May 29th, at 9PM EST and Teenpeople.com on Monday, June 3 at 7PM EST.