Lolene ‘The Electrick Hotel’ First Look

Lolene checked in to ‘The Electrick Hotel’ in a first look at her Capitol Records debut with a trailer at her YouTube channel. The clip features audio snippets of ‘Rich (Fake it Til You Make It)’, ‘Lionheart’, and ‘Ordinary Girl’, from the British artist’s debut album coming this summer on Capitol/EMI. Watch it below.

Trailer For The Making Of Lolene’s ‘The Electrick Hotel’


Lolene is out with a trailer for the making of her debut album ‘The Electrick Hotel’. “I wanted to call the album ‘The Electrick Hotel’ because I want to invite people to each room of the hotel with a different vibe,” Lolene explains in the video. The British pop singer is also seen on the set of her ‘Rich’ music video. Watch it via her YouTube channel below.

Lolene ‘The Electrick Hotel’ Track List


Lolene is out with the track listing for her debut album ‘The Electrick Hotel’, coming out in the summer via Capitol/EMI.

1. Intro (Welcome to the Electrick Hotel)
2. Sexy People (Lolene/C.Rojas/Nasri.A)
3. Rich – Fake it til u make it (Lolene/Nasri.A/damon.S/Adam.M)
4. Lion Heart (Lolene/Shep.S/Tom.M)
5. Ordinary Girl (Lolene/Rune.W/Nellee.H)
6. Under The Bus (Ft Sam Sparro) (Lolene/Sam.Sparro/Jesse.R)
7. Interlude (Room Service)
8. Carousel (Lolene/Mushaq.O)
9. Radio (Lolene/Josh.A/Oliver.G)
10. Die Without Love (Lolene/Tom.M)
11. For The Record (Lolene/Richard.V/Luciana/Chico.B)
12. Bang Bang (Lolene/Damon.S/Carl.R)
13. Limousine (Lolene/Josh.A/Oliver.G/LP)
14. F*cked Up (Lolene/Oak.F/LP)
15. Beautiful Disaster (Lolene/Chris Braide)

16. Dancing On Diamonds (Lolene/Chris.R/Alex.J)
17. ZOO (Lolene/Chris.R/Alex.J)

Lolene Parties In Hollywood During Grammy Weekend


The latest episode of Lolene TV features the British pop singer in Hollywood on Grammy weekend. She’s seen on the red carpet of an event, hanging out with iSquare and rocking out to AC/DC at a hotel. “We just came out of a really fun party in Hollywood for pre Grammys,” Lolene explained in the video. Watch episode 35 via YouTube below the cut. (more…)

Lolene Takes Her Time On “Spiky And Different” Debut LP

The Dead Hub caught up with Lolene in a Q&A, asking the ‘Sexy People’ singer about the song being part of Victoria Secret’s latest campaign, life in Los Angeles, labeling herself “awkward pop”, the Disco Vagina, tour plans, and how her ‘Electrick Hotel’ album is shaping up. On the latter topic, Lolene responded:

Amazing! I am absolutely amazed. I took my time because I didn’t want to just throw something out there! I wanted every song to be as amazing as it could be, especially when it came to writing the songs and selecting the best ones to put on the album. It is a very eclectic album, all pop. It’s awkward pop that’s spiky and different. There is a lot of lyrical content. I don’t feel like everyone hears my voice on ‘Sexy People’, but the other songs I am singing a lot. There are many levels to what I am saying; each song is a different room (thus ‘Electrick Hotel’). It’s all done, but we are mixing it right now!

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Lolene ‘Sexy People’ Video


Lolene is out with the music video to her new single ‘Sexy People’, the first release from the British pop singer’s debut album ‘The Electrick Hotel’, out early 2010 on Capitol/EMI. Watch it via Vimeo below.