Louise Redknapp Eyes Jay Kay Duet

Sky News reports that Louise Redknapp is planning her next album and may include a track with Jamiroquai’s main man. “I have been toying with the idea of teaming up with Jay Kay,” Redknapp said. “I like his sound and style, but it’s deciding just who.”

Louise Redknapp Gives Birth To Son

The Mirror reports that Louise Redknapp gave birth to baby boy Charlie on Tuesday (July 27). The 29-year-old, who suffers from the crippling condition endometriosis, had a caesarean on doctors’ orders. Redknapp named the 6lb 6oz boy after her grandfather, who died on the day she discovered she was pregnant. “Mum and baby are well and over the moon,” read a statement from Louise and husband Jamie.

Louise Redknapp Wants Kids

The Glasgow Daily Record reports Louise Redknapp is desperate to have kids. “I’m definitely at a stage now when would like a family,” the 29-year-old singer who is married to soccer star Jamie Redknapp said. “One would be enough or maybe two. I’m not sure when though. I’m going to put out my new album next year and go with the flow. It’s not as if I can put it in my diary and say ‘This is a great time for me!’ Jamie and I both say that it will happen when the time is right. He loves kids.”

Louise Redknapp On Reality Pop Shows

Top of the Pops chatted with Louise Redknapp and asked the veteran singer what she felt about the trend towards reality pop competitions like ‘Fame Academy’ and ‘Pop Idol’. “I kind of sit on the fence about those shows which is a bit boring of me, I know,” she said. “I do think it’s a good opportunity for the people who are in it, because they are obviously very talented and deserve the chance. But I do think it’s hard for a new act coming out at the same time as them because you can’t compete with them on that level of TV exposure. So lots of new artists might get lost if they releasing at the same time. Also I think that the actual competitors lose a sense of what it really is about. When you’ve had 12 weeks on national TV and then you release a song, you expect an awful lot of that record.”

Louise And Jamie’s Baby Heartache

Louise Redknapp has faced two years of secret heartache after being diagnosed with a condition that affects fertility, but she tells The Sun she will not give up her dream of starting a family with her soccer star hubby Jamie. “I want to be a relatively young mum – having one or two children would just be perfect,” she said. “We can’t wait to have kids but it’s not something you can just order up.” Read more.

Shy Jamie Drops In To Help Louise Redknapp

The Sun caught up with Louise Redknapp at the Mercury Music Awards who talked about carting along hubby Jamie who she says isn’t much of a partier. “Jamie is incredibly shy. He has to be dragged out to most showbiz parties,” she said of her soccer star husand. “He can’t drink lots at the moment because the season has just started. It’s great that he’s fit again. He gets so frustrated when he’s injured.” Read more.

Louise Redknapp Posts Diary Message

Louise Redknapp posted a diary message to fans on her official site on Friday (August 29). She writes, “A lot has been happening for me and, as you probably know, I’m launching a double A-side ‘Pandora’s Kiss’ and ‘Don’t Give Up’ on the 15th of September. Some of you know my manager Oliver Smallman (he owned First Avenue when I was in Eternal). He is launching ‘Pandora’s Kiss’ on his ‘Positive Records’ label and in keeping with the positive vibe, all my royalties from the sale of this single will be going to the charity ‘Breast Cancer Care’ who do a lot of fine work.”

Louise Redknapp Loves Her New Look

Louise Redknapp spoke with Radio 1 about her sexy new image for her new single ‘Pandora’s Kiss – Don’t Give Up’. She says the best part was the thigh high-boots she sported for her layout. “Oh, I loved the high boots – they were such good fun, cos you know you see all these girls in magazines wearing high boots and they look amazing, but you’d feel a bit suss [ie. suspicious] walking down the street in them,” she said. “Some people might do it but I personally would be a bit scared about trying to pull that one off. So doing it in a video is just like the perfect opportunity. So many of my friends watched it and said – ‘You know, that looked like such good fun. I’d love to just put a pair of thigh-high boots on and kick around in a box!'”