Nicki Wood No Longer LoveBites Lead Singer

Nicki Wood checked in with fans on her MySpace page on July 21st after it was announced she would no longer be fronting LoveBites. “Hey guys you’ve heard the news! I didn’t choose to leave but because of musical differences it just didn’t happen,” Wood said. “I’ve had an amazin time in LoveBites! But believe me the only way is up! I’m not given up that easily, I’ll be coming back stronger than ever soon enough! And hopefully you guys will give me ya support! You have been fantastic! And I can’t thank you enough, I might not be in LoveBites, but im stil here! Love ya guys!” The remaining members Hannah Haddon, Aimee Haddon, and Dani Graham, still searching for a frontwoman, had written the prior day, “The oringinal line up of LoveBites is no more. This is due to musical differences BUT THE BAND IS NOT SPLITTING UP. The new line up will be, Hannah drums, Dani Bass and vocals, Aimee Guitar and vocals and a new lead vocalist will join the group. We have lots of new, mature material and hope you will all like it. We have spoken to Nicki, it was very sad, but there’s no hard feelings. We will all still be going out and getting very drunk together lol! And a message to Nicki, We still love you very much and you have been a amazin LITTLE star lol!”

Love Bites’ Aimee Takes Compatibility Test

Aimee Haddon of Love Bites took part in a Q&A with Top Of The Pops, where they quizzed her about several male musicians. Asked about Shayne Ward of ‘X Factor’ fame, Haddon responded, “I’ve only seen that video. I do like a little bit of stubble, but he’s a bit pretty and I don’t go for that type. He’s a bit like Justin Timberlake – he’s got that thing about him.”

The interview transcript at has since been removed.