David Vendetta ‘Make Boys Cry’ Video Ft. Luciana Caporaso

David Vendetta is out with the music video to his new single ‘Make Boys Cry’, featuring vocals from Luciana Caporaso, off the French DJ’s second album ‘Vendetta’, out now on DJ Center Records. Watch the Pascal Chind directed video via Vimeo below.

Luciana Writing With Gabriella Cilmi

Luciana Caporaso checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lucianacaporaso) on Thursday (November 19), discussing the state of MySpace and how she’s been spending her time lately. The dance pop singer writes:

Been busy with meetings and writing with the fabulous Gabriella Cilmi. Have a track coming out with David Vendetta, which I’m going to paris to shoot the vid soon. (before Xmas I hope and its festivities)

Debating to do the new Iceland advert with Jeannette krankee…; We’ve been approached to take over Collen Nollan!!!!! I don’t know, What do you think!
There’s a whole album of stuff I have done with bodyrox which I’m real proud about but as ever not sure when, last year would have been good!

Luciana Caporaso Still Trying To Write For Kylie Minogue

Luciana Caporaso checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lucianacaporaso) on Thursday (October 22), discussing what she’s been up to. The English singer, frequently featured on vocals for DJs, tells readers:

After the excitement of the States, have been gigging around Europe again waiting to see what happens with ‘I Like That’ over here.
Have just heard that David Vendetta will be releasing a track I did with him as the second single on his album and will be going to Paris for the video..
Following up all our leads from the states including writing with Tribe called Quest which as you can imagine is all very exciting. Still trying to write for Kylie, forever in hope that she’s going to like the stuff I have done for her..Come on Kylie, You Know you wanna sing my song!!!!

Luciana & Bodyrox ‘What Planet You On’ Video Shoot Pictures

Luciana Caporaso checked in with fans on her MySpace (@lucianacaporaso) with the following bulletin: “The new vid for ‘Planet’ will be out soon, so excited, in the mean time I’ve put up some pics on my page, taken on the day of the shoot to wet your appetites!!! Hope you like them. luci. xx” The images have since been removed.

Luciana And Bodyrox’s ‘What Planet You On’ Audio

Luciana Caporaso posted a bulletin to fans after posting a new song on her MySpace (@lucianacaporaso) on Friday (August 31). She writes, “Hi everyone, posted my new collaboration with Bodyrox on my page today – track is caled ‘What Planet You On’ – have a listen and let me know what you think. Ciao Luciana X” The track has since been removed from her MySpace.