Lucy Walsh Mourns Death Of High School Friend Frankie Toner

Lucy Walsh updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@lucywalsh) on Tuesday (March 31) with some sad news on a high school friend. The daughter of Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh writes:

My high school friend FRANKIE TONER was killed this last week in Afghanistan where he was participating in the war effort. According to reports, he was not even fighting, he was jogging and was shot by a man who snuck into the area. He lost his life a few days before he was scheduled to return to CA and his wife of a year. I am so saddened by this, Frankie was such a solid wonderful boy and he will be missed always. This is a reminder to all of us to treasure our life and each other.

Lucy Walsh Inspired At SXSW

Lucy Walsh updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@lucywalsh) on Saturday (March 21) while in Austin, Texas for the South by Southwest Music Festival. The daughter of Eagles’ guitarist Joe Walsh writes:

Being at SXSW has been inspiring in an unexpected way…it has jump-started my enthusiasm for what I do…because there are good bands and artists, but there are alot of sh**ty as well. Having the opportunity to see so many musicians together really reveals just how much work this career takes. I find that the sh**tier musicians here ‘do more’…dress brighter, have stupid haircuts, promote their shows through mega-phones, give away free stuff…etc. This is the epicenter for bands whoring themselves around. The more legit artists just focus on the music. It has been a perfect eye-opener to lead up to my next week writing new tunes in Nashville… all that ‘doing more’ doesn’t matter… good songs matter, hence the word ‘music’.

Lucy Walsh Begins Week Of Music Meetings & Writing Sessions

Lucy Walsh updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@lucywalsh) on Monday (February 9). The daughter of Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh tells readers:

After hitting a few Grammy parties in LA, I got here last night and I have a week of music meetings and writing sessions ahead of me. I had my first today, and wrote a song called ‘Don’t Wanna Run Tonight’. GREAT writers out here, I am excited to add this weeks work to the potential batch for my record.

Lucy Walsh Records With Rooney

Lucy Walsh checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lucywalsh) on Monday (January 5). The Hollywood pop artist tells readers:

So happy 2k9, and hope you got what you wanted for Xmas and all that. I asked for Jude Law again this year, but I just got boring clothes and books instead. New Year’s Eve was insane, I was at Ryan Cabrera’s bash @ Play in Hollywood. So now its time to slow down the partying and get ready for a full schedule. I’ve been recording nonstop, just finished a song with the guys from ‘Rooney’… you’ll hear it soon. I’m going to the VH1 awards with Taylor this week, Rooney is the house band… go guys! I just posted a newly recorded demo called ‘I MISS YOU’… it’s one I wrote recently and is part of the new batch that will turn into my debut record. As far as live action, there are shows coming up, so keep checking my MySpace for details. Rumor has it that I will be playing the music festival SXSW in march as well. COOL. I am currently having my MySpace entirely re-designed, get ready for a whole new LW!

Lucy Walsh Shops At Teenage Millionaire, Guitar Center & Jet Rag

Lucy Walsh goes shopping on The Fit‘MySpace Presents: The Fit’ features Lucy Walsh taking viewers on a shopping trip to Teenage Millionaire on Melrose Avenue. “I’ve always been a really wacky dresser,” the pop singer said. “I always get yelled at by my mom and my publicist.”

Next, Joe Walsh’s daughter traveled to Guitar Center on Sunset Blvd., meeting up with The Eagles guitarist. “I followed in his footsteps, taking on the family business,” Lucy said.

The last stop was at Jet Rag on N La Brea Ave. “I got a lot of parties and events coming up, so I gotta find some really cool pieces,” Walsh said.

The video at MySpace can be viewed below.

Lucy Walsh Tapes ‘The Fit’ For MySpace

Lucy Walsh checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lucywalsh) on Tuesday (October 14) with the following message:

I guess MySpace thinks I’m fashionable enough to give me my very own episode of their show ‘THE FIT’! Thanks MySpace! It was really fun to film, I got to run around to my favorite stores with a camera crew and spent some time @ Guitar Center with my dad… a favorite hangout of ours. Let me know what you all think of my episode. Follow your inner neon! xo

Lucy Walsh Checks In After Universal CityWalk Concert

Lucy Walsh checked in on her blog at MySpace (@lucywalsh) after her free concert at Universal CityWalk in Hollywood on Saturday night (August 23) as part of the Summer Block Party concert series. The daughter of Eagles’ guitarist Joe Walsh writes:

My concert at Universal Studios last night was insane fun. It’s so great to play for crowds that stretch almost as far as you can see…and what a lively bunch too! (I put the video I took from stage on my page). I had my little bro Spencer playing guitar with me, needless to say he got lots of attention from the ladies, and I think is hooked on being onstage. The one annoying thing was we started to play ‘Fall for You’ and someones instrument was off-key and clashing with everything else. So instead of taking the time to figure the problem out onstage, I stopped the song and did it on my own at the piano, which always turns out beautifully. It was difficult to hear the rest of the band onstage, Universal has strict noise-level rules, so we couldn’t turn up very loud. But these are the things to deal with when playing live, just part of it all. I did a meet/greet…met many cool music lovers, and even signed a few stomachs. I’m exhausted today, but no time to rest…have to get ready for my show @ the LA Children’s Hospital tomorrow.


Lucy Walsh ‘Charmed Life’ And ‘Hush Hush’ Audio

Lucy Walsh

Lucy Walsh checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace on Tuesday (June 24). The daughter of Eagles’ guitarist Joe Walsh writes, “I’m writing new songs and I want to share my works-in-progress, so any song posted as a ‘quick demo’ is something I wrote or recorded like the night before. I know most people would wait to share until the songs are produced/tuned for real, but whatever! My newest one is ‘Charmed Life’ Enjoy!” Listen to the track, as well as ‘Hush Hush’ at

Lucy Walsh Secret ‘Show Us Your Moves’ Contest Video Diary

Lucy Walsh documented her trip to Orlando, Florida for the National Cheerleading Championships, where she performed with Pleasant Valley High after the school won the Secret ‘Show Us Your Moves’ competition creating a dance piece to accompany Walsh’s song ‘Crash’.

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

Lucy Walsh ‘Guilty’ And ‘Lullaby’ Audio

Lucy Walsh checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lucywalsh) on Monday (October 29) after posting some new music. “Since ‘Lost in the Lights’ is not out for awhile, I’ve added 2 new songs to give you something to live for :),” the daughter of Eagles singer Joe Walsh writes. “‘Guilty’ is an awesome clubber and ‘Lullaby’ is a very special ballad… no frills, just me playing the piano. BLAST THEM!” Audio at MySpace has since been removed.