Lucy Woodward Found Out She Was A Dumb Girl

Dan Aquilante of the New York Post interviewed Lucy Woodward, who was promoting her new single ‘Dumb Girls’ and her new album ‘While You Can’, which is released on Tuesday (April 1). Asked if ‘Dumb Girls’ was about her personal experience, Woodward says, “Yeah. ‘Dumb Girls’ is about thinking you’re not ever going to get dumped, thinking that you’re invincible and that your guy would never break up with you. I used to think only dumb girls get dumped and I was too smart for that, and then I found out I was just a dumb girl.”

Lucy Woodward Is A Britney Spears Fan

Adam Gonshor of caught up with Lucy Woodward ahead of the April 1st release of her debut album ‘While You Can’. The singer is nothing like anyone else in today’s pop music scene, but she insists she’s not an anti-Britney Spears type. “I really like Britney,” she says. “I think she’s an incredible performer and dancer. When you have a record deal that young, I think it’s hard to make your own decision sometimes and it’s a lot of pressure. I’m dealing with a lot of pressure right now and I’m older then her. I can’t even imagine being 14 or 15 and having a record deal. I love Britney, period.” Read more.

Lucy Woodward: You Hear It First

Lucy Woodward is the latest singer to be featured on MTV’s ‘You Hear it First’. “I always knew there was no other option – you put all your eggs in one basket,” said Woodward of her ambitions for stardom. “There was no backup plan. Music was always how … you dealt with every emotion. Before school, after school – if you’re hungry … you practiced. It was always about music.” Watch the video clip here.

No Joy For Lucy Woodward Hearing Her Tune On Radio

That moment when a pop star first hears her song on the radio is supposed to be joyous, but for Lucy Woodward, it was anything but. Z-100 was set to play her track ‘Dumb Girls’, but Lucy was suffering from food poisoning. “When I heard it, I was having the worst (I mean, the wuh-hurst!) case of food poisoning. I was throwing up all day,” she explained. “I’m sweaty and delirious and someone calls from Atlantic to tell me it’s going to be on the air at 4:05. I didn’t know what to make of it because I was just lying there. It airs and I manage to peep out a little scream of pure excitement. Then I run to the bathroom to throw up some more. It was a surreal moment I will never forget.”