Defunct M2M Still Has Collection CD Coming Out

Former M2M member Marit Larsen checked in with fans on her official website last week. She says, “Thanks so much for all your letters and e-mails lately. It makes me happy to know you are still hanging in with me, showing enthusiasm towards my forthcoming plans and projects. I promise I will tell you when there is something to know. I read on the board that some of you have noticed there’s an M2M collection CD coming out. I’m not completely sure what markets will end up releasing it eventually, but I do know it will contain songs from both records plus some acoustic material.”

M2M’s Marion Raven Offered A New Record Deal

Contributed by Zeph:

Marion Raven (formerly of M2M) has been offered a new record deal with Atlantic. Her official site reports:
“Marion is on the front cover of Norway’s biggest newspaper, VG today. It says that she has been offered a million dollar contract with Atlantic records in the U.S. They want Marion as a solo artist, and is planning a new album release within 9 months. She will be a worlwide priority.”

Why M2M Was Pulled Out Of The Tour With Jewel

Contributed by Zeph:

Someone who is associated with M2M has told me the excuses Atlantic Records as to why they were pulled out of their concert. One excuse Atlantic gave them was that the economy was the reason they were pulled out of the tour. Another excuse was record sales. Now does Atlantic think we are that stupid to believe the economy thing? Do they really think Marion and Marit are that dumb? Why don’t the execs at Atlantic tell the truth.

Marion Raven Says M2M Cancellation ‘Sucks Big Time!’

Alyssa Milano look-alike Marion Raven posted an update for fans following the surprise cancellation of M2M on the current Jewel tour frankly telling them why it happened. The tour got cancelled by Atlantic records. They didn’t think our record sold enough and our songs was not playing on the radio in the U.S. This s***s big time! I thought you should know that. I’ll never keep secrets from you, and NEVER ever be afraid of asking me questions.
I still hope you guys will stick around for me, even though it will be quiet for a while around M2M.”

Atlantic Drops M2M From Jewel Tour

Marit Larsen of M2M wrote on her official site last Sunday, “I regret to tell you I am back in Norway and the tour will not continue with M2M as the opening act… the decision was made by our record company, and it was out of our hands completely. I feel really bad for those of you who have already bought tickets for the remaining shows hoping to see us, and I’m really bummed we won’t be completing the tour.”

Pantene Pro-Voice Finalists To Sing With Michelle Branch & M2M

Pantene announced the second annual Pantene Pro-Voice Concert on July 18, 2002 at 7:30 PM at Rumsey Playfield in Central Park, New York City. The free concert will include performances by Michelle Branch and M2M. Entry to the second annual Pantene Pro-Voice Concert is by ticket only; free tickets will be available beginning July 8th on a first-come, first-serve basis at participating FYE Music Stores in the New York metro area and select Delia’s locations.

M2M Perform At New Jersey Middle School

Valerie Nome of was on hand at West Brook Middle School in Paramus, New Jersey when M2M made an appearance as part of a special in-school performance sponsored by Do Something on Tuesday, with around 700 students watching the teen pop duo. “I think the kids were really into it,” Marit Larsen said afterwards. “It’s fun because it’s for a really good cause.”

Marit Larsen Surprised By Warm Reaction In Mexico

M2M star Marit Larsen checked in with fans on Friday from Mexico – where she was pleased at the reaction the pop duo received. “Wow! I can’t believe the reception we are getting all over Mexico! The last two days we have visited Monterrey and Guadalajara, and there has been so many big smiles and encouraging words from every person I have met.” The two headed back to Norway on Sunday.

M2M Knew Exactly What They Wanted On ‘The Big Room’

Hip Online chatted with Marit Larsen and Marion Raven of M2M about their latest album ‘The Big Room’, where they spoke about how they approached that album as opposed to their first. Marion said, “One the first album we were all about finding who we were. Everything was new to us, songwriting, traveling, and the producers. EVERYTHING! On this album we knew exactly what we wanted. We wanted to make a ‘real’ album. With a live band in the studio, with our songs and a producer we knew would listen to our ideas. It’s a lot different then the first record. You change a lot from 14 to 17.”

Marit Larsen Is Loving Milan

Marit Larsen checked in with fans on her official website on Sunday from Milan, where she was joined by her sister. Marit said, “You should have seen me today. A day off in Milan for a girl who hardly has time to go shopping anymore can’t mean anything but trouble. I am now in love with this city and can’t wait to go back here on vacation sometime… I had a little taste and now I’m crazy for more!”