Marit Larsen Checks In After Ski Trip

Marit Larsen of M2M checked in with fans after her Easter ski weekend in Norway. Marit wrote, “Seriously, it must have been at least four years since last time. But I was with my family and several of my friends and most of the time they were nice and didn’t make too much fun of me.” Larsen added, “Apart from skiing we spent our time eating enormous amounts of candy and *on my end* trying to remember all of those old hits that everyone wants you to know on guitar so they can sing along. I was always terrible at that stuff.”

M2M’s Marit Larsen Plans Easter Ski Weekend

M2M’s Marit Larsen told fans on her official website she plans to enjoy the Easter weekend by taking a ski trip to the mountains. Larsen wrote, “I’ve just packed my bags and right now I’m getting ready for a weekend up in the mountains. I can’t wait to ski as it’s been almost five years since last time (argh… I’m sounding like an OLD woman!) Anyways, I’m going up there with family and friends and I simply can’t wait…”

M2M’s Marit Larsen Writes About Love For Performing

M2M’s Marit Larsen wrote on her official website Tuesday about her love of performing after a fan sent her a picture from a Holland radio show performance back in 2000. Larsen wrote, “I remember how overwhelming it was, how proud it made me, and how much I realized that it must have been one of the best feelings I had ever felt. Performing is one of the best parts of being a musician. Being up there, playing your songs and struggling to play even a little bit better than last time. The audience makes you want to be the best that you can be.”

Marion Raven Muses About Pop Stars Mixed Message

Bryan Reesman of spoke with M2M, where vocalist and keyboardist Marion Raven mused about the mixed messages by her pop rivals. Raven said, “It feels weird when they’re [nearly] naked in pictures and saying they want to wait till after they’re married [to have sex], and they keep talking about sex all the time. It bugs me a little. We can talk about our songs and stand up for them–this is what we experienced and what we wrote about.”

Marit Larsen On ‘The Big Room’ Release Week

M2M’s Marit Larsen thanked fans on her official site Thursday after the release of M2M’s new album ‘The Big Room’ on Tuesday. Larsen said from New York, “So I’m back in the city, spent the whole day at the record company. We did a performance for about every single person who works at Atlantic and it was a blast… it’s a great feeling when you can have a room full of people – and they’re all being quiet and paying attention to what you’re doing.”

M2M In 100th Episode Of Dawson’s Creek

M2M’s Marion Raven and Marit Larson were lucky enough to take part in the filming of the 100th episode of Dawson’s Creek on February 22. Marit told fans in her online diary: “I’m also pleased to tell you that EVERYBODY on the set were such nice, welcoming people. The cast as well as the crew… it seemed so nice being in that kind of a setting day in and day out. They’re all like a big family!” Of course this conflicts with rumors otherwise, especially regarding James Van Der Beek.

M2M To Open For Jewel On Tour

In what might look like an unlikely pairing other than the fact that both are on Atlantic Records, M2M will open for Jewel on a U.S. concert tour that begins June 14 in Tampa and ends July 21 in Austin Texas. M2M’s sophomore album, ‘The Big Room,’ will be released Tuesday by Atlantic. The teen duo has been plagued by lack of airplay on MTV.

Top M2M Searches In December

M2M searches were decent for the month of December with 11,740 searching for the group but no doubt that number will jump when the pair release their album ‘The Big Room’ (Atlantic Records) on March 5. The Norway band’s brunette, Marion Raven, got slightly more searches (212) than her bandmate Marit Larsen who had 150. The pair’s most searched for album is there second and latest, ‘The Big Room’ with 315 searches. The most searched for song is ‘Everything’, with 247 queries.

More On Valentine’s Day From M2M’s Marit Larsen

M2M’s Marit Larsen posted a diary update on her official site yesterday to explain further her thoughts on Valentine’s Day, which isn’t celebrated in her native Norway. Marit said, “It’s so funny, something I thought was just a silly little tradition is being treated like Christmas over there. I kind of like it though. I find it very romantic devoting a day to being nice and letting people know how much you care about them. We take so much for granted, and it’s good to be reminded. Do you know what I mean? I just think it’s sweet. Too sweet… ahh I sound like a hopeless romantic now, don’t I? I’m not. Really. I think?”

Norway Pop Duo Say They Don’t Celebrate Valentine’s

Katrillion spoke with Marion Raven and Marit Larsen of M2M for her thoughts on Valentine’s Day, but Marit explained, “We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day in Norway,” Marit Larsen, 18, said. “We learn about it in English class, like you’ll write your schoolmates Valentine’s cards.” Bandmate Marion added, “We don’t celebrate Halloween either. It’s also American.”