Mams Taylor ‘United For Neda’ Video Ft. Dariush, Satar, Morteza & Friends

Mams Taylor produced and wrote ‘United For Neda’ after the British born artist of Persian descent saw video footage of Neda Agha-Soltan, the young demonstrator shot and killed by the Basji during the Iranian crackdown in June. Taylor brought together Iran’s most elite entertainers, poets, thinkers, actors and singers in one harmonious voice pleading for freedom, featuring three of Iran’s most iconic singers Dariush, Satar and Morteza. If you believe in human rights for Iran and for the world, download the song and share it with your friends. Watch the song’s video below.

Mams Taylor ‘Girl Gotta Girlfriend’ Video

Mams Taylor is out with the music video to his new single ‘Girl Gotta Girlfriend’, featuring Snoop Dogg and Bobby Valentino, off the Los Angeles based multi-genre singer’s debut album ‘Persona Non Grata’, out August 25th. Watch below.

Mams Taylor: Thank You Michael Jackson

Mams Taylor reacted to the death of Michael Jackson on his blog at MySpace (@mamstaylor) on Friday (June 26). The ‘Girl Gotta Girlfriend’ singer writes:

Michael Jackson’s legacy will live as long as there is life in music. Arguably the greatest entertainer in the world. Amazing live shows, so many smash hits! So much talent! An enigma of a man. He was an icon and a legend. The man was a true superstar that left you staring at him in awe if you ever got the chance to see him. He would leave you star struck.

This man touched so many lives through his talent, energy and his art. He contributed to so many good causes and paved the way for many artists. He inspired millions of people including me.

I personally believe our souls or energy can never die so death is not something I mourn. I celebrate his life and will miss his enigmatic energy on our planet in the form of the THE KING OF POP-MICHAEL JACKSON. Thank you for EVERYTHING!!

Mams Taylor Delays Debut Album, Releasing Free Mixtape

Mams Taylor updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@mamstaylor) on Sunday (May 10), giving them the good news that he’s releasing a free mixtape, but the bad news that his debut album ‘Persona Non Grata’ will get pushed back one more time. The British pop rock artist writes:

I’ve recorded over 160 songs!!! So choosing about 14 for my album has been a real challenge!!! Its a great problem to have as the content is so hot but its not easy to choose even with the help of all of my team. So I’ve decided to do a mixtape as a prequel to the album!! Its gonna be a super hot mixtape called “ThE R-EvOlUtiOn oF rUnK” hosted by DJ Skee with loads of features. So the bad news is that my album release date will be pushed back one final time but there will be a free mixtape available to all the members of and all rUnKeRs and RuNksTrEssEs!!! This will be the last time the album release date will change I promise!!

Mams Taylor ‘Persona Non Grata’ EPK

Mams Taylor talks during his EPKMams Taylor is set to release his debut album ‘Persona Non Grata’ on June 16th, and the London based artist is out with an electronic press kit providing a background on his life and music. The disc features T-Pain, Snoop Dogg, Yung Joc, Joel Madden, Robbie Williams, Travis Barker, Dave Navarro, Bobby Valentino, and more.

“I was a DJ from a young age,” Taylor says in the clip. “I had to play to all kinds of different crowds and audiences, so my taste is very diverse.”

Watch the EPK via Taylor’s MySpace below.

Mams Taylor Shoots ‘Girl Gotta Girlfriend’ Video

Mams Taylor checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@mamstaylor) on Monday (April 13) with an update on his first single. Taylor writes:

Hey everyone. Exciting times!! So my first official single is gonna be “Girl Gotta Girlfriend” It’s featuring Snoop and Bobby V and I have just finished shooting the first day of the video! The concept of the song was born 3 years ago and out of nowhere my good friend and super producer Benny Cassette produced an amazing track around the concept… I re wrote my verses, Bobby and Snoop did their thing and bang we have a sexy smooth summer song that should be a smash God willing!

The video is sexy with a rock star edge to it as always. It should be released and on radio within the next few weeks and the video will be out roughly the same time. Hope you all like it!!