Mandy Moore Denies Split

Mandy Moore responded to rumors apparently started in Movieline magazine that she and Wilmer Valderrama broke up saying on her official site’s message board, “I am sorry to deny the rumor, but Wilmer and I still very much together. I am a happy girl!!”

Mandy Moore Denies ’17’ About Sex

October 6, 2001 – Mandy Moore addressed concerns that ’17’ is about sex on her official site’s message board and also continued her ‘brown dog’ inside joke saying, ” To me, ’17’ is NOT about sex. It’s about growing up and realizing it is time to make decisions responsibly. Hey, take from it what you will, and it’s brown dog’s favorite song so calm down.”

Mandy Moore Records Anti-Hate Commercial

The Arab American Institute reports Mandy Moore has recorded a 30 second public service radio spot that urges against hatred against Muslims and Arabs.

In the ad, Moore states, “We all know America is going through some rough times, but that’s no reason to hate people who don’t look like you. Discrimination and violence against Arab- and Muslim-Americans is not what this country is all about and will not be tolerated.”

Mandy Moore Loves Her Fans

September 23, 2001 – Mandy thanked fans for sticking up for her on her official site message board and talked about how while she posts on her board which is rare compared to her peers, she understands Britney Spears and *NSYNC don’t have the time she might have. Read on for her comments.

You guys are so sweet! I am glad you enjoy my lil posts (as stupid as some of them are). I think other artists are unable to post because of their schedules (Britney and *NSYNC are superstars and have so many demands for their time). I am fortunate enough to have the time to say hi and chat every now and then (hey-it’s entertainment for me).

Mandy Moore Safe At Home

September 23, 2001 – Mandy again posted about how she’s happy to be home and how she’s adjusting since what happened September 11. Mandy had been depressed but also inspired and proud to be an American. Read on for her comments.

As Dorthy once said, “There’s no place like home” and that is just what i am doing, taking some time with my whole family in Orlando. It is nice to catch up with friends and on sleep. It is just such an odd time I don’t quite know what to say. I’ve been praying and will continue to do so for all of you and your loved ones. I am so proud to be an American….it’s weird how none of us really would have said those words to each other a few weeks ago. Why would we, you know? But geeez, we are truly privileged kids to have grown up in our country. The past couple days (especially in the beginning) I have been kinda depressed. What is truly important?? But I thank you for keeping the momentum of what i love to do alive. Not to over dramatize, but this whole series of events puts everything in perspective. Well, switching subjects before I run….. I hope anyone in Orlando reading this will participate in the LIGHT THE NIGHT Walk for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society today. It’s at Lockhaven Park and i think it starts at 4, weather permitting (it’s pouring at my house right now). Well I am gonna go, but just know I am here for all of you!!

Mandy Moore’s Pee Pee Problems

Mandy Moore talked on her official site’s message board about her puppy Oliver saying, “He is the sweetest thing ever. He does sleep with me every night (or my parents) but he doesn’t travel with us overseas (he can’t). He is being a bad boy at home right now (he can’t seem to find his wee-wee pad to use when he has to go the bathroom). Hehe.”

Drowning Pool’s Dave Williams Prefers Mandy Moore

September 22, 2001 – During an online interview with, Drowning Pool’s Dave Williams responded to whether he liked Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera better by saying Britney, but added “I like Mandy Moore better than any of them.”

Mandy Says She Doesn’t Think Pop Is Dying Out

September 21, 2001 – Mandy Moore commented on the outlook for pop music on her message boards saying, “I don’t think pop is dying out, but it is changing. we are growing up (pop consumers) and refuse the be fed the same rehashed stuff anymore.”

As for her personal goals and selling music, Mandy is realistic saying, “I DON’T care how many albums are sold. It is nice to have a lil plaque on the wall, but it’s better to see people enjoying the music. I realize I am never gonna be the superstar artist who sells 2 million the first week and I am more than OK with that.”

Top Mandy Moore Search Queries

Nearly 47,839 searches in August for search engine (Soon to be renamed to were for the term ‘Mandy Moore’. Despite her current age of 17, again ‘Mandy Moore nude’ is #2 on the list with 10,701 searches as is typical with the young female teen pop stars. “Mandy Moore lyrics” received 7,363, while ‘Crush’ was her most searched for song.

Mandy Moore Sounds Off On Children Being Taught Terror

September 20, 2001 – Mandy was asked on her message board, ‘How should you react to those children been raised from Middle-Eastern countries by their parents to become suicidal fighters, I mean they grow up and believe that one day they can die for their country proudly, do you feel anger, hate, sympathy, sadness?’

Mandy responded saying:

I don’t know how to react to anything about this situation but through anger and mostly sadness. how can you stop parents from raising their children in a way that they think brings them closer to god by putting the emphasis on killing and torturing??

People are always gonna have their opinions on what is right and what is wrong. heck, we still have people in our very country discriminating against race or sexual preference. and that is what has happened to our country, they have such hatred, such jealously towards that US that in their minds, killing is a way of showing honor to their country and to god. how sick is that? but sadly, it is how people are raised and who can stop that? it will always be present….

Mandy Moore To Co-Host MTV Asia Awards

September 16, 2001 – Mandy Moore has been confirmed as a co-host for the first ever MTV Asia Awards on Feb 2 2002 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Mandy responded to the news by posting on her message board, “I am soooooo excited!!! yeah!!!”

Mandy Moore Answers Critic on Dress, Not Writing Music

Mandy Moore challenged a poster who complained about how she dressed like a 20 year old and how she doesn’t write her own music. Mandy responded, “I am brave in my opinion. I have broken my own mold. I have made an album that no on expected from me and gone away from the stereotyped ‘bubblegum’ pop sound.”

Read on for the full comments.

I am not a saint and nor does anyone treat this forum as if I am. I admit it’s a bit silly, but come on…. I didn’t create this website. Please do a little research before you post. I have ventured into writing my own music (on the album #13) and there is more to come in the future. But to say that someone is not their own artist just because they don’t pen their own music is stupid: I love Faith Hill and she doesn’t write her own music. Does that make her any less credible? No. I am brave in my opinion. I have broken my own mold. I have made an album that no on expected from me and gone away from the stereotyped “bubblegum” pop sound. I travel with a 7 piece band and chosen not to have choreography present during my shows (leave it to those who like it and are good at it). But most of all I have been allowed and fought to be myself throughout the past 2 1/2 years. I am 17 and dress my age, which isn’t really a big deal… even though clothing is always a huge topic of convo. I think you may have others in mind when you say I dress like I am “20 something”. hehe…. it’s all good and you are entitled to your own opinion. So thanks for sharing it…..

Mandy Moore Comments on Cancelled Chats

Mandy Moore was criticized by a message board fan about cancelling her scheduled chat on MSN. Mandy was hurt by the comments saying, “I just don’t understand how you could respect and admire my efforts and than slam me for being inconsiderate and unkind in the same sentence?”

Read on for her full comments.

first of all Diana, sweetie, I read your whole post….. well, everyone’s post for that matter. I just don’t understand how you could respect and admire my efforts and than slam me for being inconsiderate and unkind in the same sentence?? I have to say, no offense, but your post REALLY hurt me. I am not saying this to have others posts and stick up for me, because as much as I appreciate it…. I am a big girl and can stand alone with my opinions. I am SO SORRY the chat was cancelled. I really have nothing to do with my schedule…. if I did, believe me some things would be on and others would be off. I am sitting around my house with nothing much to do right now, very depressed. There is nothing I want more than to chat with some of my friends and help lift our spirits right now!!! But on the other hand, I don’t think that this particular moment is the appropriate time to have a chat. But, I promise it will be rescheduled very soon….. and it will go on for real. But the thing that hurt/offended me the most is the fact that you are such a fan of the music (thank you by the way), yet you imply that I am inconsiderate and don’t care or even acknowledge the people who have brought and kept me here (YOU GUYS)!!! I am grateful for everything you guys have helped me accomplished and am always on here to thank you as soon as a I can (Ex: TRL). I don’t just care about my boyfriend and family…. for if I did, I don’t know if I would be here today. People can see through a personality like that. The reason I responded to this post is for the following: I don’t want you or anyone else whom might have the same opinions and feelings you have expressed upset with me for something that I know is untrue. YOUR support means a lot to me and PLEASE know that I would never undermine your efforts!!!!! You are right: without you and many others…. I would be NOTHING — I know this and live by it!! Please reconsider you pledge of support!!

ps: don’t say you can’t make friends….you seem very sweet and have a lot to offer. you can’t expect to be friends with those who don’t respect you. You will find those you feel comfy with in due time. Don’t stress sweetie…..

Mandy Moore’s Message Board Comments on Terrorist Acts

September 16, 2001 – Mandy Moore has been actively posting on her message boards the past several days as she’s been stuck in Los Angeles following the tragic terrorist attacks Tuesday that have brought air travel to chaos. Read on for her messages.

Mandy tells fans:

a quick note-
in this time of chaos in our country i send my thoughts, love, prayers, and condolences to everyone, especially those who have unfairly perished due to this tragedy. please be safe and know i am praying for you.

My dad works for American Airlines actually (one of the airlines involved with the tragedy). He was not working today, thankfully. I am just so shocked. We’ve had the TV on all day, and I just don’t know what to say. how could something like this happen to our country? How could other parts of the world celebrate our loss?? It’s all sooo puzzling.

As of right now, the European promo trip has been cancelled. It will be rescheduled, but I am not sure when. I am so sorry, but I am sure you understand.

I am going to try to donate some blood this weekend. it’s the scariest thing in the world to me (I am freaked over needles and shots), but anything I can do to help.

I wasn’t scheduled to be home for this long. I am in LA at the moment. My mom and I would love to be home in Orlando with my whole family right now, but I guess we are sorta stuck here for awhile. I know there are many families around the country that are waiting o be reunited…… this is just so depressing.