Ian Carey ‘Let Loose’ Video Ft. Mandy Ventrice (Club Mix)

Ian Carey is out with the video to the club mix of his new single ‘Let Loose’, featuring vocals from Mandy Ventrice. “She’s a really good pop on key vocalist, she’s signing deal at the moment with a big label so you will be seeing her in the near future as a solo artist but I’ve done something with her and that will be the next single,” Carey told Biggie.co.nz. Watch it via YouTube below.

Hello Kitty Hello World’ Album Out October 7th

Mandy Ventrice blogged on her MySpace (@mandyventrice) about her track on the new album ‘Hello World’, the first-ever full-length Hello Kitty album in the USA coming out October 7th at Wal-Mart. Mandy writes:

A while back I recorded a song for Hello Kitty’s first full length album, HELLO WORLD, also featuring songs by KeKe Palmer and Cori Yarckin. Long story short…I totally forgot about it, and I just happened to stumble across their MySpace. Low and behold, they are releasing the album October 7th!

You can check out the song on their official MySpace; the track is called Hello Kitty (go figure), and it was written/produced by some wonderful friends of mine!

Listen to Mandy’s track ‘Hello Kitty’, Cori Yarckin’s ‘Do Ya Wanna’, and KeKe Palmer’s ‘Come On Come On’ at myspace.com/hellokittyalbum.

Mandy Ventrice Begins Work On New Material

Mandy Ventrice checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace on Tuesday (August 5). The pop singer and songwriter tells readers:

I am hesitant to report that I have started on some new material. And as of right now, it’s starting to resemble the ‘Cupcake’ phenom. My latest creation is titled, ‘Cheap Red Lipstick’, and if it doesn’t sound like sh** when I finish it, I will post it on the ‘space – actually, I’ll probably post it even if it does sound like sh**.

Tomorrow is the Lights Resolve show in the NY-swizzle at the Knitting Factory. I will be wearing some new slick pants and boots for my nine second performance. Perhaps, I should start a petition asking Lights Resolve to give me more stage time. What do ya say?

The post and pictures of Mandy with “Mister Boots” has since been removed.

Mandy Ventrice ‘Look At Her’ Audio

Mandy Ventrice checked in with fans with a bulletin to her MySpace friends (@mandyventrice) on Saturday (August 18). She writes:

For the past few months I have been writing with an old friend/producer by the name of Louis Bell aka Lu Balz. I wanted to post our latest collaboration that we wrote with a young artist named Krista. Go to my page and check out the first song in my player titled ‘Look At Her’. let me know what you think of it so far!