Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony’s Private Plane Rider

The New York Post hears that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony requested white flowers, a dozen raw eggs and miniature M&Ms on their private JetOne plane to the Super Bowl in Miami.

Ojani Noa Promises Jennifer Lopez Tell-All Won’t Tell All

January 30, 2007 – Jennifer’s ex-husband Ojani Noa tells The New York Daily News reports the tell-all book he hopes to publish wouldn’t spill sex secrets or trash the diva, but would be “my story … of meeting her, being in love … and the pain” of her alleged cheating.

Jennifer Lopez: My Dad Is A Scientologist

January 28, 2007 – South Florida’s NBC6 caught up with Jennifer, where the diva revealed her connection to the Church of Scientology. “I, myself, am Catholic,” J.Lo responded when asked what she thought about the negative perception some people have about Scientology. “But it’s just sad that people would look at it (Scientology) in that way. My dad [David Lopez] has been a Scientologist for 20 years. It’s weird people want to paint it in a negative way.” Video at has since been removed.

No Movie With Tom Cruise In Jennifer Lopez’s Future

January 27, 2007 – ‘Extra’ caught up with Jennifer and asked the diva if it is true she’ll star alongside her superstar friend Tom Cruise in a new film. “No, that’s not true,” she said. “We’re just friends; he’s really good friends with Marc.” But is there truth to the rumors she’s helping former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham and hubby David find a house in Los Angeles. “No, they’re moving to L.A., that’s for sure,” Jennifer laughed. “But they’re finding their own house.”

J.Lo And Marc Anthony To Perform On Super Bowl Eve

January 26, 2007 – ‘Access Hollywood’ reports Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony are set to perform during Ocean Drive’s Super XLI gala, the evening before the NFL’s championship game. Two thousand celebrities, athletes and VIPs are expected for the February 3rd event outside the Sprint Style Villa in Miami.

J.Lo Not Turning To Scientology, Spokeswoman Insists

January 23, 2007 – Jennifer Lopez’s spokeswoman Leslie Sloane Zelnick insisted to The New York Daily News that there’s no truth to gossip that she has converted from Catholicism to Scientology. “Jennifer is not a Scientologist,” Zelnick told the Daily News. Asked if Lopez were converting, she said, “Not as far as I’ve been told. No.” Zelnick added that Lopez socializes with friends like noted Scientologists Tom Cruise, Katie Homes and Leah Remini because “these are people that she likes and admires. It doesn’t mean anything more or anything less.”

Jennifer Lopez Visits LA’s KIIS FM

Jennifer Lopez 'Que Hiciste'

January 17, 2007 – Jennifer stopped by 102.7 KIIS FM in Los Angeles on Wednesday (January 17) to talk with Ryan Seacrest about her new MTV reality show ‘DanceLife’, partying with Prince after the Golden Globes, her new Spanish single ‘Que Hiciste’ and album ‘Como Ama Una Mujer’, how life is with husband Marc Anthony, and more. The interview audio at has since been removed.

Diddy: I Cheated On J.Lo With Kim Porter

Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs tells Power 105.1 radio host Egypt he wasn’t faithful to Jennifer Lopez when the pair were dating. “I cheated on her with Kim,” he said, referring to his current pregnant girlfriend, Kim Porter. “It wasn’t cheating to me.” He added, “[Jennifer] did her thing on some things too, now.”

Jennifer Lopez Talks With ‘Access Hollywood’

October 16, 2006 – Jennifer spoke with ‘Access Hollywood’ co-host Billy Bush about her attempts to get pregnant, why she’s avoided publicity lately, and co-starring in ‘El Cantante’ with her husband Marc Anthony. has since removed the video.

J.Lo And Marc On ‘RTL Boulevard’

September 1, 2006 – ‘RTL Boulevard’ profiled Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony, where Marc remarked, “When we’re on stage together, it’s the only time I get to be the boss.” J.Lo joked about how she “must have had about 20 babies by now” based on all the gossip. Afterwards, there was a panel discussion, in Dutch. The video clip at has since been removed.

Jennifer Lopez Wants Two Kids

September 21, 2006 – Jennifer is trying fertility treatment in a bid to have two children, according to a fellow patient at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. “Jennifer said she wanted to have two children,” the source told The Sun. “She said she’d recently started treatment and couldn’t wait to have a family.”

J.Lo Celebrates Grumpy Hubby’s Birthday In Vegas

September 19, 2006 – Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were videotaped in Las Vegas along with friends and family being escorted thru the Venetian Casino from dinner and celebrating Marc’s birthday at Tao Restaurant and Nightclub to their Penthouse Suite, by numerous private and house security. Friendly J.Lo was seen talking to a fan who noticed her during the escort and saying “hi sweetie”, while grumpy Marc was seen drinking a beer and yelling at a passer by who got too close. Footage at requires an account.

J.Lo Says New Spanish Single ‘Que Heciste’ Came From Husband’s Dream

September 13, 2006 – After working on Jennifer Lopez’s new Spanish-language album for the past three years, the diva’s husband Marc Anthony woke her up one spring night with a little bit of inspiration. “Marc woke up and said, ‘I just had the craziest dream,'” Lopez recalled to MTV News. “‘What was the dream?’ And he said, ‘Rocío Dúrcal was in this room and she was saying, “Come here, get in this room right now, listen to this. This song is for Jennifer,” and she was singing a melody.'” It was two weeks after the Spanish ranchera singer died after a long battle with cancer. Read more.

‘Hip-Hop Cop’ Dishes On Jennifer Lopez Night In Jail

‘Hip-Hop cop’ Derrick Parker investigated the city’s most infamous rap-related shootings during his 20-year career with the NYPD. In a New York Daily exclusive, an excerpt of his upcoming tell-all – ‘Notorious C.O.P.: The Inside Story of the Tupac, Biggie, and Jam Master Jay – Investigations from the NYPD’s First ‘Hip-Hop Cop” details the stunning night in 1999 when Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and Jennifer Lopez were arrested after three people were wounded during a shootout in a midtown club.

Does J.Lo Use Voodoo Against Her Men?

July 6, 2006 – Ojani Noa claimed in a deposition last month that former wife Jennifer Lopez cast “voodoo” spells on him and other lovers. After their marriage ended, “She was doing bad things to a lot of people,” Noa alleged. “She was doing all this religious bullsh** … to me, to [second husband] Cris [Judd], to Puffy [Combs], to [current husband Marc] Anthony.”

J.Lo & Marc #5 Power Couple

July 4, 2006 – People magazine’s Senior Editor Galina Espinoza spoke with ‘Extra’ about their top five most powerful couples. Coming in at number five is super couple Marc Anthony and Jennifer. “They have not only their shared heritage that bonds them together, but also their shared ambition,” Galina said.

J.Lo Tell-All Book Halted

July 1, 2006 – Ojani Noa has agreed to a preliminary injunction to stop him from publishing a tell-all book about ex-wife Jennifer Lopez. Ojani’s announcement prompted the cancellation of Friday’s scheduled court hearing about the matter. Read more, including the preliminary injunction, from

Guilty In J.Lo Video Extort

June 30, 2006 – The New York Daily News reports Steven Wortman, a retired postal worker accused of trying to extort $1 million from Jennifer Lopez and her husband Marc Anthony pleaded guilty yesterday to attempted grand larceny, but was only sentenced to three years’ probation and no jail time.

J.Lo Performs At Gay Pride Event

June 26, 2006 – Jennifer Lopez was the special surprise performer at the New York City Gay Pride pier dance last night, performing a medley of her biggest hits. “It was incredible,” one partygoer tells

Is J.Lo Being Lured Into Scientology By Leah Remini?

June 26, 2006 – Sources close to Jennifer Lopez are suspicious that the diva has been hanging out lately with actress Leah Remini, a lifelong member of the Church of Scientology. “No one really gets this sudden close friendship,” a source told Star magazine. “You have to wonder if discussions of Scientology accompany their frequent coffee clutches.”

Jennifer Lopez’s Secret Pregnancy Surgery

June 16, 2006 – The National Enquirer reports Jennifer has undergone secret fertility surgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles in a last-ditch effort to have a baby with hubby Marc Anthony. “The procedure involved the introduction of a laparoscope into J.Lo’s abdomen through a small hole near the belly button, for the purpose of taking a close look at the ovaries, fallopian tubes and other organs for adhesions or possible malformations,” an insider revealed. Read more.

Plea Deal For J.Lo And Marc’s Wedding Video Scammer

June 15, 2006 – The New York Daily News reports Tito Moses, 31, of Newark, New Jersey cut a deal in Manhattan Supreme Court that will send him to prison for up to three years for attempting to scam Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony into buying back their stolen wedding video for $1 million.

Marc Anthony Lashes Out At Paparazzi

June 13, 2006 – The New York Daily News reports Marc Anthony got into a scuffle with photographers on Tuesday night for getting too close to his wife Jennifer Lopez. “One photographer shoved Marc as he was trying to break through the crowd to get the photo,” a witness at the Women in Film Awards in Century City revealed. That prompted Anthony to yell, “Don’t ever push me again, and step back! Step back away from them,” according to the source.

Are Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony Going To Adopt?

A friend of Jennifer Lopez tells Star magazine that past fertility problems are prompting Jennifer Lopez and hubby Marc Anthony to consider adoption. “They may adopt,” the pal revealed. “She’s been trying to get pregnant with Marc’s baby for te last year with no luck. The older she gets, the more the deck is stacked against her having her own biological children.”

Jennifer Lopez Consults Hubby On Sweetface Collection

February 18, 2006 – Us Weekly spoke with Jennifer about her latest Sweetface collection, and if hubby Marc Anthony played a part in the designs. “He has a great sense of style, so I would run everything by him,” Lopez said. “But the design team is the one who has to take all the credit for this collection and its beauty.”

Jennifer Lopez’s Double Duty

February 15, 2006 – While on the set of her new film ‘El Cantante’, Jennifer pulled double duty using her break time to play fashion designer for her Sweetface fashion line. “I have a great team,” Lopez insisted to ‘Extra’. “They were sending me sketches, sending me stuff all during the whole film.”

Sarah Aloud Sets Her Sights On Jennifer Lopez’s Ex

February 12, 2006 – The People reports that Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding has dumped Calum Best for Jennifer’s ex-hubby Cris Judd. The pair hit it off at the launch of London club Paper before swapping phone numbers. Later, Harding got into an argument with Best at another club. “Finally, he got the message,” a source said.

Was Jennifer Lopez Loading Up On Baby Girl Clothing?

February 7, 2006 – A source tells Jeannette Walls of that Jennifer was loading up on clothing for a baby girl in Los Angeles last month, prompting renewed speculation she’s expecting her first child with hubby Marc Anthony. “She had Petit Tresor closed down for a while, and she came with some woman, maybe a relative or an assistant, entered through a back entrance, and bought thousands of dollars worth of things for a baby girl,” squealed the source. Read more.

Jennifer & Marc’s Dream Shoot In Puerto Rico

February 3, 2006 – Marc Anthony and Jennifer invited ‘Access Hollywood’ correspondent Maria Menounos down to Puerto Rico, the latest location the couple are filming ‘El Cantante’. Jennifer plays the role of salsa legend Hector Lavoe wife, Pucci, and the role is so dramatic that ‘El Cantante’ director Leon Ichaso revealed that Jennifer was actually injured in one heated scene.

Jennifer Lopez: I’m Not Pregnant

January 24, 2006 – ‘Access Hollywood’ spoke with Jennifer and asked the diva if she was expecting her first child with hubby Marc Anthony. “They force you to ask those questions, don’t they,” Jennifer smiled. “They do. They are, like, don’t come back without asking the baby question.” But J.Lo’s answer was a resounding – not pregnant.

J.Lo Finally Talks About Marc Anthony On ‘The Tonight Show’

Jennifer Lopez 2006Jennifer Lopez dropped by ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on Monday to promote the new UPN show ‘South Beach’ that she is executive producing. J.Lo also opened up about her reclusive husband Marc Anthony for the first time since their marriage, perhaps realizing her secretive marriage to the non-high profile singer hasn’t done wonders for her career. Read on for a rough transcript.

Jay: Welcome back, everybody. My first guest is one of the biggest movie and recording stars in the world. Also executive producing the new tv show for UPN, called “South Beach,” airs Wednesday nights at 8:00. Please welcome Jennifer Lopez.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Hey, thanks for coming.

Jennifer: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for having me.

Jay: I haven’t seen you in awhile. How is your new year going so far? Is everything cool?

Jennifer: New year’s is good. Yeah, we’re off to a good start. We’re filming the movie. Yeah.

Jay: Did you take time off for the holidays?

Jennifer: Yeah, I did. Yeah.

Jay: Oh, cool. Well, there you go. You’re keeping it —

Jennifer: I was with my family in new york over the holidays for Christmas, and then new year’s we had a little party which was kind of funny.

Jay: Okay, what happened at the party?

Jennifer: It wasn’t like a big party or anything. It was a small party with a few friends and family and stuff. But I have this one friend who is, like, very religious and everything. Know what I mean? Some of my friends are just regular, you know. No, not regular — I mean, like, not so religious. She’s like really, really religious. Listen, wait —

Jay: Now, hold on. Can you dig yourself out of this?

Jennifer: Just semi.

Jay: Just semi. More religious than regular people.

Jennifer: But not all — the point is, we’re there and hanging out. And, you know, your friends — I don’t drink, but my friends do.

Jay: Right.

Jennifer: And sometimes when there’s drinking, you know, people get loose and whatever.

Jay: Sure. They start cursing and stuff like that. Right? So, my friend, who is very religious, is like, “you know, you guys. You shouldn’t curse so much.” You know?

[ Light laughter ] And we’re like — I said, “I think you’re in the wrong house. But right now, not the right place.” It was funny. Because then we started doing karaoke. Do you guys do karaoke at all?

[ Cheers and applause

Jay: Sure, yeah.

Jennifer: No, karaoke can be fun. Especially when other people are drinking.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: Yeah, exactly.

Jennifer: Nobody really wants to do karaoke at first, you know? But then once everybody starts, then everybody starts getting into it. And so, you know, after a few glasses of wine my one friend, who is really religious —

Jay: Religious.

Jennifer: Yeah. Just gets up and grabs — and she, like, goes from “don’t curse,” to getting up, grabbing the mic, and just dirty dancing.

Jennifer Lopez Pregnant?

A source tells Jeannette Walls of that Jennifer Lopez and hubby Marc Anthony have been doing “tons of shopping” for baby clothes lately. “He was at Fred Segal [on Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles] last week and bought a Guys Infant Gear diaper bag for $120,” a source said. “He said something that made it pretty clear that it wasn’t a gift – that he intended to use it – but I don’t want to repeat it or he’ll know who talked to you.” Read more.

‘Two Months Of Hell’ For J.Lo & Marc Anthony After Theft

January 11, 2006 – A source close to Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony tells Us Weekly that their stolen wedding tape extortion ordeal has resulted in “two months of hell”, before the suspects were nabbed on December 27th. “Marc was worried about other things on the computer too: business contracts, important phone numbers, and private photos of him with Jennifer and their family. Now they’re really to put this behind them.”

Jennifer Lopez Makes Debut As TV Executive Producer

January 11, 2006 – Jennifer makes her debut as a TV Executive Producer with the new show, ‘South Beach’, on UPN. “South Beach is a great backdrop,” Lopez tells ‘Extra’. “It’s very colorful, there’s a rich mix of cultures down there. I love the feeling that almost anything can happen.”

No Perfume Ad Kissing Allowed For Marc Anthony’s Wife

January 5, 2006 – A source tells In Touch magazine that Marc Anthony had a kissing scene cut from Jennifer Lopez’s new perfume advertisement, jealous at the thought of another man smooching his wife. “Marc’s the jealous type,” the insider said. “Even though he wasn’t the director of the project, he suggested to Jennifer that the kiss was a distraction, and she agreed.”

French Director Clashes With Jennifer Lopez & Gets Canned

January 5, 2006 – French video director Jean Baptiste Mondino pushed all the wrong buttons after being hired by Jennifer to shoot a TV commercial for her Live fragrance several months ago. “They butted heads from day one, and then they refused to speak to one another,” a source tells The New York Post. The final straw came when J.Lo overheard Mondino make a nasty remark about her. After telling Modino to get out, the source added that “J.Lo took over the shoot and directed the job herself with a friend.”

Marc Anthony Rejecting J.Lo’s Desire For A Baby

Star magazine reports that while Jennifer Lopez longs to have a baby, her hubby Marc Anthony, already a father of three, doesn’t want any more children. “Marc says that with his career and his existing kids, he can’t devote time to a new baby right now, and that can’t make Jennifer happy,” a source revealed. A friend of the couple says the issue must be especially stressful given that “Jennifer has a strong mothering instinct. Having a baby would mean more to her than winning a Grammy or an Oscar.”

J.Lo Poses For Picture With Fans In New York City

December 8, 2005 – Jennifer Lopez posed with fans in New York City on Wednesday (December 7). No one seemed to care about her husband Marc Anthony, but when he was approached by female fan and seemed to flirt with her, J.Lo stopped posing with the fans and hustled into a limo. have since removed the video.

Are Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lopez In W Hotels’ Dog House?

The New York Daily News hears that Jennifer Lopez and hubby Marc Anthony were dis-invited from W Hotels’ swanky Fashion Week kickoff soiree on September 6th, with many speculating that a report that Anthony stunned the hotel’s staffers by scrawling “Fu** you” when they asked him to doodle on a canvas to be auctioned for charity on during Fashion Week. Lopez’s rep responded, “She was invited, the invite is here on my desk. I have not been able to confirm her either way.”

Jennifer Lopez Attends Marc Anthony’s Tour Opener In Houston

Jennifer Lopez looked on in the audience as husband Marc Anthony performed with Alejandro Fernandez and Chayanne, kicking off their U.S. Tour in Houston, Texas on Wednesday (August 17) at the Toyota Center. Check out pictures from WireImage.

J.Lo Shops On Melrose

August 12, 2005 – Jennifer Lopez rounded off a huge shopping trip at Maxfield on Melrose Avenue on August 6th with lunch at The Ivy restaurant in Beverly Hills, California.