Marc Anthony’s Innocence Is Proven

According to the New York Daily News, a DNA test has proven that Latin crooner Marc Anthony is not the father of a two-month-old baby as claimed by the infant’s mother. Back in July, a 21-year-old, Miami-based waitress told the Puerto Rican newspaper El Nuevo Dia that the married Anthony was the dad to her unborn child. After the baby was born, she wanted a paternity test, which proved he was not the father.

Marc Anthony’s Wife Files For Divorce

The Associated Press reports former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres wants a divorce from Latin music singer Marc Anthony, according to court documents. Torres filed a petition for dissolution of marriage with children on Jan. 20 in Miami-Dade Circuit Court under Dayanara Torres Muniz. Anthony’s real name is Marco Antonio Muniz.

Marc Anthony Splits Up With His Wife Again

Liz Smith of The New York Post reports people close to Marc Anthony insist that he and former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres have again separated. The couple, who have two children, called it quits a couple of years ago, then reconciled with a spectacular renewal of their wedding vows. Marc’s manager is on maternity leave, and those left in charge wouldn’t respond to the rumors.

Marc Anthony Expecting A Second Child

Just months after Marc Anthony and his wife, Dayanara reconciled their marriage, the New York Daily News reports the couple expecting their second child, due in the fall. Their first, Cristian, is 2.

Marc Anthony And Dayanara Reconcile

The New York Daily News reports that three months after announcing they’d separated, Marc Anthony and his wife, Dayanara, are back together and determined to stay that way. The singer recently summoned his band members, friends and family to a private dining room of Barca, the restaurant his brother, Bigram, just opened on Thompson St. to make the “big announcement” and that they would they will renew their vows in a grand wedding. With this news, he reportedly has scrapped plans to star with ex-lover Jennifer Lopez in a movie about salsa legend Hector Lavoe.

Marc Anthony Fumes Over ‘Latin Explosion’ Tag

Doug Elfman of the Las Vegas Review Journal spoke with New York native Marc Anthony about his disgust for being grouped in the “Latin explosion.” Anthony fumed, “When the hell does race or religion play a card in what you do artistically? Do you think I have talent or not?” He added, “It’s socially significant music. And you’re gonna tell me (Martin’s) ‘She’s All I Ever Had’ is Latin music? And (Lopez’s) ‘If You Had My Love’ is Latin music? I was just going bonkers.”

While J.Lo and Ricky don’t seem to have a problem with it, Anthony sighed, “Everybody else was cool with it, (saying), ‘It’s our time.’ Who’s time is it? I was born in New York. It was always my time.” The story at has since been removed.

Marc Anthony Explains Separation With Dayanara Torres

A transcript and video clip of Marc Anthony’s interview with Access Hollywood host Nancy O’Dell has been posted. Commenting on his separation from wife Dayanara Torres, Anthony said, “We’re all right. We’ve always been all right. First and foremost, I know there has been so much speculation and I just want to say that we’re really good friends and I genuinely love her and she genuinely loves me. But sometimes what happens is, you know, you think you’re fine — you really do think you’re fine. But then in reality while we were separated we realized that we had a lot to work on. That’s where we’re at. We just absolutely adore each other. There’s no question about it. She e-mails me all the time and sends me pictures of the baby. I’m constantly calling and checking up on them and that’s the way it’s going to be.”

Marc Anthony’s Marriage Ends… Opens Door For J.Lo?

Rush & Molloy of the New York Daily News talked with a source close to Dayanara Torres and Marc Anthony following the split of the married couple. Friends say she wanted out because she found it difficult being ‘Mrs. Marc Anthony’ and she refused to compete with his career. “They realized they had different personalities,” said a source. Now that both Anthony and Jennifer Lopez have ended their marriages, gossipers will be keeping a close eye on the two, who have had romantic ties in the past, if negotiations come through and they star in a movie about salsa legend Hector Lavoe together.

Jennifer Lopez In Flap Over ‘Enough’ PSA

July 2, 2002 – Marc Morano of reports Jennifer has landed herself into a bit of a controversy after her recent public service announcement (PSA) to promote an environmental cause is also seems to be a “transparent” effort to promote her movie ‘Enough’. The PSA is running in magazines and features a photo of Lopez and the word ‘Enough’. Colby May, who practices law before the Federal Communications Commission, said while the PSA isn’t illegal it is “a pretty transparent self-promotion in the guise of a public service announcement.”

Fans Say J.Lo And Britney Spears Need New Loves

July 1, 2002 – According to a TV Guide poll, a majority of fans don’t want Jennifer Lopez to reunite with former boyfriend Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs or see Britney Spears get back together with *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake.

Sports Stars Shares Their Jennifer Lopez Come-Ons

July 1, 2002 – Following news of Jennifer’s break-up with hubby Cris Judd, ESPN magazine spoke with some sports stars on what their come-on would be with J.Lo – a couple not exactly complimentary. LA Clippers star Jeff McInnis said, “I’d mack her as hard as I could. But she did my man Puffy wrong, and look at what she just did to this new guy. She’s like a dude. I’d be her friend – she knows a lot of women. Maybe she could hook me up.”

Things were much less kind from Florida Marlin Ryan Dempster. “I can’t stand her,” he fumed. “I think she’s fake. That marriage was a scam. It was just so she could distance herself from Puffy. So my best pick-up line would be a put-down.”

Marc Anthony & Lance Bass Getting Snooty?

The New York Post reports Marc Anthony arrived at New York nightclub Pangaea with *NSYNC’s Lance Bass and Erin Crosby at 3:45 a.m. and had promised to sign autographs. When Anthony was offered free champagne for the fans, Anthony scoffed, “Don’t waste it on this crowd. Give them beer.”