Marc Terenzi ‘Heat Between The Sheets’ Video

Marc Terenzi 'Heat Between The Sheets' single cover

Former Natural star Marc Terenzi is out with the music video to his new single ‘Heat Between The Sheets’. Watch the video online at YouTube.

Sarah Connor And Marc Terenzi Marry Quietly In Germany reports Sarah Connor and Marc Terenzi of Natural quietly married in Sarah’s hometown of Delmenhorst, where only their closest family circle were aware of the hush-hush nuptials. “I hope nobody takes it badly that I wanted to spend this day with my closest family circle,” Sarah said. Meanwhile, the young married couple is again in Orlando, Florida, where they recently purchased a small home to raise their son Tyler.

Marc Terenzi Says ‘You Never Know’ Re: Britney Rumors

Natural’s Marc Terenzi is milking all the publicity he can over a report he’s dating Britney Spears. Marc told Extra TV yesterday, “I think it’s interesting. I don’t know where they came from or where they started.” While Britney’s rep denied it and said it was a shameless publicity move, Terenzi said cryptically, “You never know, anything is possible in the music industry. People can figure it out on their own.” The gossip comes conveniently ahead of the band’s new album out September 2nd. Of course if a recent blind item in the New York Post is him and led to be believed, his bid for publicity might have backfired.

Marc Terenzi And Britney Spears Not Dating

Rumors of Natural star Marc Terenzi, 21, hooking up with Britney Spears apparently are the result of a mistranslation with German reporters. Scott Bennett, vice-president of Transcontinental, Natural’s record company, says, “Unfortunately for him, he’s not dating her.”

Terenzi’s Claim Of Dating Spears Is Shameless Publicity

Despite reports in News of the World that had Natural’s Marc Terenzi bragging to reporters that he’s the new man in Britney Spears’ life, her publicist had something different to say about it. The spokeswoman for Spears tells the New YorK Daily News that there’s no romance and that Terenzi is making a shameless play for publicity.

Natural’s Terenzi With Spears While Aguilera Nabs Timberlake

News of the World reports Natural’s Marc Terenzi has admitted to dating Britney Spears for the past two months, while Britney’s ex Justin Timberlake has been having secret flings with Christina Aguilera. Terenzi said, “I’m dating Britney. We’ve known each other for about five years but I’ve only been seeing her for about two months. She’s always great company and we bonded together as friends.”

Meanwhile, Aguilera reportedly was heard telling a record label boss, “I’ve been seeing Justin, he’s lovely. We’ve been meeting at places you’d never think we’d go to in case anyone sees us.” A source told the tabloid that Britney will be furious upon learning her pop rival is dating her ex. “Britney will be furious Justin’s been out with Christina, whom she really hates,” said the source. “It’s the worst thing he could do to her.”

Michael Of Natural Denies Marc Is Dating Britney

Michael Johnson of Natural checked in with fans on the group’s official website Monday. He talked about their appearances in Germany and how interviewers had been focusing on Marc Terenzi’s rumored romance with Britney Spears. Johnson said, “After the [Viva] show we did interviews, and the only questions were about Marc dating Britney Spears, which, for the record, is NOT true! When we finished the interviews we went out to the barricades to sign autographs. There were about 700 fans outside. I started signing and I was looking down when I heard a crash. I looked up and there was a stampede of girls running at me! They had broken down the barricades. We all sprinted inside really fast and waited until they got the barricades back up – then we tried to go back outside to sign. We had to go back inside though because Security said they couldn’t hold the girls back!”

Marc Terenzi Says Natural Can’t Wait To Return Home

Marc Terenzi of Natural posted a diary update on the group’s official website on Thursday, though no mention of his reported romance with Britney Spears. Marc writes from the group’s current tour of Europe, “We miss everyone in the US and can’t wait to see you when we get home. I really want to thank all of you for staying our fans even when you can’t see us all of the time.”