NY Daily News Source: Mariah In UCLA Medical Center Psych Wing

The New York Daily News’ cover story this morning was Mariah Carey’s relapse and sources telling them the singer has been admitted to the large psychiatric wing of the UCLA Medical Center in Westwood.

Carey had been spending the weekend at the exclusive Bacara resort in Santa Barbara.

A source revealed to the Daily News Mariah “May have tried to go back to work too soon. She had been meeting with executives at Virgin Records, and apparently she simply wasn’t ready for that.”

More Mariah Mystery…. Where Is She?

Additional details, or lack thereof, from Cindy from the New York Post as they report the rep saying, “She is resting in an undisclosed location.” When pressed where that could be she said, “She could be in a hotel, on a boat, anywhere. She just needed some time to rest.”

Mariah Cancels 20/20 Interview

Mariah Carey cancelled her 20/20 appearance where she was to be interviewed by Barbara Walters citing a need for more rest.

Walters responded to the news saying, “We were concerned to hear that Ms. Carey would be unable to do the interview at this time, and wish her well.”

J.Lo Sample Stealing Sends Mariah Over The Edge

Mariah Carey 'Loverboy' single cover

The New York Post reports Jennifer Lopez was the reason Mariah was sent over the edge. Mariah had sampled Firecracker by Japan’s Yellow Magic Orchestra when she recorded Loverboy six months ago but freaked after J. Lo released I’m Real with the same sample.

Mariah thought ex-hubby Tommy Mottola was behind the stealing of the sample and passing it off to his Sony prodigy Lopez.

During her interview w/ Allure in June, Carey ripped Lopez responding to writer Vanessa Grigoriadis’ revelation she had interviewed Lopez saying, “I bet that was really intellectually stimulating. I bet you could just see the depth in her eyes.”

As far as Lopez’s claim of being able to get 8 hours of sleep a night, Mariah retorted, “If I had the luxury of not actually having to sing my own songs, I’d do that too.”

J. Lo Reveals Rump Is Real

September 4, 2001 – Jennifer Lopez tells German magazine TV Movie that her infamous backside is the real deal, “I’m a true Latino and that’s just how our bottoms are.”

J. Lo also talked of her relationship with Cris Judd saying it was fate she hooked up with him following her breakup with Puffy. Lopez admits, “Up until now I was always a giver in relationships and now I am taking something back. I’m not putting up with it any more.”

J. Lo Signs On To Latin Grammy Awards

August 28, 2001 – Confirming earlier reports, Jennifer Lopez has now booked herself on the Latin Grammy Awards following the decision to move the show from Miami to Los Angeles.

The Latin Grammys will air Tuesday, Sept. 11 at 9 p.m. Also scheduled for the event are Lou Diamond Phillips, Celia Cruz, Juanes, Luis Miguel, Alejandro Sanz, Thalia and father and son act, Alejandro and Vincent Fernandez.

Beyonce Glad Mariah Doing Better

Beyonce sent her best wishes to Mariah and lamented about the work stars must do nowadays saying, “So many people want so much from you that it’s very hard to find time for yourself. It’s really important to surround yourself with people who love you and tell you when to slow down because it’s so easy to just want to work, work, work.” Beyonce adds, “I’m very happy that Mariah’s doing well.”

Undercover.net: Carey’s Glitter

Mariah Carey 'Glitter' album cover

Hector The Rock Dog reviewed Mariah’s upcoming album ‘Glitter’ and says if the album wasn’t a soundtrack, you’d call it unfocused, “Mariah Carey doesn’t know if she wants to be Barbra Streisand or Missy Elliot. Her success was based initially on taking the Streisand path but somewhere along the journey off she trotted down Missy Elliot Highway.”

Mariah To Sing Aaliyah Dedication At VMAs?

Unconfirmed reports from melt-away.com and Mariah’s official site message boards indicate that Mariah Carey may perform Never Too Far at the Video Music Awards next month in dedication to the fellow singer and actress killed over the weekend.

Still no confirmation from MTV.com about this rumor but this would mark Mariah’s first televised appearance since her breakdown.