Marie Digby Co-Hosts Miss Earth 2010

Marie Digby checked in with her Facebook fans before and after co-hosting the Miss Earth 2010 pageant in Vietnam. The Los Angeles based singer songwriter told readers:

I’m off to Vietnam early in the a.m tomorrow :D butterflies in my stomach.. but ready for this journey! Wish you guys could come with me :) Who’s going to watch Miss Earth this year!? I’m having a bit of trouble finding the right dress… not sure what I’m wearing yet :/ I have a feeling this is going to be a lot of fun :)

Today is the day!! Miss Earth!!! I didn’t get much sleep but this morning I am feeling calm and ready for the storm. I’ll be thinking about all of you guys as I’m filming today

I did it !!!! I made it through hosting Miss Earth 2010 !! HUGE adrenaline rush. My first time EVER hosting anything in my life and I had the most amazing time. Thank you to all who watched, I felt your energy and it inspired me !!! :D

Watch highlights from the show via YouTube below.

Marie Digby Angry After Lilith Fair Artist Damages Her Guitar

Marie Digby checked in with her Twitter followers (@mariedigby) earlier today, angry with another artist for damaging her guitar while on the Lilith Fair stop at the Target Center in Minneapolis on Sunday. The singer songwriter tells readers:

last night was a very tough night. Hard to believe what even happened.. feels like a distant and terrible nightmare…
You know my beloved gibson hummingbird? A fellow artist on tour asked if she could borrow it and play it for her acoustic set..
I of course say ‘yes’.. So she played it and at the end of her set, stood up, and threw my guitar – badly damaging it.. right in front of me
Unimaginable disrespect… That guitar has been with me for years. I wrote my albums on that guitar. traveled the world with it..
I don’t care what the reason was… You just don’t do that to someone.. especially artist to artist. Still trying to cool down from my anger
Luckily, I have the day off today. Going to take it easy…spend time with friends. and try to think happy thoughts. Hope u guys are well :)

Marie Digby Performs ‘L.A (My Home)’

Marie Digby’s latest YouTube video features the singer songwriter performing the original song ‘L.A (my home)’. Describing the song, the 27-year-old writes:

As some of you already know, I was raised in Los Angeles..I’ve been here since I was 2 years old and I’ve met so many people who come in and out of the city from different places, chasing after their dreams. In my late teens and early 20’s I met a lot of aspiring musicians (some of whom became my best friends) but I also had to quickly learn that I’d always end up saying goodbye to them in a matter of years. I have watched some careers sky rocket and many dreams shattered as well.. it’s heartbreaking. But while the others come and go, I always remain here .. because Los Angeles IS my home. I understand the allure of this city and see how cold and cruel it can be as well.. it’s fascinating.

Watch it below.

Marie Digby Covers ‘There Goes My Baby’ By Usher

Marie Digby performed a cover of ‘There Goes My Baby’ by Usher on her YouTube channel. “I am obsessed with this song,” Marie said. “We’re talking obsessed as in I’ve listened to this songs hundreds of times this week alone. Usher’s new album is … kind of… amazing. So many songs I love. This one is definitely my current favorite.” Watch it via YouTube below.

Marie Digby ‘Breathing Underwater’ Making Of

Marie Digby is providing “a tiny peek into the madness, the fun, and the writing of an album”, specifically her recently released second album ‘Breathing Underwater’. “The Japanese album [‘Second Home’] was really really acoustic,” Marie says in the clip. “It was more like my old one. They kind of like imperfections actually in the vocals. There was no Autotune. I don’t know if they even have Autotune. This U.S. record has been just like stacks and stack and stacks of vocals.” Watch it via YouTube below.

Marie Digby Covers ‘Building A Mystery’ By Sarah McLachlan

Marie Digby’s latest cover song is ‘Building A Mystery’ by Sarah McLachlan, done in tribute to the Lilith founder after Marie signed on to report from the 2010 Lilith Tour for ABC. “I will be traveling and reporting from across the country directly from the Lilith Tour,” Digby writes. “Fans will be able to experience Lilith through my home videos from the road as well as my interaction with fans and artists. In addition, I am performing a special acoustic set each night of the tour from the ABC Music Lounge.” The U.S. Lilith Tour kicks off on July 2nd and ends on August 16th. Watch it via YouTube below.

Marie Digby To Be ABC Special Correspondent For 2010 Lilith Tour

Marie Digby checked in with fans on her MySpcae (@mariedigby) on Monday, discussing a new ABC correspondent gig she’s doing as part of the 2010 Lilith Tour. The singer songwriter tells readers:

I am very excited to announce that I will be the special touring correspondent for the 2010 Lilith Tour, for ABC and ABC Music Lounge. I will be traveling and reporting from across the country directly from the Lilith Tour. Fans will be able to experience Lilith through my home videos from the road as well as my interaction with fans and artists. In addition, I am performing a special acoustic set each night of the tour from the ABC Music Lounge.

My newest cover song “Building A Mystery” is a tribute to Lilith founder, Sarah McLachlan. The video is available now on ABC Music Lounge as well as my YouTube page.

The U.S. Lilith Tour kicks off on Friday, July 2 and ends on Monday, August 16. There will be 11 artists on each date, with only two consistencies per show: the Lilith Local Talent Search winner who starts the day and headliner Sarah McLachlan. Visit for more information.

I will post all the dates here today. I can not wait to see everyone out there!!!

Marie Digby Fields Questions From The Fans

Marie Digby answered several questions on her newly created account today. Among them:

What direction would you like your third album to go? Same as ‘Unfold’? ‘Breathing Underwater’? A little of both or something totally different? by georgebui101

I would absolutely love to do an album which still incorporates beats but the instrumentation is all live… I guess it might be somewhere in between my first and second :)

What are the ups and downs (if any) of being racially mixed? And when people meet you for the first time are you classified as a Caucasian person or an Asian person?

Being from Los Angeles, a melting pot of every nationality .. I never thought very much about being racially mixed. But when I started playing music, I realized how much of my identity was my racial background (at least to other people). I have definitely faced some cold truths when it comes to being an Asian-American in the music business.. I’m determined to help pave a path for others and to break through any stereotypes that exist for Asians or mixed artist trying to make it.
When people meet me, I’ve heard it all from.. are you.. Russian, Chinese, Icelandic, Inuit ? :)

Marie Digby Arden B Photo Shoot Behind The Scenes

Marie Digby got to shoot the Spring 2010 campaign for Arden B and posted some behind the scenes footage from the photo shoot. “Hope you guys get a chance to see the pictures which are now up in all Arden B stores nationwide,” Marie writes. Watch it below.

Marie Digby Covers ‘Telephone’ By Lady Gaga

Marie Digby’s latest YouTube cover is ‘Telephone’ by Lady Gaga. She writes, “I have massive respect for Lady Gaga’s musicianship and commitment to her art (and some weird fascination with her penchant for leotards – that I won’t be sporting anytime soon.. ha )… so I thought I’d do a bit of her new song ‘ Telephone ‘. Plus I can relate to the topic right now ;)” Watch it below.