Marie Digby ‘Feel’ Acoustic Performance

Marie Digby recorded some acoustic versions of songs from her second album ‘Breathing Underwater’, posting the ‘Feel’ performance on her YouTube channel. “I hope you guys like this version of the song,” Digby writes. “The new movie project I’m working on will also be titled ‘Feel’… can’t wait to start sharing that with you!! We start shooting this week so I’ll try and post behind the scenes clips.” Watch the video below.

Marie Digby Aims For Bolder Sound With Beats On New Album

Marie Digby checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@mariedigby) on Monday (September 7), just as her second album ‘Breathing Underwater’ got its digital release at The Los Angeles based singer songwriter tells readers:

So I got off the road, came home… and it was time to think about album #2. What did I want to say? What musically, did i want to explore? What was inspirational to me at the moment…

I wasn’t exactly sure how it was supposed to sound but I knew a few things for sure:

It had to be bolder, more confident, and lush….
After performing live, I was craving more music that would make people want to move.

So I had to have rhythm… bass….. I wanted beats…

I was THRILLED with all the possibility…. and then came a flood of doubts.
Wait, is this what my fans want of me? Am I supposed to just stay an acoustic-y, folky, artist my whole career? Is that all that I can do?

Then I started thinking about all the artists that I’ve grown up idolizing…. Portishead, Radiohead, Tori Amos.. The list goes on.. They’ve never been shy of evolving, with each album, they grew and morphed… They challenged me to listen differently, to feel differently.

Now, I may have a long ways to go before I even touch the edge of leaving the mark that these bands have but I don’t see why I shouldn’t strive to walk in that direction…

Like I may have said before in my songs, I, just like anyone else, have insecurities and moments of doubt but … there is one thing I am not, fearful.
Nothing great, nothing life changing or epic comes out of fear….

So while I might have had some worries as to how I would explain to everyone where I was going and why, I knew I had to do it and if I was going to do it, put everything I had into it.

Kind of reminds of the day I decided to leave behind college (despite the advice to do the opposite from all those around me including those who love me the most) to pursue music. It was either the most ridiculous decision or my life or the most important and brilliant.

Marie Digby Facebook Chat

Marie Digby talks about her Facebook chatMarie Digby checked in with fans on her MySpace Video channel, promoting her first ever live webcast on Monday (September 7) at 6PM PST from her Facebook Fan Page, where the singer songwriter will be performing and answering questions from the chat room.

“Hey everyone, don’t miss my live webcast series on Facebook starting on September 7th,” Digby says in the video. “I’ll be performing a few songs and answering questions from you guys, so click the link in the description to RSVP and I’ll see you there.”

The video preview at her MySpace has since been removed.

Marie Digby Gets Copies Of Her New Album ‘Breathing Underwater’

Marie Digby posted video of her first opening the box containing copies of her second album ‘Breathing Underwater’ ahead of its September 7th release on Amazon and 15th everywhere else. “When I was making this album I definitely imagined a black and white cover,” Digby says. “Right from the beginning… I’m so proud of this album, and I just really hope that you guys love it too. I put my heart and soul into it.” Watch the clip via her YouTube channel below.

Marie Digby Covers ‘Sweet Dreams’ By Beyonce

Marie Digby’s latest YouTube cover is the Beyonce Knowles song ‘Sweet Dreams’. “I just saw Beyonce a few weeks ago in concert,” the singer songwriter says. “She BLEW me away!!!!! I went from a fan … to woa…. that’s Beyonce….and no one can deny her talent and passion.. lol This is one of her new songs I’ve fallen in love with. I may or may not do it justice but here’s my little garage band version of the song. hope you like it :)” Watch it via YouTube below.

Marie Digby Discusses Singapore, Philippines & Japan Shows

Marie Digby checked in with fans on her YouTube channel, talking about touring in Singapore on July 28th, the Philippines on August 1st, and Tokyo, Japan on August 8th. “If there’s one thing I learned last year when I was touring in Asia, it’s that I don’t care what it takes. If I have to be rude to the people that I work with and make them wait for me, if I have to be outside for ten hours until I lose my voice and my fingers are falling off, I will stay and thank all of you people, all of you fans, all of you friends for coming out to my show because I so appreciate it and I love you all.” Watch the message below.

Marie Digby Excited To Promote New Album In Asia

Marie Digby updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@mariedigby) on Wednesday (July 8), talking about her visit to Asia on a promo tour for her second album ‘Breathing Underwater’. The 26-year-old writes:

It’s been quite an interesting last few weeks. Right now, I’m scrambling to figure out all the details for my promo trip out in Japan and southeast Asia.

YAY!!!!!!!! Just had to get that out there. I’m very excited

I can’t believe I’m FINALLY making it out to the Philippines !

As of now, I’m playing Singapore on the 28th – The Arena, Manila – Aug 1st (I think the Hard Rock) and Summer Sonic on the 8th in Tokyo. These will be my very very first performances of the music from ‘Breathing Underwater’.

I only have a little time to rehearse and figure out the show but I really hope that I put together something that you all will LOVE !! That’s all I care about, is giving you guys an amazing experience to walk away from…. It’ll be a small configuration of just me, and two other guys.

Marie Digby ‘Breathing Underwater’ Album Release Pushed Back

Marie Digby in Tokyo, Japan (2008)Marie Digby updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@mariedigby) on Sunday (May 17), talking about the status of her second album and the promotional schedule in support of the release. The LA based singer songwriter tells readers:

U.S album release for ‘Breathing Underwater’ has been pushed to July 21st (trust me, I need this extra time !! )

BU will most likely be released in Japan and other Asian territories around June 23rd

We are in the very early stages of planning a trip for me to visit: Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines! But nothing is even close to finalized :/

I will most likely be touring the U.S in the fall.

I have been taking meetings with several managers, have a few whom I love and I’m trying to make a decision asap

Music video treatments for ‘Avalanche’ are just starting to come in and we are aiming to shoot by the end of the month or early June.

Marie Digby Responds To ‘Breathing Underwater’ Album Leak

Marie Digby updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@mariedigby) on Wednesday (April 8), reacting to news that her second English album ‘Breathing Underwater’ was leaked well before its June release date. The singer songwriter tells readers:

If you feel the need to buy the album off of eBay or to download the whole thing for free.. just remember one thing please. I live and breathe music… it is all that I do in life and all that I want to do for the rest of my life. Please know that the one way you can help me continue doing it is by supporting my album. If you can’t afford 8 dollars for an album, then you can always support your favorite artists by even just purchasing a song or two ! If an artist I love had made a new album and it was on the internet, I would probably want it too !! But I would undoubtedly go and buy the album with pride on the date of release as well.. but that’s just me :)