Latest Mario Vazquez ‘Why Did He Leave’ Rumors

The New York Daily News floated a few new rumors as to why Mario Vazquez dropped out of ‘American Idol’. They hear he has a close attachment with a stylist at the Warren-Tricomi salon where the singer once worked briefly as a receptionist, and others claim Tommy Mottola has an interest in signing him. A source close to Mottola denied the gossip and Vazquez’s rep said, “As for the stories of boyfriends at hair salons, Tommy Mottola management deals, gay porn videos, BadBoy recording contracts, they are just that – stories.”

Mario Vazquez In Circular Chat With Ryan Seacrest

Mario Vazquez called into the Ryan Seacrest Show on 102.7 KIIS FM on Tuesday (March 15) to discuss why he dropped out of ‘American Idol’. Ryan talked about all the calls he got about the decision, if he’ll reveal the reason he left, whether he’s met with Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs and secretly signed with Bad Boy, and more. has since removed the audio.

Mario Vazquez Does ‘Late Show’ Top 10 As Mystery Swirls

Mario Vazquez was on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ on Tuesday to give the ‘Top Ten Reasons I Left American Idol’… Well, not quite ten. Check out more on Vazquez’s interview with ‘Entertainment Tonight’ host Kevin Frazier, and a clip from his ‘Late Show’ appearance, on ‘The Early Show’ this morning via below the cut. (more…)

Mario Vasquez Drops Out Of ‘American Idol’

Many of the twelve finalists of ‘American Idol’ had told The New York Post on Wednesday that they felt the contestant with the best chance at winning season four was Mario Vasquez, but now comes word that Vazquez withdrew himself from the competition earlier today, citing personal reasons. Juicee News Daily reports that sources said Vazquez “was unhappy and felt like this was not the place for him. He was having a difficult time in many areas and although he appreciated this opportunity, he chose to leave immediately.” Taking his place will be Nikko Smith, the last person eliminated on Wednesday’s show. The show’s website already is reflecting this news.

What Was America Thinking?

March 10, 2005 – Contributed by BadAss4Backstreet: I’m sorry America, but you got it wrong. How in the name of Judas could you vote Mikalah Gordon through to the Top 12? This little girl has absolutely NO talent whatsoever, she’s obnoxious, and she’s not that cute. Not that looks matter, but if a hot girl with no talent gets through, it makes a little bit of sense. Not this!! She’s in it for all the wrong reasons. She wants to be the next American Idol so that she can get some money and buy her mom the implants she always wanted. Yeah, GREAT role model in the making. All she’s after is attention. She’s totally insincere and not worthy of even being in the presence of the others. America darn near got it right this time out; almost a flawless Top 12…talent across the board, and great personalities to match. But then ya had to go and send Mikalah in, and Amanda Avila packing. Amanda had some talent AND she was cute to look at. So close, but yet SO far.

With THIS happening, I’d almost rather see a comeback of Britney Spears and *NSYNC, and you KNOW how I feel about them. They are at the very least amusing.

Simon Cowell: No Regrets For ‘Idol’ Picks

March 8, 2005 – Simon Cowell tells ‘Extra’ doesn’t regret is his choice for this season’s ‘American Idol’: Carrie Underwood. “I still think she’s the best, I really do,” Cowell revealed. “I think she’s got a run for her money, though, with a couple of the guys, maybe this guy Bo [Bice] for instance. I wasn’t sure about him in the early stages. But I like him because he’s authentic.”

Ousted ‘Idol’ Joseph Murena Chats With WBLI

March 7, 2005 – Long Islander and ‘American Idol’ ousted contestant Joseph Murena was on his home town pop station, WBLI, on Monday (March 7). They talked about a poll suggesting he was the top pick to bring back to the show, but Murena hadn’t heard anything about bringing people back and probably wouldn’t want to return. They then discussed the song-clearing process and the difficulty in getting the songs he wanted cleared. They wrapped up with Murena discussing his career options. The 4 minute interview has since been removed from