Marion Raven Hopes To Release New Album In March

Marion Raven

Marion Raven checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@marionraven) on Tuesday (October 13), talking about what she’s been up to recently, being just about finished with her album, and where she hopes to tour. The former M2M star writes:

I ended up being so sick of the terrible Norwegian summer weather that I jumped on a plane to Hawaii! I always wanted to go there. It was on the list of places I really want to see (including New Zealand, Africa, Iceland and India). Hawaii was amazing. It is now my favorite place on earth! (except for Norway of course).

After Hawaii I went back to L.A. I actually really missed the place after being gone for like 3 months. It was great to be back in the studio and get the record closer to the finish line. It was also good to see my friends and eat pink berry again.
(my fav yoghurt)

I believe I recorded my last song a week ago. Just waiting to hear the finished product. And if everyone loves it, the album will be completed! Hurray!

Hoping to make a March release and plan to get it out around the world. I really hope to come back to places like South East Asia, Japan, Mexico and Australia. It’s been way too long. I actually had to go and eat some Korean BBQ in L.A cause I missed it so.

Marion Raven “Almost Done” With New Album

Marion Raven updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@marionraven) as the former M2M star continues work on her new album. The 25-year-old pop rock singer writes:

So, I’m back in my home country Norway again. Enjoying my days here until I get shipped off to the next country and studio. I spent 2 days in Gotenborg, Sweden last week writing some new songs.. Using my girlfriends boy trouble as inspiration! haha. The album is almost done… but almost doesn’t count. So there is still some work to do. So you are going to have be patient (together with me) for a little while longer..

Marion Raven Checks In From Oslo Recording Studio

Marion Raven checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@marionraven) on Monday (April 13) while in the studio in Oslo, Norway. Marion tells readers:

I’m now back on the pavement in the big city of Norway. But after living in N.Y and L.A, it’s not very big at all. But that’s what I love about Oslo. It’s so easy to get around and you don’t need a car! Today it’s raining and I love it. It’s the perfect excuse to sit inside and do nothing at all :) I am going to start working out my acoustic versions of my new songs, which will be fun.

Happy Easter From Marion Raven

Marion Raven updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@marionraven) on Friday (April 10), enjoying some time in her native Norway. The former M2M singer writes:

I’m at this very moment sitting in a cabin up in the mountains of Norway, at a place called Geilo. It’s beautiful outside! A perfect Norwegian Easter day. The sun is shining and it’s tons of snow everywhere you look. So why am I sitting inside writing a blog? Well, my neck is hurting like hell. I got a little too excited yesterday snowboarding and hurt myself pretty bad. But it was totally worth it. I had the best time yesterday riding pow for the first time and hitting (tiny) jumps! I really hope I’m feeling better tomorrow, so I can go out riding again :)

Marion Raven Finishes Up Last Day In The Studio

Marion Raven

Marion Raven checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@marionraven) on Wednesday (March 18) while at Los Angeles International Airport preparing to head to Norway. The former M2M star writes:

I am on my way to Norway. My home country. I can’t wait! I have been so homesick lately.

It’s going to be great to come home to my apartment that’s been dusting down, see my family and friends.. and most important: EAT NORWEGIAN CANDY.

It was my last day in the studio yesterday, which was really sad. I’ve been spending about 7 months there with my producer Oliver Leiber. It’s going to be weird to not have the comfort of an everyday life with some what of a routine. It’s going to be hard not being able to sleep to 12 as well..haha. But I would say that I’m more excited, than sad, for what’s to come.

I can’t wait for the album to come out and get out there again. Can’t wait to play you my songs.

Marion Raven Nearly Done Recording Her New Album

Marion Raven checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@marionraven) on Thursday (March 12), talking about living in Hollywood, progress on her new album, and vacationing at Mammoth Mountain. The former M2M singer writes:

I am at the end of recording my new album. I have only one more song to sing! It makes me both excited and nervous. Are people going to like it? Do I have good enough songs? But I’ve also been working on it for a year now and I can’t wait to get out there again. Can’t wait to start traveling, playing live and seeing people sing my new songs.

While the songs that are already done was being mixed last week, I decided to take myself on a well deserved vacation. Being originally from Norway, I tend to miss the seasons and especially the snow. So unlike normal people who would go to Hawaii or another place warm, I decided to make my destination Mammoth Mountain. Needless to say, my pro-snowboarder boyfriend, Andreas Wiig (who was up there filming) might have had something to with it.

Marion Raven Begins To Finish Up New Album

Marion Raven checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@marionraven) on Sunday (January 18), back in Los Angeles and working on her third solo album. The former M2M star tells readers:

Just wanted to write a little note and tell you all that I am back in La La land. Smack in the middle of Hollywood, my second home now for almost a year! Time really do fly when you’re having fun :) My homesickness went over pretty quick when I realized that is was 30 C (86 Degrees) here,and at home in Norway it’s -13 C (8 Degrees) CRAZY! But I do love the snow, so this week I am taking a trip up to Aspen. I am going there to support my boy for the X-Games! You might catch a glance of me screaming in the audience on ESPN on Saturday.. haha. I am back in the studio, and I think I maybe wrote the last song for the record yesterday. So now we are going to start producing and finishing up the album… exciting times ahead. Hope you are all good. Thanks for being patient. I will be back soon, stronger than ever.. with TONS of new music Marion

Marion Raven ‘Spending Every day In The Studio’

Marion Raven updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@marionraven) on Thursday (November 27), her first posting in awhile. The former M2M star writes:

Wow, it took me 3 months to write another blog.
I’ve kind of figured out that “blogging” is not really my cup of tea.
I am pretty much spending every day in the studio. I’m occupied with singing, playing and writing. So if you’re not interested to know what I ate for breakfast or how the weather is like, there is not much to write about in a blog every week. It’s weird to me how some people spread their whole private life in these kind of blogs. I guess you just gotta try to figure out mine through my music and lyrics! : )

But of course when things start to happen next year, when the touring and travel starts… I promise I will have tons to write about and plenty of photos to share.

It’s going great in the studio. The song are really starting to come together.

I am also starting to get very homesick and I’m looking forward to spend Christmas at home in Norway. Other than that I am obsessed with Twilight (saw the movie twice already). I had oatmeal with blueberries for breakfast and it finally started to rain. I love the rain.

Happy Turkey Day, as they say here in Hollywood.


Marion Raven Currently Writing Songs For New Record

Marion Raven checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@marionraven) on Saturday (June 21). The former M2M star writes:

Hi there

Just wanted to write a message and tell you that I’m still alive! haha
I am currently writing songs for my new record and have been living in my own little creative bubble the past months. I’ve just moved into my own place in Hollywood, and my keyboard is plugged in and the shades are down. I am so excited for these new songs and can’t wait to start recording a new album.

And when I do start in the studio, I will try to get some horrible studio pictures up here and hopefully a more frequent blog about how things are going with me. Thanks for the support and for being patient!

For those of you who live in Norway: I will be going home to do 2 shows at “Tusenfryd” on the 28th of June and the 5th of July. Hope to see you there.


Marion Raven Fans Launch Birthday Project

Marion Raven

Norwegian singer Marion Raven will celebrate her 24th birthday 25th of May. In addition to that her fans have launched a huge birthday project to celebrate her birthday and career. Marion Raven fans all over the world can send in their birthday wishes to Marion which can be a drawing, a poem or a simple birthday wish.

The website who started this whole project,, aims to make a scrapbook which will consist of the entries sent by the fans. Marion herself, who is working at a new album in Los Angeles, will receive this book at her birthday personally.

Fans who are planning on writing something to Marion Raven can send anything to Entries close at 15th of May.