Marion Raven Sick With High Fever

Former M2M star Marion Raven checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@marionraven) on Tuesday (February 5). Raven writes:

Hey everyone
I’ve been lying in bed sick all week with a high fever!
It sucks big time.. so the top8 friends contest is running a little late.
I will get it done as soon as I can! Promise!

More update surprises coming soon too..


Merry Christmas And Happy New Year From Marion Raven

Former M2M star Marion Raven checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@marionraven) on Sunday (December 23). She writes:

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

I wish all of you a great holiday with loved ones and family.

I am spending Christmas back in Norway with my family and we got snow now, so it’s all looking perfect for the big day.

Looking forward to a new year with new experiences and new friendships. I am spending my time writing new songs and slowly thinking about a new album. So it’s all very inspiring right now.

Hope you are all good.


Marion Raven & Aleksander With Cover Madonna’s ‘Like A Prayer’

Former M2M star Marion Raven and Norway ‘Idol’ season four winner Aleksander With performed a duet of Madonna’s ‘Like A Prayer’ for the ‘Idol Gives Back’ charity show in support of Plan International on TV2 over the weekend. Raven said in a blog posting at MySpace that she and With “first met when I was hosting one of the [‘Idol’] shows last year. You should check out his music, my favorite is his song ‘The Other Side’.”

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

Marion Raven Performing National Anthem At Saturday’s Nuggets Vs. Knicks Game

Former M2M star Marion Raven posted the following message on her blog at MySpace (@marionraven) on Thursday (November 15):

I will be singing the National Anthem at the NBA Game in Denver Saturday night the 17th.

It’s the Denver Nuggets against the New York Knicks.
The game will take place at The Pepsi Center and starts at 7pm.

This has always been a dream of mine, so I’m really looking forward to it :)
Hope you will be able to catch the moment :)


No Summer Holiday For Marion Raven

Marion Raven

Former M2M star Marion Raven posted the following message to fans on her blog at MySpace on Monday (July 2):

After almost two months traveling around Europe, the Meat Loaf tour is now over.
The last show was back in The U.K where it all started. In Bristol Stadium.
I’ve had a great time on this tour. I’ve gotten to play for thousands and thousands of people who never would have heard of me if it was not for this tour. So I’m grateful that I got to be a part of it.

I wanna thank the audience on this tour, they have been so fantastic and really been giving me a shot as an opening act. I have gotten really great response and I have to thank everybody for their kind comments on my MySpace profile.

So what’s up now you might wonder? Am I going home for some good deserved summer holiday? Not this girl, I am sitting in the car on my way back to Newcastle. I will be in The U.K promoting my album that just came out here and going on an acoustic school tour across the country. I’m going to see even more places now and it will be interesting to play for a completely different audience than I have the past months.
(not to talk about the age difference! haha)

Other than that I am excited to get the Pink tour started this summer. I feel that our music will fit together and that her audience will feel a connection with mine. Also feel that I’m getting more and more recognition for my music and I’m feeling that I’m slowly but surely are getting there.

Stayed tuned on the site for more updates. I will still try to write this diary as often as I can, but the days are crazy. So please bare with me :)


Marion Raven Update From Scotland

Marion Raven

Former M2M star Marion Raven checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace on Sunday (May 20). “It was my first time to visit Scotland and I was very excited,” she said. “Got up real early in Birmingham, about 7 am, to catch a plane in time to reach a radio interview with West FM. It was the 17th of May and I was getting real homesick. The 17th of May is the Norwegian National day and all my friends and family were having big parties and walking in parades. And here I was on my least favorite place in the world: The Airport. The flight was good though and the interview went well. Then we drove to Edinburgh and did an interview with Forth 1 Radio. They are all playing ‘Break You’. So feel free to help me by requesting it :). We found out that the Norwegian embassy was throwing a small 17th of May party and I went there and sang ‘Here I Am’ and one of the National songs. There were tons of Norwegian students there and I ended up going out with them. So the day ended up being really nice after all!.. or should we say night. It got pretty late with too many drinks. Next morning it was up for a radio interview at 9 am, after not sleeping much at all. I even sang! haha. But it was Rock Radio and they were really cool over there. So I ended up having a blast. The show in Glasgow that night went really good, loving the Scottish audience. I even wore a small ‘kilt looking’ skirt in their honor! haha”

Marion Raven’s Tour Diary From Manchester

Marion Raven checks in with a tour diary video from Manchester, England after a concertFormer M2M star Marion Raven posted a video blog to fans while on tour with Meat Loaf in Manchester. The clip features performance footage and Marion doing a meet and greet afterwards with fans.

“Hi everybody, the tour is now starting again here in Europe, and I am right now in Manchester in the UK,” the pop singer said in the video. “A lot of people came. A lot of people listened to my opening show and came up to say hello. It’s gonna be fun to travel across the UK, because I’ve only been in London before. I’ll keep you guys updated right here on this tour diary.”

Watch the clip below the fold.

Marion Raven Talks With Max Magazine

Former M2M star Marion Raven spoke with Max magazine in a video interview, talking about how he hooked up with Meatloaf, what happened with M2M (“it’s very natural that you grow apart”), using songwriting as therapy, her musical influences, the ‘Idol’ type reality shows, and her hopes to create a German fan base. Watch the interview at

Tiscali Showcase – Marion Raven

Marion Raven

Former M2M star Marion Raven is featured in an interview and acoustic performance for Tiscali Showcase. Watch the interview and performance of ‘Here I Am’, ‘Falling Away’, and ‘Break You’ at

Backstreet Boys Aren’t The Key To Marion Raven’s Heart

Amplifier magazine caught up with former M2M star Marion Raven in a Q&A, asking the singer what was the first concert she attended. “My first boyfriend at 14 took me to a Backstreet Boys concert,” she said. “I dumped him right after that.” So obviously not a boy band fan, Raven was asked who would be in her ultimate three-band, live performance lineup, dead or alive. “Janis Joplin, Angus Young from AC/DC and Steven Tyler,” she responded.

The story at has since been removed.