Meat Parties On Marit Larsen Tour Bus

Marit Larsen checked in with fans after performing with Jason Mraz at Joy Eslava in Madrid, Spain on March 21st. The former M2M star writes on her blog at MySpace (@maritlarsen):

Still having fun. Thanks, everyone, for your open minds and open arms.

Madrid is a beautiful city! I had Pata Negra, my favorite ham (we have taken to having meat parties in the bus). I also finally found the Converse All Stars of my dreams: Bright green. Kaja and I enjoyed chocolate and mint flavored ice cream in the sun.

Marit Larsen Makes It Through Sound Issues In Lisbon

Marit Larsen updated fans after opening for Jason Mraz at Campo Pequeno in Lisbon, Portugal in a blog posting at her MySpace (@maritlarsen) on Friday (March 20). The former M2M star writes:

On my list of 100 wild things to do before I die I can now check “playing my songs acoustically in front of 5500 people”. Last night was so absurd – as the venue was so huge, the sound was bouncing off the walls and causing a total blur onstage. When the audience started clapping and screaming, I heard no music whatsoever! Luckily we saw the absurdity of it all, braced ourselves and had a good laugh onstage. It was sort of crazy. Judging by all the friend requests I received this morning, though – (thanks, everyone!), I’m assuming you heard us after all, which is a relief! Haha! And singing “Lucky” along with the gigantic mass of people was pretty huge.

Marit Larsen Checks In From Beautiful Toulouse

Marit Larsen checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@maritlarsen) on Thursday (March 19), talking about Toulouse, France, the latest stop on her tour with Jason Mraz. The former M2M singer writes:

What a beautiful place! Went for a lovely walk in the sun along the river running beside the venue and ate absolutely perfect confit de canard for dinner. Debuted my new pink dress. The past five shows I’ve been invited on stage with Jason to sing the song “Lucky” from his last album. It’s a blast, the audience knows every word of it.

Marit Larsen Checks In After Mannheim Show

Marit Larsen checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@maritlarsen) after performing at Maimarktclub in Mannheim, Germany on Friday (March 13), opening for Jason Mraz. The former M2M star tells readers:

Yesterday we met the largest crowd so far on this tour. There must have been over 2500 people… Made me feel like a warrior up there with our little acoustic setup! Learning new tricks all the time about life on a tour bus, like the art of getting enough rest. The first thing that happens when I lose sleep, is I lose my voice. Got a little hoarse toward the end of our set last night, so I went straight to bed and slept an amazing 11 hours… Guess I needed it!

Marit Larsen Excited To Tour With Jason Mraz

Marit Larsen checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@maritlarsen) on Friday (March 6), talking about how busy she’s been lately and plans to open for Jason Mraz on tour next week. The former M2M star writes:

On Tuesday I’m heading to Rome for the first date of the Jason Mraz tour. I have a great feeling about this! I’m bringing along three lovely musicians. With guitars, piano, cello and loads and loads of harmonies, we’ll be presenting my songs to what’s starting to look like huge amounts of people. I’ve been watching Mr. Mraz’ MySpace site and it looks like he’s melting hearts and selling out venues all over the world. This is all so exciting.

Marit Larsen Joining Jason Mraz On European Tour

Marit Larsen updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@maritlarsen) on Monday (December 22). The former M2M star tells readers:

Wonderful news! I am pleased to announce that I have been invited to support Jason Mraz on his upcoming tour of Europe. Starting in Rome, I will be bringing along a couple of my favorite musicians and a few of my favorite instruments and set out on a quest (I love the word quest) to hopefully find myself a few new listeners. Jason and I met briefly during the Nobel Peace Prize Concert a couple of weeks ago and I am truly honored he wants to give me this opportunity (which, according to my beloved dictionary, means: a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. Nicely put!).

As for now I am finally feeling the calm of Christmas taking over. I’ve finished all of my shopping and wrapping. I don’t intend to think of anything but reading and hanging out with my family for a couple of weeks. Of course (and thankfully), new songs tend to jump into my head and out of my mouth from time to time these days, so I am sort of working a little, I suppose. To me, this is probably the best (and sometimes the worst) part of being a songwriter.

See what happens when I get enough sleep? I write more. I shall now disappear back into my book right after I wish you all happy and joyful holidays.

Sincerely, Marit.

Marit Larsen Previews Tour Kicking Off Thursday

Marit Larsen checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@maritlarsen) on Sunday (November 2) as the Norwegian singer songwriter prepares to go on tour in support of her second album ‘The Chase’. The former M2M singer tells readers:

1. The tour. 2. The songs. 3. The band. 4. The opening act.

1. Oh boy. Starting Thursday, I will be heading back out on the road. Finally! I have been looking forward to this for months.

2. I’m thrilled to have two full albums to choose from when making set lists. I truly enjoy playing my new songs along with the older ones.

3. Along with me on tour I have a phenomenal band consisting of Marius Graff (acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, banjo, lap steel and vocals), Even Ormestad (bass and synth), Karim Sayed (drums and vocals), Øystein Moen (keys) and Line Horntveth (vocals and percussion).

4. The lovely new Norwegian indie pop band My Little Pony will be coming along as our opening act on a few selected dates of the tour. Don’t miss out, I suspect it might be magical.

Marit Larsen Offers A Preview Of ‘The Chase’

Marit Larsen 'The Chase' album cover

Marit Larsen updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@maritlarsen) on Thursday (October 2) as the Norwegian singer songwriter begins posting tracks on her MySpace player starting Friday from her second solo album ‘The Chase’, which is released October 13th. The former M2M singer writes:

Over the coming week you will, as earlier mentioned, be able to preview songs from my new album, The Chase. I’d like to explain a little bit before we get started.

To me, one of the biggest challenges and thrills of being a recording artist is not just writing songs, but making albums. A good album is to me one where you can listen from beginning to end, experience highs and lows – and at last feel equally satisfied and hungry for more. An album really should not resemble a random playlist or a “best of what I wrote the past couple of years”. My favorite albums of all time have these qualities (and they are something I will be trying to match for the rest of my life).

Facing the reality of modern music-sharing possibilities though, I find it exciting being able to give you a chance to preview and start digesting these new songs one by one, if you’re curious. The songs will be presented in the same sequence as on the album (you really don’t want to know how much effort I put into just that). However, the complete album experience will not be available until the actual release of the record on October 13th.

Every song on this record is important to me and serves a purpose on the album in its own way. I hope you enjoy listening to these songs half as much as I enjoyed recording them. It’s been a blast.


Marit Larsen ‘Overwhelmed And Full Of Joy’ After Album Release

Former M2M star Marit Larsen checked in with fans on her official website Monday (March 13), after the Norwegian release of her solo debut album ‘Under The Surface’, which debuted at #3. “What a week. Thanks to everyone who showed up in Oslo, Kristiansand, Lillehammer and Bergen,” she writes. “Where I am right now is where I’ve wanted to be for such a long time. It feels fantastic walking into a record store and seeing your album on the shelves. Not to mention seeing people in the audience singing along to your own songs. I’m overwhelmed and full of joy. Marit.”

Marit Larsen Is Keeping Busy

Former M2M star Marit Larsen checked in with fans on her official website on Friday (March 18), her first posting since October. The singer writes, “Time flies when you’re having fun. I’m happy to tell you all that the reason I haven’t updated in a while is that I’ve been crazy busy. I’m very happy right now. The By:Larm gigs in Stavanger, Norway were really fun for me. It’s exciting to keep trying out new songs infront of new audiences – the feedback really keeps me going and striving to be that extra little bit better in the future. So thanks to everyone who came to the shows! I’m very thankful for your interest and support towards me and my music.”