Marit Larsen Gets A Record Player

M2M’s Marit Larsen checked in with fans on her official website Thursday. Marit said, “I can’t believe the weather’s holding up as well as it is. It’s mid-September and it’s still summer (yes I know, this is Norway). It’s very uplifting. So I got a vinyl record player at last. I’m very excited, but I can’t seem to get it set up properly. It’s more complicated than I thought… I’m going to have to start begging for help now I think.”

Marit Larsen Is Not Pregnant

M2M’s Marit Larsen cleared up a rumor that she was pregnant on her official website last week. Marit said, “I chose to answer your question because I for some reason have received several e-mails about this matter as well. I have no idea how or where this RUMOR got started in the first place, and it’s completely untrue and weird! :) I’m not pregnant! I love babies but I’m ABSOLUTELY NOT expecting one.”

M2M Knew Exactly What They Wanted On ‘The Big Room’

Hip Online chatted with Marit Larsen and Marion Raven of M2M about their latest album ‘The Big Room’, where they spoke about how they approached that album as opposed to their first. Marion said, “One the first album we were all about finding who we were. Everything was new to us, songwriting, traveling, and the producers. EVERYTHING! On this album we knew exactly what we wanted. We wanted to make a ‘real’ album. With a live band in the studio, with our songs and a producer we knew would listen to our ideas. It’s a lot different then the first record. You change a lot from 14 to 17.”

Marit Larsen Is Loving Milan

Marit Larsen checked in with fans on her official website on Sunday from Milan, where she was joined by her sister. Marit said, “You should have seen me today. A day off in Milan for a girl who hardly has time to go shopping anymore can’t mean anything but trouble. I am now in love with this city and can’t wait to go back here on vacation sometime… I had a little taste and now I’m crazy for more!”

Marit Larsen Checks In After Ski Trip

Marit Larsen of M2M checked in with fans after her Easter ski weekend in Norway. Marit wrote, “Seriously, it must have been at least four years since last time. But I was with my family and several of my friends and most of the time they were nice and didn’t make too much fun of me.” Larsen added, “Apart from skiing we spent our time eating enormous amounts of candy and *on my end* trying to remember all of those old hits that everyone wants you to know on guitar so they can sing along. I was always terrible at that stuff.”