Lucy Walsh & Jesse Carmichael Perform ‘Baby’s In Black’ By The Beatles

Lucy Walsh and Jesse Carmichael of Maroon 5 singing a Beatles jam

Lucy Walsh and Maroon 5’s Jesse Carmichael jammed to The Beatles around a fire pit while on tour in New Hampshire on July 10th. Watch the pair performing ‘Baby’s In Black’ via YouTube below.

Maroon 5 Talk With CNN On The Set Of ‘Misery’ Video

Go behind the scenes with Maroon 5 on the set of their ‘Misery’ video in downtown Los Angeles. Singer Adam Levine and bassist Mickey Madden talked with CNN’s Denise Quan about shooting the action packed video and how recording with Mutt Lange influenced the sound of their third studio album. Asked if the band received any backlash from fans who thought what they’ve heard of the new album ‘Hands All Over’ didn’t sound like the Maroon 5 they’re familiar with, Levine said, “Yes and no. I don’t think that we really focused on that kind of thing. It’s a free country. If you don’t like our music, it’s fine. Or if you’re disappointed with what we give you, that’s fine, too. We tend to focus on people that like it. That’s kind of more fun.” Watch the segment via below the cut. (more…)

Adam Levine Gets Emotional Watching ‘Toy Story 3’

Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine visited SIRIUS XM Hits 1’s “Morning Mash Up” crew, where he explained how he got weepy watching ‘Toy Story 3’. “I didn’t want to full-on cry, but I probably would have if I’d been home,” Levine confessed. “It was just the most well made emotional, beautiful movie I’d ever seen. People think that it’s just about kids stuff and it’s for children that it can’t have depth and it can’t be a soulful thing and it can’t be amazing. It is seriously the best movie I’ve seen in a long time.” Watch the remarks via YouTube below.

Maroon 5 Performance & Interview On The ‘Today’ Show

Maroon 5 visited the ‘Today’ show on Friday (July 2) to perform at the Rockefeller Center Plaza in New York City. The band’s set included ‘This Love’, ‘Misery’, and ‘Sunday Morning’. Singer Adam Levine spoke with Matt Lauer about whether they were nervous about the new album, it’s first single ‘Misery’, and plans to tour the world in support of the album. In a web only clip, the band discuss kicking off a tour July 27th, loving to tour everywhere, their favorite songs to perform, and how the band’s name is a deep dark secret. Watch it at YouTube and check out the web extra below the cut. (more…)

Maroon 5 Avoid Distraction Recording ‘Hands All Over’ In Switzerland

Maroon 5

Adam Levine spoke with MTV News about the band teaming up with Mutt Lange in Switzerland to record Maroon 5’s new album ‘Hands All Over’. The singer said the beautiful backdrop provided by Mutt’s studio in Lake Geneva was an escape the pop rock group needed.

“Our biggest weakness is laziness and lack of focus, which mostly comes from me, because I am like that,” Levine confessed on the set of Maroon 5’s ‘Misery’ video. “But the coolest thing about being [in] Switzerland, we weren’t distracted at all. There was nothing to be distracted by, except scenery, which was very beautiful. But once you kind of took all that in, you were left with your own thoughts.”

Watch the comments via below the cut. (more…)

Maroon 5 ‘Misery’ Music Video

Maroon 5 'Misery' music video

Maroon 5 have premiered the music video for their new single ‘Misery’, where singer Adam Levine takes a serious beating from his lady in the action-packed clip directed by Joseph Kahn. ‘Misery’ is the first single off the Mutt Lange produced ‘Hands All Over’, due out September 21st on A&M/Octone. Watch it via Vevo below.

Maroon 5 ‘Misery’

Maroon 5

Maroon 5 is set to release their third studio album ‘Hands All Over’ on September 21st via A&M/Octone. The album’s first single ‘Misery’ will impact radio on June 28th. Working with Mutt Lange on the project, singer Adam Levine said, “We didn’t even talk to anyone else. Mutt is undeniably one of the most successful producers who’s ever lived.” Listen to ‘Misery’ below.

Maroon 5 Almost Done Mixing New Album

Jesse Carmichael of Maroon 5 checked in with fans on the pop rock group’s blog at MySpace (@maroon5) on Friday (March 26), discussing the latest on the band’s new album. Jesse writes:

Hello All… Hope you’re having a great time right now… Happy Friday… March 26th… 2010… We haven’t updated you in a bit so I wanted to tell you that we are almost done with the mixing of the new album… it’s down the the wire… the final yards… the last moments of play… adrenaline is racing… the end is in sight… spirits are high…

Also… just saw this new video on from the woman who made the genius “Story of Stuff” video

check it…