Matisse Discusses Her Background, Ballads & Strong Women

Singer Matisse on New Music Director

Matisse sat down with New Music Director for an interview. The pop singer talked about her background that includes time on ‘One Life to Live’, working in London, why and how she chose her stage name, feeling now is the time for stronger women in pop music today, being a fan of ballads, how the best songs come to her in the studio when she’s not really thinking, hearing her song on the radio for the first time, and more. Watch part 1 and part 2 at YouTube.

Matisse Offers A Tour Inside Her Closet

Matisse is giving fans a sneak peak inside her closet at her new apartment with a new YouTube video. “I like to wear a lot of hats as you can see,” the ‘Better Than Her’ singer says. “Going to the studio I like to put a hat on sometimes.” Matisse added that “scarves are very important to me because I’m doing a lot of singing so I have to protect my voice.” Watch the update below.

Matisse Hopes To Release Debut Album By The End Of Summer

Tatiana Diana of sat down with Matisse before her show at Cherry Pop at Ultra Suede in West Hollywood the other night. The New York City pop singer offered some insight into her unique stage name, her first single ‘Better than Her’, when fans can expect her debut album, and what are her musical inspirations.

“Well I’m still finishing [the album],” Matisse says. “I think I have maybe two or three more songs, so we’re hoping for the end of summer/fall.”

Watch the discussion below.

Matisse Offers Beauty Tips

Matisse stopped by the Twist magazine offices and spilled some of her secret beauty tips. “That’s a little ChapStick to make [your lips] soft, and a little gloss to make them sparkle,” she explained. “Always be prepared, you never know when you’re gonna see that crush.” Watch the brief clip via YouTube below.

Matisse Teams Up With Choreographer Frank Gatson

Singer MatisseMatisse posted behind the scenes footage working with famed choreographer Frank Gatson and her two dancers for her debut single ‘Better Than Her’ in preparation for upcoming shows.

“I’m here at the wonderful Alvin Ailey studios, which is a very famous dance studio here in New York,” she said. “I’m here rehearsing with Frank Gatson, who is an amazing choreographer and a couple of dancers.”

Singer Matisse talks in front of a brick wall in New York City“It’s a real girl anthem,” Matisse said of ‘Better Than Her’. “We wanted to be sure we had girl dancers behind me. We wanted to have a lot of strength in the choreography, a lot of energy.” She added that “it’s not even as much about the choreography as it is interpreting the words and getting the gestures to be right.”

“These choreography rehearsal days are definitely very grueling,” Matisse confessed. “We’re here usually from 1 to 3 in the afternoon and then back again from 6 until 11. You’re definitely very tired at the end of the day and hungry.”

The video clip at her MySpace has since been removed.

Matisse Performs ‘Better Than Her’ On ‘Good Day NY’

Matisse performed her debut single ‘Better Than Her’ recently on ‘Good Day New York’. The local singer talked about the story behind her name and if ‘Better Than Her’ is about anyone in particular. Watch it via below.

Matisse Debuts With ‘Better Than Her’

New York based pop singer Matisse is out with her debut single ‘Better Than Her’. She began appearing on TV at six months of age on ‘One Life To Live’ and by the age of 15 she was a popular spokesmodel for the hair care brand John Frieda and signed to The Ford Agency. She’s now focused on music, working with producers like Dallas Austin, Tricky Stewart, The Dream, Ne-Yo, Stargate and Kevin Rudolf. Listen to ‘Better Than Her’ via YouTube below.