Pop Stars Send Out Happy Easter Tweets

Matt Nathanson Easter bunny ears

Several pop artists checked in with their followers on Twitter today, wishing them a happy Easter Sunday. Among the Tweets:

Savannah Outen (@therealsavannah): Happy Easter!!! You guys are egg-stra special to me

Victoria Justice (@VictoriaJustice): Happy Easter! I hope you guys have a lovely day with your family & friends. Save some of your chocolate for me ;) xo pic.twitter.com/zsMQDaLUQT

Greyson Chance (@greysonchance): happy Easter <3 Cody Simpson (@CodySimpson): Happy Easter angels and gents. Fill today with love, family, mates, and good music as always!!!!! Vanessa Hudgens (@VanessaHudgens): Happy Easter loves. Such a special day. We are all so blessed to be loved unconditionally by god. Give… http://instagram.com/p/nBZs8JTChz/ Ashley Tisdale (@ashleytisdale): Happy Easter everyone!!!!! Hope u all have a beautiful and happy day :) xx Christina Perri (@christinaperri): Happy Easter! pic.twitter.com/OglluIkGeg Mariah Carey (@MariahCarey): Happy Easter!!!! pic.twitter.com/IyoF6XVTO1 ... Easter bunny? Are you coming - Love, Ms. Monroe & Ms. Mariah pic.twitter.com/EwCPDUcE9T Aly & AJ Michalka (@78Violet): Happy Easter to all our lil violet bunnies. let's remember the true reason to celebrate today. #GodIsGood #HeHasRisen Moby (@thelittleidiot): Happy Easter! http://instagram.com/p/nBSFHIrEIJ/ JoJo (@JoJoistheway): HAPPY EASTER! Praise God. Thank you for your perfect love and grace. For never leaving nor forsaking us, even at our very worst. Alyssa Bernal (@alyssabernal): Watching the @spurs game! It's gonna be a great Easter. JC Chasez (@JCChasez): Happy Easter everyone! It has certainly provoked new thought in me considering my new adventure @JCSTheMusical playing #PontiusPilate Mariah Carey (@MariahCarey): Making easter eggs w/ Roc N' Roe: the "before" picture ?? pic.twitter.com/4g7Fw42lWE Shakira (@shakira): Happy Easter guys! / ¡Felices Pascuas! Shak pic.twitter.com/2KM0yoq1z0 Nick Lachey (@NickLachey): Happy Easter everyone!! Colbie Caillat (@ColbieCaillat): Cute boyfriend. Knows how much I love Easter baskets full of candy http://moby.to/13tnri Aria Crescendo (@ARIAcrescendo): Happy Easter everyone. I'll post some rabbit pict through the day #easter #fun #losangeles #art. http://instagram.com/p/nBM66zD2LL/ Mandy Jiroux (@MandyJiroux): Happy Easter from me and my baby bunz! pic.twitter.com/OQugScEGWV Lucie Silvas (@LucieSilvas): I don't get happier than the Easter bunny! Happy Easter erry'one http://instagram.com/p/nBMQuSJxrN/ ... I don't get happier than the Easter bunny! Happy Easter erry'one http://fb.me/3UpjY42tP Alanis Morissette (@morissette): The family's back together! so happy.... Happy Easter to all xoxo #boogs #circus #leelee… http://instagram.com/p/nBMHJDuYNB/ DEV (@devishot): Happy EASTER babyyyyzzzz Natasha Hamilton ?@NatashaOfficial): Hope you've all had a lovely Easter Sunday. Me & baba well fed after dinner with my handsome man, now time for a few choccy treats & snooze Una Foden (@UnaTheSats): Hope everyone is having a lovely Easter Sunday x ... My little Easter Bunny is loving her egg! X http://instagram.com/p/nBR7ofCwlr/ Miley Ray Cyrus (@MileyCyrus): Happy 420/ Easter! I'll be where I've been the passed week. In bed. Crying. NOT stoned. wackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Melody Thornton (@MelodyThornton): Happy Easter all! #EasterFashion #EasterGram http://instagram.com/p/nBI-gvFPRW/ Jessica Sutta (@IamJessicaSutta): Happy Easter my little Easter bunnies Natasha Bedingfield (@natashabdnfield): Happy Easter, Lovers! Mollie King (@MollieTheSats): Omg omg the Easter bunny has come to LA!!!!!! http://instagram.com/p/nBGXyWuv97/ .. Happy Easter everyone! I hope you’ve each had the magical day you deserve. Kat DeLuna (@KatDeLuna): Happy Easter!! Sara Bareilles (@SaraBareilles): Happy Easter from me and my mom. Even I'm surprised how much we look alike. http://instagram.com/p/nBENGNjGOm/ Jordan Pruitt (@JordansBlog): Why shouldn’t you tell an Easter egg a good joke? A: It might crack up! #lol Lolo (@lolomusic): Happy Easter! pic.twitter.com/DWGX5lt68N Lance Bass (@LanceBass): Happy Easter!!! http://instagram.com/p/nBDC3UxsYk/ To Be One (@tobeone): Happy Easter to you and your families, god bless all of you guys much love, enjoy the day:) Mikey Carly Rae Jepsen (@carlyraejepsen): Happy Easter !!! pic.twitter.com/g4bWSzY6Bt Chase Coy (@chasecoy): Working on something a little different this weekend, loving how it's coming along. Happy Easter! http://instagram.com/p/nBB-f9IAjE/ Rebecca Black (@MsRebeccaBlack): yo happy easter 4/20 glaze it for the homie jesus Hilary Duff (@HilaryDuff): Hope the Easter bunny was good to everyone Matt Nathanson ?@mattnathanson): The easter bunny was so good @ hiding eggs, some are still MIA. #galang http://instagram.com/p/nBA8d7vTrX/ Sophie Ellis-Bextor (@SophieEB): Happy Easter, guys! Hope you enjoy your chocolate. Xx pic.twitter.com/Sq2Zr8swLT Ayla Brown (@AylaBrown): Happy Easter! David Cook (@thedavidcook): Happy Easter, everyone! Austin Mahone (@AustinMahone): HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!! Spend time with your families. I love you Leona Lewis (@leonalewismusic): How many Easter eggs have you eaten?! xx pic.twitter.com/5JoGgRCFAr Porcelain (@PorcelainBlack): Happy Easter! Kevin Jonas (@kevinjonas): Happy Easter!! Paula Abdul (@PaulaAbdul): Happy Passover and Happy Easter everyone! Hope you're spend time w/ family and loved ones xoxoP Melanie C (@MelanieCmusic): So many lovely comments today. Thank you. Happy Easter everybody xxx Kian Egan (@KianEganWL): Happy Easter everyone... Hope your all enjoying your chocolate eggs! Xxx Crystal Bowersox (@crystalbowersox): Hoppy Easter!! Oh yes I did. pic.twitter.com/EWhLt4KOX8 Jessica Mauboy (@jessicamauboy): Happy Easter everyone!! Hope you all had a #beautiful day! xxx http://fb.me/2ZZhUqsbo Eliza Doolittle (@elizadoolittle): Happy Easter Bunny ! (In my mind is Thumper and Br'er Rabbit) Zippidy Doo Daaaaaah!!!!! One Direction (@onedirection): Happy Easter - hope it's a chilled one. If you fancy something to do, @Real_Liam_Payne wants to hear your remixes https://soundcloud.com/groups/you-i-the-remixes … Sandi Thom (@Sandi_Thom): Happy Easter Sunday everyone!! : ) pic.twitter.com/cfJyO7u0wa Gareth Gates (@Gareth_Gates): Happy Easter Tweeps! Happy Chocolate eating! X Jessie J (@JessieJ): Happy Easter Sunday http://instagram.com/p/nAdN9Dw0Sq/ Mika (@mikasounds): On train home to London for Easter barbecue. Happy Easter Sunday everyone. Then onwards to the recording studio in Torino tomorrow :) Jessie J (@JessieJ): What an amazing start to Easter Sunday! Let's get it to #1 http://instagram.com/p/nAcUXFQ0SD/ Katy B (@KatyB): Happy Easter peeps!!!! Hope you get lots of eggs ??come hang with me on sundaybrunchc4 ? this morning! http://instagram.com/p/nAX42SFFf6/ Darren Hayes (@darrenhayes): Here you go - little Easter Egg for you - Part 2 of ‘Ask Me Anything about my Music’ podcast! http://directory.libsyn.com/episode/index/id/2792570

Matt Nathanson Live In Portland

Matt Nathanson did a live set at the Bing Lounge for Portland, Oregon’s 101.9 KINK FM recently in support of his seventh studio album ‘Modern Love’. The 38-year-old singer songwriter performed the album’s title track as well as ‘Room at the End of the World’, ‘Kept’ and ‘Faster’. Watch the show and an interview via YouTube below.

Matt Nathanson Fumes Over Those Complaining About Cost Of Albums

Matt Nathanson lashed out at people who view music as expensive to his Twitter followers (@mattnathanson) earlier this morning. The Lexington, Massachusetts singer songwriter released his seventh studio album ‘Modern Love’ last month, which debuted on number 17 on the Billboard 200, marking his most successful album opening. The 38-year-old writes:

Albums are $10. Movies are $10.50. You OWN an album. People bitch about them not being worth it. Rip offs. I am amazed by this. amazed.

It BLOWS MY MIND. Most people do NOT respect the work & COLLECTIVE YEARS OF SKILL that go into making records. They just bitch.

The album is not dead. Peoples fu**ing imaginations are.

And DO NOT BITCH TO ME ABOUT PRICE. It costs WAY MORE THAN YOU UNDERSTAND to make a record. $15 is NOTHING. $10 is a steal. $.99 is marketing.

People spend $4 on a latte. And complain that albums are too expensive. Yuck.

@Sillywhite it’s just a fu**ing bummer. & this whole industry just rolls towards the idea. “The consumer has spoken..” Yuck.

Reading your replies. People are NOT idiots. They are just SO ENTITLED!… Which is way worse.

Matt Nathanson Offers MTV His 10 Greatest Artists Of All Time

Matt Nathanson checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@mattnathanson) on Friday (May 14), discussing how he got to participate as someone offering commentary in an upcoming MTV special ‘The 100 Greatest Artists of All Time’. The singer songwriter tells readers:

So last week I shot interview clips for a new VH1 special on ‘The 100 Greatest Artists of All Time.’ They emailed me a big old list and had me fill out a ballot with my top 10. Then I got to go in, be on camera and nerd out on my top 25.

You have to understand, when I was a kid… I DREAMED about sh** like this. If a show had existed then where you talk about why your favorite bands were your favorite bands, I would have wiped the flaky puff crumbs off my sweatpants, put down the dungeons & dragons handbook, marched my heavy-set ass out of the basement to wherever they were filming and gotten my dork on!

Matt Nathanson Recaps First Round In The Studio

Matt Nathanson checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@mattnathanson) on Tuesday (March 16) with a studio recap as the singer songwriter works on a follow-up to 2007’s ‘Some Mad Hope’. Matt writes:

long story short… I’m back home. got home Sunday night. 6 songs are done. well, 80% done. the other 20% will happen once we let things settle a bit. get some distance. in the meantime, I’ll start writing the next round.

yes, my friends, it’s true. I’m like a slow food restaurant. fresh! write six songs. record six songs. then go back and write the next batch. gives me perspective. plus, if O had to record 12 songs in one long session, like I used to do, I would kill puppies.

Matt Nathanson Reacts To Vic Chesnutt’s Death

Matt Nathanson checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@mattnathanson) on Saturday (December 26) after learning about the death of Vic Chesnutt, caused by an overdose of muscle relaxants. Matt writes:

I have to be in the mood to listen to Vic Chesnutt.
His songs demand my attention..
It’s not always music.
But every time I do listen, without fail, I am rewarded.
I am inspired to write.
And the words just spill out.
Like my cork has been pulled…
It happened this morning, listening to his latest,
and now final record, ‘at the cut.’

It’s so rare in music that hype and myth
are attached to something that actually delivers.
Vic Chesnutt delivered.
And he will be missed.

Matt Nathanson: I Want To Be Slash

Matt Nathanson checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@mattnathanson) on Wednesday (December 16) with some “deep thoughts”. Among them:

I want to be Slash. I want to be able to walk into rehearsal in track pants and a leather jacket/jean vest combo and make my guitar do what his guitar does.

Matt Nathanson “Digging The Sh**” Out Of New U2 Album

Matt Nathanson checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@mattnathanson) on Thursday (November 12), sharing his opinion on U2’s new album ‘No Line On The Horizon’. The singer songwriter tells readers:

I’m sitting in my kitchen, listening to the new U2 record.
And just digging the sh** out of it.
It is so good.
The album is a whole.
An event.
53 minutes and 41 seconds of moment.

To me, U2 spent the 2000s chasing a parade they used to lead.
They made collections of songs, not albums.
And from a band that made ‘War,’ ‘Unforgettable Fire,’ ‘Joshua Tree’,
‘Achtung-FU**ING-Baby!’… even ‘Pop,’ I expected more.
I expected journeys…
(not to be confused with Journey. Who fu**ing rule, btw.)
Not just songs strung loosely around a few singles.
I’m not saying the new record is perfect…. it isn’t.
But what is so kick ass about it is…. THE ALBUM IS THE STAR!

Matt Nathanson Focused On New Songs & New Record

Matt Nathanson checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@mattnathanson) on Tuesday (November 3), discussing his return home to San Francisco and plans to begin work on a follow-up to ‘Some Mad Hope’. The 36-year-old singer songwriter tells readers:


No shows. No plane flights. No suitcases.

This is a new concept for me.
I have to keep reminding myself that I’m not leaving.
It feels very indulgent.
I think I’m gonna start wearing satin pajamas all day.
And smoking a pipe.
Then I’m gonna let my beard grow….
And pay people to come to my house to shave me.
Oh the glory!
I’m drunk on the sweet nectar of freedom’s kiss!

My only focus now is the new songs. And the new record.
Mark flies up on Monday for the week to write.
Then, the plan is a first round of recording in December…
But plans change. So we’ll see.
Plus, it isn’t super easy scheduling sh** between spa treatments.
These shoulders ain’t gonna massage themselves, goddammit!

Matt Nathanson Meets The Dalai Lama In Memphis

Matt Nathanson checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@mattnathanson) on Thursday (October 1), talking about wrapping up touring in support of ‘Some Mad Hope’ and meeting the Tibetan spiritual leader Tenzin Gyatso. Matt writes:

I am finally finishing up 2 1/2 years of promotion and touring behind ‘Some Mad Hope’. Spent the summer crisscrossing the US with my friends O.A.R., Indigo Girls and Sugarland… As well as headlining my biggest shows yet in Canada. Lots of great shows, great people…and, oh yeah… I got to play a benefit for, and be blessed by, The Dalai Lama in Memphis last week!!! It was a pretty mind blowing way to spend a Wednesday. Very surreal! I will post more photos and a write more about it on the website/myspace/facebook soon… I am a very fortunate human..