Matt Willis Falls Off The Wagon

The Mirror reports only three weeks after going into rehab, Matt Willis has fallen off the wagon in spectacular style – on a massive, five-hour bender with girlfriend Emma Griffiths. But it was Griffiths who made the biggest scene, who had to be dragged away from revellers who insulted her lover’s former band Busted.

Matt Willis ‘Hey Kid’ Video

Matt Willis 'Hey Kid' single cover

Former Busted star Matt Willis (aka Matt Jay) is out with the music video to his new single ‘Hey Kid’, from the singer’s self-titled solo debut album due out September 4th. Watch it via MySpace below.

Party In The Park In Leeds

Former Blue star Duncan James, former Busted star Matt Willis, McFly, Rooster, ‘X Factor’ stars Shayne Ward and Chico, and Totally Frank performed at Party In The Park in Leeds, England on Sunday (July 23). Watch highlight clips from YouTube. Check out pictures from WireImage.

Duncan And Tara’s TV Company Scrapped

June 21, 2006 – Neil Sean of Sky News reports that former Blue star Duncan James has spoken out over the secret demise of his planned TV company with rumored girlfriend Tara Palmer-Tomkinson. “We have decided to go our separate ways business-wise as we both had fixed ideas on the sort of shows we wanted to make,” Duncan told a spy.

Duncan Doesn’t Want To Sing Forever

June 10, 2006 – The Sun’s Something For The Weekend features a Q&A with former Blue star Duncan James, where he was asked if he saw a long future as a solo singer. “Singing isn’t what I want to do forever,” he said. “The TV presenting has been cool and I’d like to do some acting but I’d really like to manage a band or set up my own agency. I want to help kids and new artists who may not otherwise have the opportunity to get into the music business. I’d been trying for years before I got into Blue. You just need the right break at the right time, which I can help with.” Read more.

The Wave’s ‘Party In The Park’ In Swansea

Former Busted member Matt Willis, ‘X Factor’ stars Andy Abrams and Shayne Ward, McFly, Son of Dork, Clea, and Liberty X performed during 96.4 FM The Wave’s ‘Party in the Park’ on Saturday (July 1) at Singleton Park in Swansea, Wales. Check out pictures from RexFeatures and WireImage.

Matt Willis’ Piggyback Ride Gone Wrong

Former Busted singer Matt Willis was photographed falling over as he gave his girlfriend Emma Griffiths a piggyback outside the Embassy club in Mayfair, London the other night.

Matt Willis Tells Female Fans: I Don’t Want Your Vibrators

Matt Willis took part in a Q&A with Popworld, where the former Busted star was asked about some of the really scary, obsessive fans he has. “There are quite a few, actually,” he admitted. “It’s when they find out where you live and they come outside your house. Weird things they’ve done, I’ve had pubes sent to me sellotaped to a piece of card. And I got sent a vibrator one time. What do they think that’s going to make me do? Maybe go, ‘Oh, you know, I’m in a relationship but you sending me some dirty vibrator is going to make me leave her, and come and find you’.”

Matt Willis On Marriage

Readers of The Sun submitted questions to former Busted star Matt Willis, including one who asked how long he had been dating his MTV girlfriend Emma Griffiths and whether they planned on getting married soon. “A year and a half. We’re really happy and she’s definitely the one,” he said. “We’re thinking about moving in together but it will be hard, especially on her. She’s a real girl and I’m so messy. … I want to do the whole kids and marriage at some point. I’m not mature enough yet but maybe in three years I’ll give up the music. I think I’d like kids at 26.”

Matt Willis Visits Radio 1

Former Busted star Matt Willis was Jo Whiley’s guest at Radio 1’s Maida Vale studio on Monday (May 22). Willis described his debut solo album as ‘over the top stadium pop music’ and discussed how he got his drinking under control. The singer also revealed the truth about his beef with fellow ex-Busted member Charlie Simpson. Pictures, audio to the interview, and performances of his new single ‘Up All Night’ and a cover of the Killers’ ‘All These Things That I’ve Done’ have since been removed from

Charlie Simpson’s Impressed With Ex-Bandmate’s Solo Work

Charlie Simpson has good things to say about his former Busted bandmate Matt Willis and his solo debut. “I think Matt will do well – his stuff is pretty good,” Simpson tells The Sunday Mail. “I’ve only heard one song so far but for what he is doing I think it’s really cool. In that realm of music, he has well-written, strong pop songs. I honestly do hope it works out well for him.” As for Simpson’s current band Fightstar, he admits the struggle to gain respect from rock fans hasn’t been easy. “It has been pretty much what I imagined it would be – a real struggle,” he said. “But as long as we stick to our guns, perform from the heart and let the music do our talking, we can’t go wrong.”

Matt Willis On The Good Strange Going Solo

Former Busted star Matt Willis took questions from fans for ‘Top Of The Pops’, including if he felt being a solo artist was strange after being in a band.

“Yes it does. It’s a good strange but I’m still getting used to it,” he said. “I don’t really know how to answer that. It’s only been a while and this is one of my first TVs and I have to answer every question, but it’s all a bit odd at the moment. Ask me that in three months!”

The interview transcript at has since been removed.