Matt Willis Recalls ‘Lowest Point Of My Life’

Former Busted star Matt Willis spoke with The Mirror about his stint in rehab after the band split last year. “It was awful. I was very unhappy and probably in the lowest point of my life,” he admitted. “I hit self destruct mode. When you’re told to fu**ing look at the rest of your life at 21, it’s a bit worrying when you don’t see anything. Probably the best thing I’ve ever done was asking for help.”

Matt Willis Appears ‘Popworld’

Former Busted star Matt Willis was on ‘Popworld’ for an interview with Alexa Chung aired Saturday (May 6). He talked about the Busted split, whether he “hates” Charlie Simpson, not having any arguments in the band, the chances of a Busted reunion, his new single ‘Up All Night’ and its video, being labeled the next Robbie Williams, quitting bass playing, and more. The segment at has since been removed.

Matt Willis And Charlie Simpson Bury The Hatchet

Matt Willis tells The Mirror he’s ended his feud with former Busted bandmate Charlie Simpson, who exited the group to start Fightstar, prompting Matt and James Bourne to dissolve the pop rocker hitmakers. Willis, who dates MTV babe Emma Griffiths, revealed: “I’m going to his house for dinner in a couple of days. We exchanged texts and he asked me to come over with Emma. She can’t make it but I’m still going. It will be a bit strange but we’ve a lot to catch up on.”

Matt Willis’ Home Robbed Again

Ex Busted star Matt Willis is speaking out after his home was burglarized yet again. “It was horrible,” he told The Daily Star. “They stole all my guitars and music stuff but I was surprised they didn’t take my two Brit Awards that were there. I’m not comfortable living there now.”

Matt Willis Chats With Cool FM

Former Busted star Matt Willis visited Cool FM in Belfast, Ireland to discuss his debut solo single ‘Up All Night’. He talked about how the Busted split, deciding to end things after Charlie Simpson left, deciding on an album title, keeping busy with promo work, avoiding scandals, what’s on his iPod, and more. The interview at has since been removed.

Matt Willis Bounces Back With Girlfriend’s Help

Former Busted star Matt Willis tells The Mirror what got him through his battle with alcohol addiction was the love of his girlfriend, Emma Griffiths. “I wasn’t always sure I’d be able to bounce back after the year I’ve had,” the 22-year-old said. “Most of the songs on my new album are inspired from the year after Busted split. And one in particular is inspired by Emma. She’s been fantastic. A cutting of her driving me back from rehab really hit me. One of the songs was based on that.”

Beer Matt’s Busted A Gut

Victoria Newton of The Sun was on hand for former Busted star Matt Willis’ debut solo show in London. “Seeing Matt perform without the shackles of a record label ordering him to get in shape and be squeaky clean for the sake of a teenage fanclub was a joy,” she writes. “Throughout his 30-minute set the odd naughty word slipped out – despite his gran watching from the wings. And he really held the crowd’s attention as he played five new tracks with a grown-up Busted sound.” Newton also hinted that Willis could be the next Robbie Williams. “His lager-fuelled look resembles a bit of Robbie in the early days of his solo career and they have both battled through a difficult spell in rehab,” Newton said. “Matt’s ‘Don’t Let it Go To Waste’ could be the ballad that cements his success as ‘Angels’ did for Robbie.” Read more, including photos, here.

Charlie Simpson’s Busted Insults Leave Matt Willis Fuming

Former Busted star Matt Willis spoke with The Mirror about the rudeness displayed by his former bandmate Charlie Simpson in breaking up the band to start Fightstar and then calling his time with Busted “torture”. “We were in the band for five years, and it’s insulting to our fans who spent money following us around, buying our music and voting for us to win awards,” Willis said. “It’s out of order. People say I shouldn’t say anything but when I read all the things he says about us, I get really angry. I haven’t got anything against his new band but it wouldn’t have happened if it hadn’t been for us. I texted Charlie and left loads of messages a while ago and he didn’t get back to me, so I just thought fu** you. Then out of the blue about two weeks ago I got a text from him asking how I was. So I guess we’re cool, but James [Bourne] is the one who’s still one of my best mates.”

Matt Jay Moves In With Emma Griffiths

The Sunday Mirror reports that former Busted member Matt Jay has moved in with MTV girlfriend Emma Griffiths after spending more than £600,000 on a home in exclusive Muswell Hill, north London. “It’s a really nice place and quite big, with four bedrooms,” Matt said. “But it’s scary. I’m only 22 and I own my own place.”

Row Row Rest For Matt Jay

The Sunday Mirror reports that former Busted star Matt Jay had a hard time with the rowing machine at Holmes Place in Crouch End, North London, where he’s trying to get back into shape. “Matt only lasted on the rowing machine for five minutes,” a source said. “He was really sweaty and breathless.”