Matt Jay Busts Loose

The Mirror reports Busted star Matt Jay recently made out with four girls in one night during a night of heavy partying at Trap in London, where he was even kicked out of the bathroom for trying to smuggle one of the ladies in for more action. “He was quite the stud. At one point he tried snogging two of the girls at the same time,” a spy revealed. “Matt was like a dog on heat. He couldn’t get enough of the girls who were throwing themselves at him. It was literally one after the other and he wasn’t exactly choosy. At one point he tried to sneak a girl into the gents but was caught by the toilet attendant and the pair were sent packing.”

Jordan On Secret Dates With Busted’s Matt Jay

The People reports Busted star Matt Jay has been bragging to pals about going on secret dates with Jordan, behind the back of her boyfriend Peter Andre. “He’s mainly kept his trysts with Jordan a secret. But we all know and think it’s hilarious,” a friend of the pop rocker revealed. “The other day in a Soho pub he was getting a right grilling as to just what she’s like. Matt was holding court, boasting all about her. They were really impressed. He’s really gone up in the lads’ estimation.”