McFly Sign Copies Of New Single At HMV

McFly were at HMV in Milton Keynes on Wednesday (March 31) where the band met 1000 lucky fans and signed copies of their debut single ‘5 Colours In Her Hair’.

McFly Are Not Busted. Got it?

The guys from McFly tell Radio 1 they get a little heated when they’re referred to as Baby Busted. They said, “Go get them, bring them in here, and play them our single and ask them ‘does it sound like Busted?’ No-it-doesn’t. We may look like them, but we don’t sound like them. Think of all those hip hop artists out there, who look the same, have exactly the same videos, have exactly the same songs, it’s annoying for us because we’ve come from that route, you know, we’ve got the same managers and we’re friends with them.”

McFly Address Busted Connections

Top of the Pops caught up with Busted’s new mates, McFly, and asked the group if they worry about their connections to the UK pop punk group. Drummer Harry Judd responded, “Hmm… Not many people have heard our music yet – as soon as our album’s out I think they’ll totally understand us. We’ve got a different sound to Busted, more of a ’60s influence. The only connection is that we know them and I write with James [Bourne].”