Dougie Poynter: Me And Frankie Sandford Have Broken Up

Dougie Poynter of McFly checked in with his Twitter followers (@dougiemcfly) moments ago, confirming news that he and Frankie Sandford of The Saturdays have split up, and throwing cold water on reports that she ditched him for another man. Dougie writes:

I just wanted you all to hear it from me, me and Francesca have broken up. It is way to soon for either of us to be seeing other people, so please don’t believe any of the rumors. It was on good terms and she is still one of my best friends x

Frankie Sandford And Dougie Poynter’s Disneyland Slideshow

Frankie Sandford of The Saturdays is out with a slideshow from her recent trip to Disneyland with boyfriend Dougie Poynter of McFly. The couple enjoyed a “Minnie” adventure, “goofing” around and taking in all the sights.

The video at has since been removed.

Danny Jones On Swapping Miss England 2008 For Miss England 2007

McFly star Danny Jones is opening up about his relationships with Olivia Shaw, Miss England 2008 Laura Coleman, and his current girlfriend Georgia Horsley (Miss England 2007) in an interview with News of the World. The 23-year-old said he’s not a cheater, and as settled down with 22-year-old Georgia.

Still, Laura doesn’t see it that way according to pals. “I know that’s what she’s been getting people to say, but that’s not the type of thing I do,” Danny insisted. “I’m not a cheat. I wouldn’t have the guts to do that. I was obviously a single lad at the time and having fun. I saw a girl and I fancied her. I just like good-looking girls, to be honest!”

The entire story at has since been removed.

How Will ‘Pop Star To Opera Star’ Change Danny Jones?

McFly’s Danny Jones is appearing on ‘Pop Star to Opera Star’, but is unsure whether it will change his on stage performance. “I think it might lengthen the life of your vocal chords, because the techniques you’re picking up,” Jones told ITN. Watch the clip below.

Tom Fletcher: Next McFly Album Is Gonna Blow You Away

Tom Fletcher of McFly checked in with fans on the group’s blog at MySpace (@mcfly) on Saturday (December 19). The 24-year-old writes:

Sorry not blogged, a lots been going on. Went to Spain for some gigs, was awesome. Dougie turned 22 in Madrid and we spent the day travelling. We then spent a couple of weeks in Atlanta working with Dallas Austin and his awesome friends. We came up with some absolute tunes!!!!! The next album is gonna blow you away. Can’t believe how awesome the songs are already! Had a crazy time with Dallas, ended up being invited for dinner by Elton Johnat his home which was lovely. Were up to see the sun rise most days, was a very inspirational trip. Anyway, since then we’ve been home, getting in the mood for Christmas and catching up with friends. Apart from the odd car crash, it has been an amazing month. Ready for Santa now. Ho ho ho T X

McFly Finish 2009 Writing & Making Demos For Next LP

Tom Fletcher of McFly checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@mcfly) on Thursday (November 5), offering an update on the pop rock band’s upcoming album. Fletcher writes:

Hope you’re all well. Sorry Not blogged much. To update you on what we’re doing, we are spending the rest of the year writing and making demos for our next album. We have written a lot of songs since ‘Radio:ACTIVE’ and started recording some of them earlier in the year in Sydney. There were a couple of songs that really stood out above the rest and in the recording sessions we realized that we’d found a new direction that we thought could be really interesting and different.

McFly: We’ve Got Big Plans For The Next Year

Tom Fletcher of McFly checked in with fans on the British pop rock group’s blog at MySpace (@mcfly) on Saturday (October 3) with an update. Fletcher writes:

Sorry we’ve not blogged for ages (again)! Thanks to everyone who came to our little tour around Europe, was amazing fun and we look forward to getting back over there!!! We’ve got some time to write and record now so we’re getting stuck into creative mode. We’ve got big plans for the next year that I wish I could tell you about but all will be revealed in good time. All I’ll say is that you’re gonna love what we’ve got in store for you. Forgive me for not blogging that often bit Twitter is taking over!!! Tom X

McFly Vacation Ahead Of European Tour

Tom Fletcher of McFly updated fans on the British pop rock group’s blog at MySpace (@mcfly) on Saturday (September 5), talking about vacationing, prepping for a European tour, and songwriting. Tom writes:

So, here’s what’s been going on in McFly world. We all took a few weeks holiday which was lovely. We are now just doing a bit of writing and making some demos and getting ready to do our first ever European tour next week! Gonna be amazing.

I am currently in Hollywood, flew out VERY last minute to see one of my heroes John Williams in concert at the Hollywood Bowl tomorrow night. Then straight back home on Sunday…the shortest trip to LA ever but I’m sure it’ll be completely worth it!

We’re working on loads of new song ideas, all really inspired and it’s sounding amazing. Can’t wait to surprise you all with them soon! Saving the world one song at a time.


McFly About To Get Writing

Tom Fletcher of McFly checked in with fans on the pop rock group’s blog at MySpace (@mcfly) on Tuesday (August 25). The 24-year-old writes:

Just realized I haven’t blogged on here in ages!!! Twitter has taken over. How’s it going? We had a weekend of gigs, V festival ended up being really amazing. The second day was awesome! Was great being back on the tour bus, can’t wait to get on the road over in Europe!!! Other than the tour we’re about to really put our heads down and get writing. Got a million and one ideas to get finished! Loving the direction it’s all taking, think you’ll all be really into it. Love, hugs and edible bugs Tom X

McFly Recording Vocals For Australia Written Tunes

Tom Fletcher of McFly checked in with fans on the pop rock group’s MySpace (@mcfly) blog on Tuesday (June 23), talking about continued work in the studio. The frontman writes:

Me and Danny are back in the studio today with Mr Jason Perry to start recording our vocals on all the songs we put down in Australia. Can’t wait for you all to hear them. Think four of them are the best songs we’ve ever written! Well, we like them at least so we think you will too.