Backstage With Lenka, Meiko, Thao Nguyen & Emily Wells

Lenka, Meiko, Thao Nguyen and Emily Wells

Altitude TV caught up with Lenka, Meiko, Thao Nguyen and Emily Wells backstage at the final stop on the Hotel Café Tour in Hollywood at the Music Box on November 18th. Meiko explained why Thao has been wearing her undies, Lenka discussed how they’ve been joining on each other’s sets to perform, Emily talked about being the only one not drinking before a show, and they all talked about being sad to see the tour come to an end.

Video of the interview, featuring highlights from the show, has since been removed at YouTube.

Meiko, Mee-Koh, May-Koh

Meiko talks with Altitude

Altitude TV caught up with Meiko, who discussed the pronunciation of her name (Mee-koh), how it might pose a problem when she ever goes to Japan since her Japanese name is typically pronounced “May-koh”, working at Hotel Café for two years while slowly getting the chance to open for artists, and getting three of her songs featured on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.

Video at has since been removed.

Meiko Chills In Roberta

Meiko updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@meiko) on Sunday (November 30), still in her hometown over the holiday weekend. The singer songwriter tells readers:

I’m still in Roberta, Ga. enjoying the sweet essence of the Dirrrrrrrrty Dirrrrrrty…

I love this place so much… I’ve been totally chilling, which is super important and… exactly what I needed. The past few nights, I’ve been hanging out at my favorite bar “The Hummingbird” in Macon and watching a lot of local bands… It’s been cool – I love the hip hop around here… It’s the shizzle.

There is nothing like it.

I got up this afternoon (ha ha) and went to pick out a Xmas tree with my dad.. His friend owns a Xmas tree farm – so we rode around and found the perfect one! I managed talking him into getting a really big tree. I told him “The bigger the tree the better the Xmas” I made that up obviously, but he went for it!

Meiko Excited To See Her Pregnant Best Friend

Meiko updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@meiko) on Wednesday (November 26), with the singer songwriter back home for Thanksgiving. She tells readers:

I’m in Georgia right now. Its awesome, and cold! My dad has the fire place going right now, and it’s making me wish I could stay here forever…

Tomorrow I’m gonna get to see my big pregnant best friend! YAY! She’s gonna have a girl, and I’m really excited!!!! I live vicariously through her, and she through me… I tell her stories of the road and crazy crazy late nights and she tells me how cool it is to be a mom.

(tick tick?) HAHA!

Not so soon – I give it five years… I wanna be in a good spot career-wise and be able support myself, etc. if my “baby-daddy” goes and leaves me for something better…


Meiko Sad To Leave Hotel Café Tour

Meiko updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@meiko) on Wednesday (November 19). The singer songwriter tells readers:

What I ride I was on… I just completed the Hotel Cafe Tour last night at the Henry Fonda Theater in Los Angeles and it was amazing… I made so many friends on the tour and it was so sad to leave everyone!

I was on that tour for 35 dates and I really got emotionally invested in it all – The band, the artists, the late night dance parties on the bus, the random days off, the fans… I really am officially addicted to touring…

Catch me in 5 years… But this is my bag.

Today, I had to fly to Minneapolis to play a show with Jason Mraz and Eric Hutchinson for Cities 97’s 20th Anniversary Party… I’m a little nervous because I’m going…Jason Mraz! – But, it’ll be cool – I’ll be fine! YIKES!

Meiko’s Halloween Plan B

Meiko checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@meiko) on Saturday (November 1) from the latest stop of the Hotel Café Tour. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Man- so – I just woke up in Beautiful NYC… Were playing in Brooklyn tonight!) I’m really excited. The energy in this town in indescribable. If you haven’t experienced it, you must.

We were in Boston last night for Halloween! I was supposed to be an oompa loompa, but I had a wardrobe malfunction, and had to go to Plan B… a french maid… Yeah. That happened…

It ended up being the best show yet…

Meiko ‘Boys With Girlfriends’ Video

Meiko 'Boys With Girlfriends' single cover

Meiko is out with the music video to her new single ‘Boys With Girlfriends’, off the Los Angeles based singer songwriter’s self-titled debut album, out now on Lucky Ear/MySpace/DGC. Watch it below.

Meiko Prepares For New Hotel Cafe Tourmates

Meiko checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@meiko) on Monday (October 27) after performing at Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, North Carolina during the latest stop of the Hotel Café Tour. The singer songwriter tells readers:

These girls I’m playing with are so talented… I feel like I have to step up my game to be in a league with them. Ha ha…

It’s been really fun though… Tonight my friends Erin McCarly and Ingrid Michaelson are leaving the tour… and tomorrow, two of my other friends are joining… Rachael Yamagata and Jenny Owens Young… I’m the only one playing all the dates on this tour so – I’m witnessing people coming and going… It’s so crazy how many different dynamics there can be on one bus… or stage… It’s very interesting…

I guess I’ve had a lot of time to ponder that tonight… I’m getting some solid alone time… When you’re around so many people 24/7, it’s so nice just to fall away every now and then…

Meiko Speaks Out Against War In Iraq

Meiko updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@meiko) on Saturday (October 25) after performing on the latest stop of the Hotel Café Tour in Orlando, Florida at The Social. The singer songwriter tells readers:

I met a guy tonight…

a young cute guy…

That just came back from Iraq, and was on his way back again, soon…

He said he listened to my record all the time while he was there…

It breaks my heart that we are fighting for what???

People’s lives are being taken for what?

What the FU** is the reason?

Meiko Checks In After St. Petersburg Show

Meiko updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@meiko) on Friday (October 24) while on her tour bus in St. Petersburg, Florida, following the latest stop on the Hotel Café Tour. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Tonight was ok. We played to a pretty packed house at the State Theater… I kinda felt like ass because last night we all got into some Sweet Tea Vodka! Yikes!!!!

Ingrid had a worse night… While on stage, she stepped on her ukulele with her boot heal and cracked it pretty bad… We all cringed…. I hope its fixable… I want to put a band-aid on it.