Mel Blatt Splits With Jamiroquai Bassist

The Mirror reports that former All Saints singer Mel Blatt and Jamiroquai bassist Stuart Zender have ended their seven-year romance. “They actually split in January but they tried to keep it under wraps for the sake of their daughter, Lily,” a source said. “They’re still good friends but getting on with living separate lives.”

Melanie Blatt Performs At Pre-Ivor Novello Showcase

Melanie Blatt, formerly of All-Saints, performed at the Pre-Ivor Novello Showcase at the Bedford Arms pub on Thursday (May 12) in Balham, London, England. The showcase aims to celebrate and encourage some of the UK’s best songwriter talent, and is organized by the British Academy of Composers and Songwriters ahead of the 50th Ivor Novello Awards on May 26th. Check out pictures from GettyImages.

Mel Blatt Parts With London Records

The Sunday Mirror reports that ex-All Saints’ singer Mel Blatt has parted with London Records. She blames her lack of solo success because they made her release a “crap” debut single, ‘Do Me Wrong’, which only charted at #18.

Mel Blatt’s New Single

Contributed anonymously:

Former All Saints star Melanie Blatt’s new single from her upcoming album ‘Blue’ is titled ‘A Thousand Different Parts’. The track is being remixed by Jimmy Douglass.

Mel Blatt No Fan Of The Spice Girls

Jonathan Thompson of Living Abroad magazine spoke with Melanie Blatt and asked the former All Saints star about their then rivalry with the Spice Girls. “I hated them,” Blatt admitted. “That’s just me though, not the others I, Melanie Blatt, hated the Spice Girls.” Asked why, Mel responded, “I was just totally against what they stood for. It was all too corporate for me. I was very militant about my music at the time, and they only seemed to be interested in the fame and money. Somebody played us their first song before they released it and we just laughed. We were like, ‘Ha ha! That’s never going to work, it sounds like a nursery rhyme.’ Goes to show how much we knew.”

Mel Blatt Still Steamed About Appleton Sisters

Top of the Pops caught up with former All Saints star Melanie Blatt and asked several questions about her former bandmates, the Appletons. Asked if sister Nicole and Natalie, who certainly didn’t leave the group on good terms with Blatt, treated her fairly in their autobiography, she responded, “Not at all. I don’t appreciate being talked about anyway, especially by people who I used to call my friends. I think that they can write about themselves til the cows come home, but don’t write about people who don’t enjoy the limelight as much as you do.”

Melanie Blatt Feels ‘Ancient’ At TRL Launch Party

Radio 1 spoke with former All Saints star Melanie Blatt at the launch party for MTV UK’s Total Request Live, who admitted she felt out of place because she’s not been on the party circuit for a while. “You know what I feel? Ancient, that’s what I feel,” Blatt admitted. “I feel really old and bloated and stretch marked and cellulite ridden and getting wrinkles around my mouth from smoking, that how I feel. I feel under pressure to get plastic surgery definitely in places like this I see young beautiful things like that, and I think ‘oh, maybe I should go home’.”

British TRL Launch Party

Nodesha, Hayley Evetts, Jack Osbourne, Peppercorn, Kelli Young, and Michelle Heaton of Liberty X, former All Saint singer Melanie Blatt, D Side, Clear, and Big Brovaz were on hand for the launch party for British version of MTV’s Total Request Live on Tuesday (August 12) at the Old In-and-Out Club in London.

Birthday Party For Michelle Heaton Of Liberty X

July 18, 2003 – Former Steps star Lisa Scott Lee, Atomic Kitten’s Liz McClarnon, and Mutya of the Sugababes joined Michelle at her birthday party at the 10 Room nightclub in London on Thursday (July 17).

Michelle Heaton Mistakes The Prince For The Mayor

July 8, 2003 – The Telegraph reports Liberty X singer Michelle had an embarrassing moment over the weekend when she mistook Prince Charles for London mayor Ken Livingstone, saying loudly before the royal meet and greet at the Party in the Park concert, “He should stop making excuses and just stop there being just so many road works. They cause congestion and it drives me mad.”

Michelle Heating Pulls Muscle Before Charity Soccer Game

May 11, 2003 – The Sunday People reports Michelle of Liberty X was stretchered off in tears at a charity soccer game in Liverpool after pulling a muscle before the kick-off. She won’t be dancing at the group’s concert on Wednesday in Manchester.

Mel Blatt Can’t Be Kept Quiet About Ex-All Saints Sisters

The Mirror reports Melanie Blatt told a friend she bumped into the Appleton sisters on a flight and took great pleasure in ignoring her former All Saints bandmates. “They kept calling over at me,” she chuckled. “But I suddenly became really absorbed with my daughter Lily, like ‘Of course I’ll read you a story darling.’ Eventually they got the hint.” Blatt has been given a PR chaperone to go on interviews to try and prevent the singer from insulting the Appletons.

Melanie Blatt’s Back With New Single

Melanie Blatt stopped by Radio 1 to talk about her new single ‘Do Me Wrong’, which is out in a couple of weeks and her solo album, which will include former All Saints bandmate Shaznay Lewis. Mel says she’s glad that the fights the group had while together haven’t affected their friendship. “The best thing out of this whole thing anyway is to be able to walk away from something like this with a good friend that I’ve had for many, many years now,” she said.