Is Mel B Betraying Eddie Murphy Back Home In London?

Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown and a mystery man, who isn’t her boyfriend Eddie Murphy, were photographed outside Electric Cinema in Notting Hill arm-in-arm. “Mel saw the photographers and panicked,” a source revealed to News of the World. “She was swearing and said, ‘This picture is going to cause me so much trouble, please don’t sell it’.”

Mel B And Eddie Murphy Visit The Laugh Factory

October 1, 2006 – Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown and boyfriend Eddie Murphy were photographed in the back of an SUV after taking in a show at the Laugh Factory in West Hollywood on Monday (September 26). X17 has since removed the pictures.

Eddie Murphy: I’m Madly In Love With Mel B, But No Marriage

September 24, 2006 – Eddie Murphy finally admitted that he and former Spice Girl Melanie Brown are an item – as he left lunch at Mr Chow in Beverly Hills, California the other day. Murphy said, “Me and Mel B are madly in love but there’s no wedding. Footage at requires an account.

Eddie Murphy Ready To Pop Mel B The Question

August 24, 2006 – Us Weekly reports Eddie Murphy is ready to ask former Spice Girl Melanie Brown to marry him. “They are already living together at Eddie’s house,” a source said, adding that “Each got a tattoo of the other’s name.”

Mel B And Eddie Murphy Are Dating, But Aren’t Serious

July 24, 2006 – Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown spoke with Neil Sean of Sky News about reports of a romance with Eddie Murphy, which was reported to have been heading to a marriage this year. “It’s very early days and it’s just fun, you know, as friends,” she said.

Mel B: I’ll Marry Eddie Murphy In September

The People reports former Spice Girl Melanie Brown revealed on a plane ride from Los Angeles to London last week that she will marry actor Eddie Murphy in Hollywood in September. Mel added that it will be a low-key family affair.

Mel B Dating Eddie Murphy?

July 9, 2006 – Sources tell that former Spice Girl Melanie Brown has been dating actor Eddie Murphy. “They’ve been lying low and trying to keep it quiet, but they are definitely an item,” multiple friends, who apparently coordinated their sentence structure, told the blogger.

Mel B In Talks To Star In Soap

April 30, 2006 – The Sunday Mirror reports former Spice Girl Melanie Brown is in talks to star in the ITV1 soap ‘Emmerdale’. “The big draw for Mel is that she’d be close to her family again,” an insider said.

Mel B Eyes Role In ‘Chicago’

April 14, 2006 – Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown is eyeing a role as Roxie in the hit musical ‘Chicago’. “People forget that I trained as a dancer and singer prior to being in the Spice Girls and it’s something I want to get back into,” she told Neil Sean of Sky News. A meeting has been set up with show bosses in the next few weeks.

Mel B Not Worried About Ex Appearing On Reality Show

September 27, 2005 – If her ex-husband Jimmy Gulzar blabs about their marriage if he signs up to appear on ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here’ later this year, former Spice Girl Melanie Brown says she’s not worried. “He never had anything to say at home, so Lord knows what he can come up with on screen,” Brown tells Ann Montini of Sky News. “I can’t see it happening myself.”

Melanie Brown Laughs Off Photographed Lesbian ‘Rumor’

The BV Buzz with Jawn Murray caught up with former Spice Girl Melanie Brown, who was asked about her romance with an unidentified female blonde from Los Angeles. “Oh yeah, I heard about that,” Brown laughed. “Do you know how many stories I’ve had? If I was to even take one bit of them and slightly get boiled up and believe it, I would be a wreck. I’d be some lesbian, horrible, bitchy, aggressive psychopath, party animal, sex and drugs maniac. I don’t really know. I could be, but I’m not!”

The response to the “rumors” was odd given that the singer was photographed kissing and groping the breasts of the unidentified female, actually named Christine Crokos, in public.

Murray’s column at has since been removed.

Mel B Hopes For TV Hit With Semi-Autobiographical Show

August 28, 2005 – The Sunday Mirror reports that former Spice Girl Melanie Brown has written a Sex And The City-style sitcom based loosely on her romantic adventures since moving to America two years ago. “Mel is convinced the show will be a big hit,” a friend said, adding, “Mel now sees herself as an actress and writer more than singer. It’s something she always wanted to do.”

Melanie Brown’s Got A New Man

Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown is obviously fond of men once again, as she was exclusively videotaped with her new boyfriend Brian Parillo. Mel, was caught in a very passionate embrace a few years ago with her then girlfriend Christine Crokos, is now dating up-and-coming casting director Brian. The couple went for a romantic cruise on his classic Triumph motorcycle, with Mel wrapping her arms tightly around his waist as he navigated the winding roads of the Hollywood Hills. has since removed the video.

Melanie Brown Is Desperate Bid To Return To Limelight

January 13, 2005 – The Mirror reports that in a bid to get herself back in the limelight, former Spice Girl Melanie Brown is touting her old Brazil documentary around production companies again. “Melanie claims she’s not interested in getting back into the limelight – but it appears that’s not the case,” a source said. “She’s desperate to film this documentary about Brazil because she reckons she’s got real presenting talents. The TV companies don’t agree though.” The singer also is banking on a “writing a tell-all book as a follow-up to her autobiography ‘Catch A Fire’,” the source added.

Mel B & Joey Fatone At ‘Rent’ Anniversary Bash

July 14, 2004 – Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown and *NSYNC star Joey Fatone were on hand at a party for ‘Rent’ to celebrate its 8th Anniversary on Broadway at Club Therapy in New York City on Monday (July 12).

Melanie Brown Expects Some Spice At ‘Rent’

July 14, 2004 – Will any former Spice Girls be travelling to New York City to see Melanie Brown in ‘Rent’? “Both Emma [Bunton] and Mel C. [Melanie Chisholm] will be out before the end of the run,” Scary told The New York Daily News. “Geri [Halliwell] is very busy in L.A., and Posh [Victoria Beckham] has so much going on in London.” Mel B. added that there’s no plans for a Spice Girls reunion. “It’s too soon,” she said.

Mel B’s Vibrator Gift Appreciated By Emma Bunton

Emma Bunton told Howard Stern during an appearance on Tuesday that her former Spice Girls bandmate Melanie Brown once bought her a vibrator, which she still uses. “Mel B once gave me a vibrator as a present,” Bunton confessed. When Stern asked if she still uses it, Bunton replied, “Yes. It’s one of the most useful gifts I’ve had.” After the interview, Howard said that Emma complained he was rude to her and apparently looked upset when she left. Read a rundown of her appearance and reaction the following day from

Melanie Brown’s Awkward Run-In With Geri Halliwell

Melanie Brown admitted she had nothing to say to fellow ex-Spice Girl Geri Halliwell when they bumped into each other outside an LA department store. “I had just left a department store in LA and Geri was right there in front of me. I was like: ‘Er…hi’,” Mel B tells the Daily Star. “I had nothing to say. Moments like that are just so awkward.”

Melanie Brown Afraid To Go On ‘Rent’ Stage

May 22, 2004 – The Mirror reports Emma Bunton reveals that her former Spice Girls bandmate Melanie Brown was so nervous about performing in ‘Rent’ on Broadway that she had to be pushed on stage. Emma said: “I can just imagine her saying ‘I’m not effing going on’.”

Will Melanie Brown Sue Simon Cowell?

May 12, 2004 – Sky News reports former Spice Girl Melanie Brown is talking tough after Simon Cowell decided to hire Sharon Osbourne for his new reality show ‘X Factor’ instead of her. “We have a signed agreement – so he will have to pay me the full fee,” Mel warned.

Melanie Brown Hedges On Spice Girls Reunion

April 28, 2004 – The New York Daily News caught up with Melanie Brown about her new job on Broadway as part of ‘Rent’ and asked about whether there might be a Spice Girls reunion in the future. “We will probably do something together as a group, but not for a while,” Brown said. “I think they are going to release a [greatest-hits] album, and hopefully we will all get together and write a song for it. We keep on talking about it, but everybody has branched off to do their own thing.”

Mel B Shops With Daughter And Sister In BevHills

Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown spent the afternoon shopping with her daughter Phoenix Chi and sister Danielle Brown at the Grove shopping complex in Beverly Hills, California on Saturday (January 24).

Melanie Brown Sneaks Away For Private Lesbian Romp

Lapdancer Dawn Macintosh has told News of the World of her steamy bathroom stall romp with former Spice Girl Melanie Brown at The Honeypot in Maidenhead, Berkshire.

While dancing for the singer, Macintosh revealed, “She was transfixed and I could tell she was getting as turned on as me while I gyrated in front of her. Then I whipped off my satin thong and her jaw just dropped. The company doesn’t allow us any physical contact with the customers but I was dying to go somewhere even more private. So when Mel went off to the loo I followed a few seconds later. We squeezed inside a cubicle and locked the door. God, I was so horny. I guided her hands everywhere but you could tell she’d done it before. It sent shivers down my spine. It’s very different to when a man does it. She knew just where to touch. It was so good I was losing control. Suddenly we were grabbing each other’s hair really passionately, caressing each other. Mel was so sensitive all over. We French-kissed a lot and she made me feel excited, running her fingernails down my back, tickling and turning me on.”

Melanie Brown Lesbian Kiss With Christine Crokos

News of the World had photos, since removed, of former Spice Girl Mel B in a lesbian kiss with movie director Christine Crokos at Hancock Park cafe in a Los Angeles Park in broad daylight.

“They were just lost in each other— French-kissing and nuzzling each other’s necks,” another customer at the cafe said. “A lot of people were staring—especially the men. They couldn’t believe their eyes—two gorgeous women getting it on right there in broad daylight. At one point Mel put her arms round her pal’s neck and slowly pulled her towards her in a very sensual, seductive way. They were arching their backs and caressing each other’s boobs. I don’t know what coffee they had but it perked them up a treat!”

Beach Bum Mel B

August 6, 2003 – Former Spice Girl Mel B hung out on the beach in Marina Del Rey with two pals. The Sun is reporting that the singer is selling her £2.5million UK mansion to fund the luxury lifestyle she loves in Los Angeles.

Geri & Mel B Freeze Each Other Out At LA Coffee Shop

The Mirror has more details on former Spice Girls Mel B and Geri Halliwell ignoring each other when they both crossed paths at the Sunset Boulevard Coffee Bean Cafe in Los Angeles. “It was very tense,” a source revealed. “Geri was the first to come in but she wasn’t there long when Mel strolled up to the cafe. They literally walked straight past each other. They definitely knew the other was there but didn’t exchange words. Everyone inside was amazed – it isn’t every day you see two Spice Girls buying coffee at the same time.”

Geri Halliwell Shows Off Her Rowing Skills

July 15, 2003 – The Sun has photos of former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell rowing boat out on a lake in New York’s Central Park, then later doing some knitting. While trying to stand in the boat, Ginger Spice almost went overboard. Check out pictures of the singer, in town for a guest spot on ‘Sex in the City’, here.